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Master of Headroom--"wisdom and wisdom"

Buddha, among the Bodhisattva in the selection of the great wisdom Tuas as the object. It is difficult to accept the Dharma if it is not really great wisdom. Therefore, wisdom is the degree of energy, the net is very appropriate to say.There are 14 kinds of translation hearts in the past dynasties, there are seven kinds of common, this is the most widely circulated master Xuanzang translation. All the factions in China have chosen to be included in the Pureland recitation, which can be seen in

The full text and explanation of the Sutra of wisdom and wisdom

heart is different, such as its face.What is the concept of freedom? On the machine, on the disease and drugs, all sentient beings have not begun to rob, back their own Bodhi heart and go to view the method, the back Bodhi Heart view method is very dangerous, so in all law is not at ease, by law, from the Bodhi heart

Android Development Series (16): "Android small game idiom repeatedly see" second article

Write late, in the division of a Z City high School of a score query system, the original system is actually written with VB, I have to admire the original writing system that the man really can live.Build the SVN tomorrow and wait for project to start. Think of a salary, my heart also for my withered purse small excited.The gossip is not much to say. Today we analyze how this little game works and the core code parsing:Working principle:"Main interfa

PHP Solution: Baidu star----idiom error correction ____php

nuo move Purple seeds of the character Zi Front money thousand lead shallow In the near this present only tight gold Jin Jin to make the effort End million Water Sleeping Tax Shan Flash shirt Good fan fir Promise Profusely Lakes A waxy daughter Sample output Promise Basic method: The wrong idiom and the idiom array of each

Ancient inspirational quotes

or deficiencies. 7. Do not do what you want. -Analects of ConfuciusTranslation: What You Don't Want (pain, disaster, disaster ......), Do not add it to others. 8. Be a teacher. -Analects of ConfuciusYou cannot hesitate to do what you should do, even if the teacher is on the sidelines. Then it developed into an idiom "let alone ". 9. A gentleman is willing to speak and be willing to do so. -Analects of ConfuciusA gentleman is not arrogant, but agile

Android Development Series (16): "Android small game idiom repeatedly see" second article

Write late, in the division of a Z City high School of a performance query system, the original system was written with VB, I have to admire the original writing system that the man really can live.Tomorrow to set up the SVN will wait for the first project and then start projects, think of a salary, in my heart also for my withered purse small excited.Gossip not much to say, today we analyze the work of this small game and the core code parsing:Workin

[Change] Wuwei shasi

Wood hair, acid convergence; fire inflammation, bitter strength and diarrhea; gold downsides, Xin flavor divergence; water cold condensate, salty soft scattered. This is consensus. But acid is wood, Xin is gold, bitter is fire, salty is kidney. Is it "Internal Classic" wrong? Is our guiding ideology as ridiculous as some people have said? Of course, the answer is no. Our Internal Classic will never be wrong

Simple translation of hundreds of Chinese famous sayings

, disaster, disaster ......), Do not add it to others .) 8. Be a teacher. -- Analects of Confucius You cannot hesitate to do what you should do, even if the teacher is on the sidelines. Then it develops into an idiom "Do not let others ".) 9. A gentleman is willing to speak and be willing to do so. -- Analects of Confucius A gentleman is not arrogant, but agile and clever when doing things .) 10. Two people share the same

Five-line gossip

square system makes it. Soil can grams of water, water more soil flow; water weak when soil, must be congestion. The earth depends on the fire, the fire is more soil coke; the fire can make the earth, the fire is more hidden. WOOD: Wood wond gold, square into a pillar. Wood can generate fire, fire more than wood burning; strong wood fire, fang of its stubborn. Mu nengke soil, soil multi-wood fold; Soil weak when the wood, it must be collapsed. Mu Lai

The four training

to discuss." When the public is also poor commutation of the list, dream of a god said: "Your life without children, this commutation of the discussion, deep in the heavenly, God gave you three sons, all clothes purple waist gold." "Is the evening Lady has Shen, the epigenetic should Xun, should Kun, should seonjoon, all show official." Jiaxing package by, Word letter, its father for Chisun Inn, born seven son, with the least, fat pinghu yuan, and my

