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Head First Servlets & JSP -8-script-free JSP

is used here, that's not good. Target JSP to which the request was forwarded (HANDLEIT.JSP)Why the first request did not print out the "Welcome to Out page!" This sentence before jumping to judge the text?Because, using the Jsp:forward standard action, the buffer is emptied before forwarding, that is, all content that is written to the response before forwarding will be cleared out.If there is a good person, in the "Welcome to Out page!" After th

"Head First Servlets & JSP" using JSP

good to put servlets, declarations, and expressions in a JSP:1) Web page designers should not be required to understand Java2) Java code in JSP is difficult to modify and maintainThe user of EL (Expression Language) provides an easier way to invoke Java code, but the code itself is placed in place.The code might be in a normal Java class, perhaps a JavaBean, a c

"Head first Servlets and JSP" Note 16:jsp implicit objects (built-in objects)

("Fred"); Names.add ("Pradeep"); Names.add ("Philippe");Req.setattribute ("Names", names); RequestDispatcher View= Req.getrequestdispatcher ("result.jsp"); View.forward (req, resp); }}result.jspImport= "Java.util.List"%>Import= "Java.util.Iterator"%>Created by IntelliJ. USER:XKFX Date:2017/6/14Time :17:27 to change ThisTemplate Use File | Settings |File Templates.--%>//response.setcharacterencoding ("Utf-8");%> List Names= (List) request.getattribute ("names"); Iterator it=Names.iterator ();

Head First Servlets & JSP learning note Seventh--as a JSP

elements 6 true7 Scripting-invalid>8 Jsp-property-group>9 Jsp-config>Ten Web-app>Ignore El in JSP:method One : Specify in Web. xml:1 Web-app>2 Jsp-config>3 Jsp-property-group>4 Url-pattern>*.jspUrl-pattern>5 el-ignored> //This flag indicates that the EL is ig

"Head First Servlets & JSP"-Preface

"Head First Servlets JSP" (Chinese version) Bb,ks BB, Su Yu, Lin Jian, China Power PressData interactionWeb browsers and Web servers: Interact with HTML data through the HTTP protocol.What exactly is MIME type?To an HTTP response:The value of the Content-type (content Type) response header is called the MIME type.The MIME type tells the browser what type of dat

"Head First Servlets & JSP" -12-web Application Security

particular protocol to handle the secure transmission. (The HTTPS protocol on top of SSL is practically always used.) )Data protection has some overhead and does not encrypt every request and response in your app, so use--conservatively and declaratively--to achieve data confidentiality and integrity:Data protection Unauthenticated customer requests a restricted resource without a transmission guarantee An unauthenticated customer requests a restricted resource, which is guaranteed

Head First Servlets & JSP -13-Filters and wrappers

implementation and pass it through the Chain.dofilter () call to the servlet. And this custom implementation must also include a custom output stream, as this is our goal, and the filter can get this output after the servlet writes the output and before the output is returned to the customer. Disadvantage: Complex httpservletresponse interfaces need to be implemented, but usually not. To achieve their own httpservletresponse too responsible, how to do? --servlet Packaging DeviceCr

Head first Servlets and JSP note 9: Scope of properties, thread safety

(ServletContext, HttpS ... ) is exactly the same as the property APIFor enumeration, see Java-enumeration Summary by IAMTJW5, the bad side of the property. •. ```.. ``.. `.`.`...`.. Context properties are not thread safe! A context property may be changed and accessed by multiple servlets at the same time. The bad solution is to add synchronized to doget (or other methods), which does not solve the problem because synchronized can only preve

"Head First Servlets & JSP" -10-Custom Tag development

example The life cycle of a simple tag processorCustomize a simple tag with attributes (like C:foreach? )Stop page Processing--skippageexceptionStop page processing, not just throwing exceptions, but expecting the first part of the page to be processed as a response, but not the latter part of the process for some reason.The page information after the visible tag (back in the page ...) has no output!What happens if a tag is called from a contained page?Skippageexception just stops calling

"Head first Servlets and JSP" Note 24:include instructions and include Actions & param actions & foward actions

("); org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspRuntimeLibrary.include (Request, response, "footer.jsp", out, false ); Out.write ( "\ n"); Out.write ("\ n"); Out.write ("The bold distinction is the conversion code for the include directive and the include action.Param actionModify the index.jsp code above:Modify Footer.jspEffectFoward ActionGarbled problem is not resolved, can only input Chinese. (Request.getparameter ("UserName")null) {% > page= "handleit.jsp"/> %}% > handl

