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PHP remove BOM header in UTF8 format file _php tutorial

We sometimes have to get rid of the UTF8 in the document head we often need to remove the manual, below I have compiled a few PHP programs to clear the UTF8 format files in the BOM head method, I hope to help you. Example 1 The code is

Understanding of Utf-8,utf8 (UTF8), set names GBK in Php+mysql

Label:Problem one: When we do the database operation, we will find that the table in the database is encoded with UTF-8, but the DOS command is to use set names GBK(a) The default character set in MySQL is four levels: server level, database level,

PHP using Phpmailer with QQ mailbox Implementation email

Tags: return purpose also has TAC direct ATI IMA use serverBecause of the project needs, to achieve to our site users to send mail, so there is this blog. The following is a combination of online examples of my own practice. Hope to be of help to

PHP and MySQL Transit UTF8 coding issues Summary, MySQL relay UTF8 encoding _php Tutorial

PHP and MySQL Transit UTF8 coding issues Summary, MySQL relay UTF8 encoding If a website needs internationalization, it needs to convert the code from GB2312 to UTF-8, which has a lot of problems to note, if there is no conversion thoroughly, there

Mysql's Chinese UTF8 garbled problem _mysql

Since MySQL supports Unicode, our web programs are starting to think about using UTF8 to keep up with the times. In fact, UTF8 also used for several years, the basic program can run, no big problem, but the data switching, always encounter unpleasant

Find files containing UTF8 BOM headers under Linux and delete BOM header information (Feef)

UTF-8 encoded files can be divided into no BOM and BOM two kinds of formats. There is a BOM header storage or byte stream, it must be a Unicode character set encoding. The one that belongs to (Utf-8 or utf-16 or utf-32) can be judged by the head.BOM

PHP removes the BOM header from the UTF8 format file

Example 1 The code is as follows Copy Code /*** Remove BOM header from File* @var 0.1* @author CHENWP*/function Clearbom ($contents) {UTF8 Remove BOM headers from text$BOM = Chr (239). chr (187). CHR (191);Return Str_repla

How to automatically add BOM header and explain BOM header and remove BOM header method when PHP download file, _php tutorial

How to automatically add BOM header and explain BOM header and get rid of BOM header when PHP download file, PHP download files automatically add BOM header, first of all to find out, what is the BOM header? When you save a text file in UTF-8

PHP file Download (solve the problem of more than a few bytes after file download) and encapsulation into class example

Label:PHP file download is more common, online information is more, here no longer emphasize how to achieve (because it is also seen on the internet). The following are the main points of attention to download code.PHP download file is mainly the

Problems encountered in writing code (PHP does not receive the JSON data passed, PHP uses UTF8 usage)

Tags: tar tail code file content Ace global variable ICAToday, write code with Python processing data, to the PHP server, found that the data is not received, because it is cross-domain, so added the message header: Header ('

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