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Primary exploration and realization of websocket heartbeat re-connection

The reason why the heartbeat is heavyDuring the use of the WebSocket process, the network disconnection may occur, such as bad signal, or the network temporarily shut down, this time the WebSocket connection has been disconnected,The browser does

12 Powerful Chrome Plugin extensions

Chrome is powerful, thanks to its extensive repository of extensions. There are a variety of plugins available in the Chrome Web store to suit all your requirements when using Chrome. Like Firefox, Chrome's extensions are easy to install and easy to

12 powerful chrome plug-in extensions

Link: http://www.admin10000.com/document/2528.html Chrome is powerful, and it also benefits from its rich extension resource library. There are various plug-ins in Chrome Web store to meet your various requirements when using chrome. Like Firefox,

About Heartbeat Ajax request pending status (suspended), stalled time is too long. involves a TCP connection exception.

Environment: Jingan Fast Cloud Server (heard very rubbish, but the company bought, I have just come), centos-6.8-x86_64,apache,mysql5.1,php5.3. Problem: Now the company has a PHP system, need to send the AJAX request repeatedly, but there will be

CRM WebClient UI and the URL generation logic for heartbeat in the work of Hybris

CRM WebClient UIThe work center's navigation target is invisible to client side: not visible in chrome development tool, but after clicking Work center and calculating navigation in the background ABAP side TargetHybrisEach item in the drop-down

Building a live web using WebSocket

In order to prevent unscrupulous site crawler crawling articles, hereby identified, reproduced please indicate the source of the article. LAPLACEDEMON/SJQ.Http://www.cnblogs.com/shijiaqi1066/p/3795075.html1 WebSocket and traditional web real-time

WebSocket User Guide

ObjectiveRecently in a project, need to use to WebSocket, before to WebSocket not very understanding, so took a little time to familiarize with WebSocket.Between browser and server communication, traditional HTTP requests are not ideal in some

Developer Test (3)-Penetration testing of Springcloud micro-service applications with precision testing tools

1, micro-service introduction   MicroServices English Name Microservice,microservice schema mode is to organize the entire Web application into a series of small Web services. These small Web services can be compiled and deployed independently, and

In addition to upgrading the Tomcat version, how can it be resolved?

Info: Starting Protocolhandler ["ajp-bio-8013"]May 26, 2016 6:07:49 pm Org.apache.catalina.startup.Catalina startInfo: Server Startup in 20001 MS2016-05-26 18:07:49

The server has a new message that is actively pushed to the client browser

Usually, when you open a Web page or app to query or refresh, the client makes a request to the server and then returns the data, the client and the service side of the pattern is: Client Request-server response, and in some cases, the server will

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