"Head first Servlets and JSP" NOTE 3

client. Resp),doPost (httpservletrequest req, HttpServletResponse resp) such as The servlet responds to the customer by responding to the object, and the container returns the response to the customer. The service () thread ends, retains or cleans up the responding object, and the customer gets a response. 3. Mark Tomcat Official document Servlet API documentation4, HttpServlet inheritance tree, interface Java.lang.Object Javax.servlet.GenericServletJavax.servlet.http

"Head First Servlets & JSP" Use Jstl

custom tag, then now a little bit to see how the tag's support code is written. The Java class that completes the tagging work Foo.AdvisorTagHandler.javaThis simple markup processor extends the Simpletagsupport and implements two key methods: Dotag () and Setuser ().Dotag () is the way to do the work, and SetUser () is the method that accepts the value of the property. Details are as follows: El function vs Tag processor Are all Java classes Need to be pla

"Head first Servlets and JSP" note 7: How to create a global dog?

; Servlet-class>Com.example.ListenerTesterServlet-class> servlet> servlet-mapping> Servlet-name>ListenertesterServlet-name> Url-pattern>/listenertester.doUrl-pattern> servlet-mapping> Web-app> packagecom.example;Importjavax.servlet.ServletContext;Importjavax.servlet.ServletContextEvent;Importjavax.servlet.ServletContextListener; public class Myservletcontextlistener ImplementsServletcontextlistener {@Override public voidcontextinitialized (servletcontextevent serv

"Head first Servlets and JSP" Note 28: Filters and wrappers

;Importjavax.servlet.*;Importjava.io.IOException; Public classFilterImplementsjavax.servlet.filter{Private intvisited; @Override Public voidInit (Filterconfig filterconfig)throwsservletexception {} @Override Public voidDoFilter (ServletRequest servletrequest, Servletresponse servletresponse, Filterchain filterchain)throwsIOException, servletexception {servletresponse.setcontenttype ("Text/html"); Servletresponse.setcharacterencoding ("Utf-8"); Visited++; Filterchain.dofilter (ServletReque

"Head first Servlets and JSP" Note 10: Request Dispatch (RequestDispatcher)

Let other components take over all requests; Partial takeover requestSome questions--The Intercept point is useful.1. Let other components take over all requests. PackageCom.example.web;ImportCom.example.model.BeerExpert;Importjavax.servlet.*;Importjavax.servlet.http.*;ImportJava.io.*;ImportJava.util.*; Public classBeerselectextendsHttpServlet {@Overrideprotected voidDoPost (httpservletrequest req, HttpServletResponse resp)throwsservletexception, IOException {String C= Req.getparameter ("Color")

"Head First Servlets & JSP" -11-web application Deployment

Declaring a generic error pageThis applies to all resources in the Web app, not just the JSP A more explicit exception error declaration Declaring error page based on HTTP status code Configuring servlet initialization in DDThe servlet is initialized by default when the first request arrives, and you can set the Load-on-startup element if you want to load the servlet when the deployment or server restarts.If multiple elements ar

Supplement to "Head first Servlets and JSP" note 21:el and <jsp:usebean ....>

1, El's English is expression Language, translated into Chinese is "expression language." This is a scripting language for front-end programmers, and El does not have a "big difference" compared to Java expressions, and it seems somewhat "superfluous" to the backend programmer.2, however, We can not force every front-end programmer to learn Java,el compared to java, the cost of learning is lower and easier to understand.3, in the previous written code practice test, first put scriptlet to ban, (

"Head first Servlets and JSP" notes 13:session & Cookies

;/cookietest.doUrl-pattern> servlet-mapping> servlet> Servlet-name>CheckcookieServlet-name> Servlet-class>Com.example.web.CheckCookieServlet-class> servlet> servlet-mapping> Servlet-name>CheckcookieServlet-name> Url-pattern>/checkcookie.doUrl-pattern> servlet-mapping>Web-app> PackageCom.example.web;Importjavax.servlet.ServletException;Importjavax.servlet.http.*;Importjava.io.IOException;ImportJava.io.PrintWriter; Public classCheckcookieextendsHttpSe

"Head First Servlets & JSP"--session management

is not serializable? For migration, the Property object class needs to be httpsessionactivationlistener and the activation/deactivation callback method is used to solve the problem. Listener Example Session counterThis listener allows you to track the number of active sessions in this web app:To configure listeners in DD:Attention: Attribute Supervisor ListenerThis listener can be traced every time a property is added to a session, a property is deleted, or a property is repla

"Head first Servlets and JSP" Note 5

type first, and then change to another type to continue writing.6. Why should I return a file through a servlet instead of returning it directly? The reason is that you want to perform some logic before and after returning a specific type of file, such as determining whether the user has permission to download the file.7, some things to remember, about the output, there are only two choices: characters or bytes.Output streams that can be returned via resp ... /* Omit parameter */ // can

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