Yi zhongtianpin: Han dynasty man 03: Yuan Yu and Shi

Lecture 3: Yuan Yu and Shi Yuan and his mistakes cannot be done, But Yuan is not a villain. According to the standards at that time, his moral qualities are no less than wrong. Sima Qian made a mistake for yuan Yi and Yi, saying that Yuan Yi's moral quality is his heart-to-heart, generous, wise, and wise, and he has always been a country of fame ". Therefore, the biography of Yuan is more detailed than that

Auxiliary behavior tips and viscera medication

of water, two liters of boiling water, and then the temperature. Xiaobugan DecoctionGovernance [in the heart] fear and doubt, when more nightmare, angry with the heart, the more sweat, the first dizzy transport side:Zanthomedhiri chinensis (three or two different dates) jujube (twelve pieces, one side as yam, when from) Four flavors, with eight liters of water, three liters of boiling water, one liter of w

Five Elements fits together

Water Wu Fang Oriental South Central Western North Wuchang Benevolence Ceremony Letter Yi Wisdom Five Commandments Kill Fingering Jump Stolen Wine Five Zang Liver Heart Spleen Lung Renal Wudu Anger Hate Blame Annoyed Bother Five Elements Mathema

"Spiritual Practice" and "turn" in the word "Journey to the Monkey"

the yellow eyebrow with gold Nao to the Sun Wukong, gold Nao This magic weapon also symbolizes money, money can put the heart trapped. Seven spider essence represents human emotions, emotions like spider knot net, can put people trapped. The world is emotions by thought (silk). The centipede essence has the thousands eye, is the human eye sees the various materi

The fifth edition of "Ancient Innocence"

On the ancient innocence and the five discoursesSpeaker: Xu Wenbing Chair: Liangdong ElderBroadcast time: 2008-12-27 23:00-24:00 Scripture : is to addictions not to labor its eyes, sexual evil can not be confused with his heart, foolish Wisdom Yin unworthy, not afraid of things, it is suitable for the road. So can be hundred years old and the action is not bad, with their German all not dangerous also. Liangdong Elder: Yes, rediscover Chinese medicine

How programmers love their eyes

projected from behind or left oblique side. Do not read in the Sun, nor in the dark room, with the help of the TV light reading. Idiom steal from the ancient people to love reading very much, so in the next door to open a small hole in the wall, with the help of the next door home light reading. There is no power lighting in ancient times, with the same kind of kerosene lamp that is still used in the countryside, the damage to the eyes is very big, w

(turn) How programmers love their eyes

of outdoor environment (Guangdong Shenzhen), running outside, a little pull wind. Running improved my breathing, the five elements of the lungs for gold, kidney for water, Kingnongshen water, so my kidney will be better, the kidneys for the monarch, the monarch is to grasp the entire body of staff (five zang six bent) core, the kidney good tooth must be good, the tooth is the essence of the kidney, and then through the improvement of the diet, my who

Chinese traditional culture in the eyes of programmers-Wang Yangming's "impartation record"

min will feel biased. "Interpretation: "Love" for Wang disciple Xu Ai, "Zhu Xi" for the Master of Science, Zhu Shun, as often said "five Emperors" in the second emperor. "Five teachings" refers to the father and son, Monarch, couples, brothers, friends of these five kinds of pro. Mingmingde for the knowledge to spread the true virtue. This article is "Pro", "new" dispute, but also for the heart, rationale for the dispute.Sense: Zhu Xi thought that th

Cai gentan --- leisure (4)

is difficult to recognize the truth because the world is full of human feelings. Yaofuzhi: "I used to be a cloud, but today I am Iraq. I don't know who I am today ?" As a person often looks at it, he can solve it, but he can [go to "Xi" and go to "Xi" under "Gu" to go to "Xi. If there is a happy realm, there will be a unhappy face; if there is a good scene, there will be a bad separation. It's just an ordinary family meal, a prime position, and a nest. The

Augmented Xian Wen

hearts.When the gold is transported to the iron, the iron is like gold.A book must be intended, a word worth a daughter.Every person say then three points, not all leave a heart.Intentionally grow flowers flowers do not hair, inadvertently inserted willow Willow.Draw the tiger painted skin difficult to draw the bone, know people know face not intimate.Money is like dirt, and righteousness is worth a daughter.The water under the beach is not intention

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