heap metadata

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Understanding of metadata and self-description in C #

Understanding of metadata and self-description in C # The following information is taken from msdn, which provides a good answer to what metadata includes, how it is organized and managed in metadata, and, why does metadata belong to the

Understanding metadata and IL (medium) <Article 4>

[24th back: Understanding metadata and IL (I)], we have made necessary preparations for the relationship between these concepts and metadata and IL in PE files, assembly, and hosting modules, at the same time, I am familiar with the basic method

Metadata and CLR (1)

Analysis Tool: UtralEdit is used for metadata, Sos debugging expansion is used for memory layout, and vs2005 memory, registers, and Disassembly window information is used for memory layout. Step: Use UE to open any. net dll or Exe file and analyze

Interaction during runtime (PE, Windows loader, application domain, assembly list, metadata, type, object, thread stack, managed heap)

This article will explain PE, Windows loader, and ApplicationProgramDomain, assembly list, metadata, type, object, thread stack, managed heap, and so on. Therefore, I first wrote a simple demo for debugging.CodeAs follows: Using System; Namespace

Metadata lock in SQLSERVER

Metadata locks in SQLSERVER the metadata locks on the Internet are really very small, metadata locks will usually appear in the DDL statement below list the database engine can lock the Resource Description RID used to lock heap) A row of KEY is

Class meta-data class Metadata

Tag: Specify a different application for the map point class resJava classes is represented as a class metadata inside a Java hotspot VM. In the previous Java Hotspot VM version, the class metadata was allocated in the persistence generation. In JDK8

Compressed integer used in. NET/CLI metadata

Document directory Unsigned integer Compression Algorithm Unsigned integer decompression algorithm Algorithm for compressing signed integers Algorithm for extracting signed integers ILASM/ILDASM Mono Cecil CCI Metadata Other

Understanding metadata and IL (I) <Article 3>

Before I have been talking about metadata (metadata) and IL (intermediate language) ideas for a long time. At the beginning of this article, I have been very down-to-earth and devoted myself to these two class brothers, although it is not as fast as

[You must know. NET] The 24th time: Understanding metadata and IL (ON)

Say, before the opening, Very early to say metadata (metadata) and IL (intermediate language) ideas, has been in this beginning to be counted on the ground to these two class brothers cast some fine care, although there is no "first time: enmity:

Metadata and PE file structure

Metadata is stored in one area of the PE file, while msil is stored in another area of the PE file. The metadata section contains a series of tables and heaps. The msil part contains the Il language and metadata tags that point to a row of a table

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