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Mic sound pickup skills

pickup: 1. Guitar: the mic is aligned with the resonance hole of guitar. The distance is about 20 cm. 2. violin: the direction of the mic from the side to the piano box and the strings. The distance is 30 ~ 40 cm. 3. flute or bamboo flute: MIC is aligned with the instrument, about 2 meters away. 4. Erhu: the mic is aligned with the cavity, and the distance is about 50 cm. Of course, the above is just some of the simplest methods for collecting music. If you want to get a full single-in

Five Zang and five-sound five Zang detoxification method (five-sound work)

Five hearts: liver, heart, spleen, lungs, kidneyTone deaf: Shh!, ah, Hu, 呬, blow first is the lungs detoxification, hands over, aloft in the top of the head, lift the anus, inhale, issued "SI" this tone, attention is not from the throat of the sound, but from the chest inside out.Come again is the spleen detoxification, hands in the place of your spleen, lift the anus, inhale, hair "HU" this toneLiver detoxification, the hands of each other in your li

Read ECG Waveform

correct judgment on the functional structure of the heart. ECG is widely used in scientific research. their electrocardiogram has been recorded in various animals and its physiological significance has been preliminarily studied. some animals, such as crabs, mussels, octopus, crayfish, sea sheath, and spine animals, such as amphibious, crawling, birds, and mammals, adopt special electrodes and guidance methods, their electrocardiogram can be traced (

Heart shape of mathematical graphics

Tomorrow is the Chinese Valentine's day. For the festival, this article provides several algorithms for heart-shaped surfaces. Speaking of heart shapes, I think of a joke. A female teacher drew a heart shape on the blackboard and asked the students to add: "What is this? "The students replied," ass. "The teacher cried.

PS: create a realistic three-dimensional heart-shaped chocolate-PS tutorial

This tutorial introduces PS to a friend of PHP's Chinese network to create a realistic three-dimensional heart-shaped chocolate method. the chocolate produced in this tutorial is very delicious. we recommend that you come and learn about it. heart-shaped chocolate is always attractive, the love between men and women is

[Change] Wuwei shasi

cannot use the energy and substances in food, therefore, it can be considered that the acid of wood must have the human liver. In the digestion of food, the acidic environment of the stomach is required, and the pH of the stomach is usually 2 ~ 3. In short, the relationship between acidity and digestion and synthesis is just a convenience for the understanding of pH value. Liver tendon, muscle tendon, is the reason why the human body has muscle, is determined by the liver, there are two types o

Photoshop text in accordance with the path of typesetting detailed

, the layer palette shows exactly one color fill layer. Double-click the thumbnail to change the color of the fill, and the layer thumbnail has a mask thumbnail on the right (the blue arrow at the bottom left), which is the vector mask thumbnail, which is characterized by a gray representation of the hidden area. Knowledge of vector masks we will learn later. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the path in the path mask is displayed by clicking on the path mask thumbnail. You wil

Photoshop makes gorgeous color transparent heart-shaped tips

The production method of the effect chart is simpler, the shape or path can be used to quickly make the desired heart shape, and then the middle part of the heart shape is removed with the feather selection, leaving only the edge local transparency effect. After the heart shape is done, and then through the copy and deformation and so more

Valentine's Day hit! PS Tutorials Sweet Valentine's Day poster

Valentine's Day is coming, this article brings a PS tutorial that teaches you how to create a sweet Valentine's Day poster. This Photoshop tutorial is easy to learn, mainly using a gradient, pen and other tools, suitable for beginners to practice PS synthesis and other basic PS skills. I hope you like it. Final effect Diagram Figure 00 1, select the "File/new" menu, open the new or CTRL + N dialog box name: Valentine's Day poster, preset to: Custom, Width: 1

Make a heart-shaped animation for your sweetheart with fireworks

What gifts do you give to the most intimate mm? Of course is to offer a sincere heart of hearts, along the way can always be affiliated! ^_^, please come with me below! Offer this mysterious gift to your beloved mm. Make a heart-shaped pattern 1, launch Fireworks 4.0, execute "file→new" command, set width of 800Pixels, height 500Pixels, and then click OK button

