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Write a red envelope program using PHP

Label:Write a red envelope program using PHPHttp://www.jb51.net/article/69815.htmSubmission: Hebedich font: [Increase decrease] Type: Reprint time: 2015-07-22 send red envelopes is a recent very fire of a thing, everyone more or less have sent or

Curl Set Head

Label:mat   sign   tle   fas   highlight    local   usr   fsockopen    function     2345678910111213141516171819202

Head First design mode "head First design mode" code PHP layout to the object 1th/2 page

The examples in the book are relatively easy to understand, but because it is written by foreigners, the habit of example is not very Chinese characteristics, may occasionally look awkward, there are language habits are not Chinese wind. Of course,

PHP prevents users from repeating the form

Tags: continuous href How number tab NET HTTP technology headOne of the limitations we cannot ignore when we submit a form is to prevent users from repeating the form, because it is possible for users to repeatedly click the Submit button or the

PHP Token validation rules

Tags: ISS OVA mic class keyword x11 views relative spanHow PHP adds token validation to the

php-Database Long connection mysql_pconnect details

Tags: style Class C code ext HTTPPHP's MySQL persistent connection, a good goal, but has a bad reputation, often a very shy. What the hell is this? Close-up observation found that this guy is not easy ah, to see the face of Apache, but also to

[head First Php&mysql] reading notes-what is PHP

Label:PHP is a language that runs on the server. Why should have PHP, the server put static resources html,css,js,img These are not good?But this alone is too monotonous. How to get a bit of interaction, instead of looking at static things every day,

[head First Php&mysql] reading notes-feedback from the customer (fourth chapter)

Label:Sometimes a blank form is sent to the customer, because nothing is filled out directly. Oh, how bad.Introduces 2 functions, Isset and empty. Isset returns True for the assigned variable, regardless of the value assigned, the empty string is

The observer pattern for PHP design Patterns

Label:Now there are two factions, some people recommend the use of design patterns, some people do not recommend the use of design mode!This is like writing articles, some people like the article follow the routines, such as narrative nature of the

The strategy mode of PHP design mode

Tags: made interface first BSP different pad CTI use TtextIntroduces the policy pattern: defines the algorithm family, encapsulates separately, lets them replace each other, this pattern lets the algorithm change independently from uses the

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