Use php to output different heart-shaped patterns. php heart-shaped pattern _ PHP Tutorial

Use php to output different heart-shaped patterns and php heart-shaped patterns. Use php to output different heart-shaped patterns. The php heart-s

Photoshop Creates a dream heart-shaped beam effect

In order to highlight the heart-shaped dream effect, the heart-shaped interior with a lot of decorative beam, external also decorated with more light and rendering color block. In order to highlight the heart-shaped dream effect,

Photoshop synthetic Dark Wind of the puppet portrait tutorial sharing

another "exposure" adjustment layer to strengthen its shaded section, but the middle part of the column in fact we do not need to be too dark, so add a layer mask to the adjustment layer, with a black soft brush to smear the middle part of the column, so that it is not affected by the adjustment layer, the following figure: 16-6, add a "brightness/contrast" adjustment layer, or the same add a mask, so far, the pillars are almost finished. The settings are as follows:

Ice certification --

sprout from Chunmu. When the eyes are in the static state, their eyes are clear and calm. When it is in a dynamic state, the eyes hide and kill, and the front is exposed, like aiming at the target, in the middle, waiting for the string to go. The above two expressions are clear and pure. When the eyes are in static state, their eyes are like the light of the fireflies, and they are weak and flickering. When they are in dynamic state, their eyes are like the water of flow, but although they are

How to use the PS path to create personalized graphics-PS tutorial

actually a color fill layer with a vector mask. As shown in the left figure below, a color fill layer is displayed in the layer palette. Double-click the thumbnail to change the fill color, and the right side of the thumbnail of the layer has a thumbnail of the mask (the blue arrow in the lower left). This is the thumbnail of the vector mask, which indicates the hidden area in gray. We will learn about vector masks later. Before proceeding to the next step, make sure that the path in the path m

Solar and solar system planetary data

The sun, the central celestial body of the solar system, is the source of light and heat of the planet. It is an ordinary star in the Milky Way. It is located about 10 thousand seconds from the silver heart, about 8 seconds north of the silver road surface, and rotates around the silver heart with other stars. The sun is a gas ball with a diameter of about 1.4x106. due to gravity, the density and temperatur

Classic Network flattering set

am determined to put this post on top! The post of the landlord is too good. The style is fluent, the rhetoric is decent, and the style of the Wei and Jin Dynasties is more powerful than that of the Tang Dynasty. You can see this post from the author in your lifetime. I am so lucky to be born. After reading this post I feel an incredible sense of grief-Ah, such a good post, if I can no longer see it in the future, then I What should I do? What should I do? It wasn't until I added this post to m

Sleep is suppressed.

Science explains that because your body enters deep sleep, leading to physical appearance near death, that is, the heartbeat is stopped, but your brain knows you are not dead, is alive, so nerve conduction let you shake awake, to prevent you from sleeping in the past. It's almost mean to wake the heartbeat with a shock.Often occurs when the body is more tired to sleep in the case of the majority.Consciously awake at night, Paroxysmal dyspnea at night, which is due to sleep at night, the excitabi

Chapter 3 snow-pressed feihu City (full 2)

nor deliberately bitter-although the road is tricky in 10 or 20 places, but the Artillery Forces are barely accessible-If Wu Anguo is willing to let them trim the road first. However, no one expected the snow today. Moreover, Chen Qingyuan did not think that Wu Anguo was not prepared to make them well on the road. His command was very rude, but there was no doubt that all the soldiers who left behind and the vehicles did not, abandon. The road is just a rough repair, so that the vehicle and the

Talk about me with the mobile phone theme design of the ten years

Want to know what changes have been made in mobile phones and theme designs over the past decade? Take a look at today's memoir of the designer, which not only reflects the history of the UI design industry over the past ten years of aesthetic style, but also a lot of UI design predecessors walked the road, full of memories. Raise posture to collect! A few days ago just saw "Charlotte worry", watching the movie Heart is full of regrets, who youth wit

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