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Hangzhou Electric OJ 15th ACM first question Hearthstone

problem DescriptionCDFPYSW loves playing a card game called "Hearthstone". Now he had N cards, he wants to split these cards into 4 piles.Let's assume the number of cards in each pile is A1, A2, A3, A4. It must be satisfied that:a1 * K1 = a2 + a3 + a4 A2 * k2 = a1 + A3 + a4 a3 * K3 = A1 + a2 + A4 A1, a2, A3, A4 Must be positive Because cdfpysw are clever, there must be a-to split there card. Can you tell CDFPYSW?InputThe first line was an integer T,

HDU 5816 Hearthstone

,0,sizeof(DP)); LL p,n,m; scanf ("%i64d%i64d%i64d",p,n,m); LL N=n+m; for(LL i=n;i) scanf ("%i64d",Val[i]); dp[0]=1; for(LL st=0;st1) { if(dp[st]==0)Continue; LL Dam=0, num_a=0, num_b=0; for(LL i=n;i) { if(st (1; } if(dam>=p)Continue; for(LL i=0; i) { if(st (1; } if(num_a+1Continue; for(LL i=0; i) { if(st (1Continue; Dp[st+(1Dp[st]; }} LL ans=0, all=Fac[n]; for(LL st=

hdu-5816 Hearthstone (pressure dp+ probability expectation)

of your turn, you draw a-card from the top of the the card deck. You can use any of the cards in your hands until to run out of it. Your task is to calculate the probability so you can win in this turn, i.e., can deal at least P damage to Your enemy.Inputthe first line is the number of test cases T (tThen come three positive integers P (pOutputfor each test case, output the probability as a reduced fraction (i.e., the greatest common divisor of the numerator and denominator is 1). If the answer

SDUT2883 hearthstone//stirling

Fifth session of the provincial race: HearthstoneCombinatorial mathematics.n Races, M tables (n>=m). Each race is a table, and each table is used at least once.The idea behind the question has been how to fill the M table with n positions.is actually the Tao Stirling number model, the direct set formula M!*{n m}#include #includestring.h>#defineL 1000000007intMain () {intn,m; Long Longa[101]; while(SCANF ("%d%d", n,m)! =EOF) {a[0]=0; for(intI=1; i) A[i]=1; for(intI=3; i) for(intj=i

Simple usage of flex rotation Font/rotation bitmap/font to specify rotation center rotation/Timer

Implementation content: Text Rotation 1. --- rotation centered on the left vertex of the text 2. --- rotate in the center of a specified point 3. --- automatic rotation Knowledge used: bitmap data, text display, drawing, timer, event listening Keyword: textfield textformat bitmapdata bitmap sprite Timer 1. First, describe,Textfield and bitmap can both be addc

Android stereo rotation animation implementation and encapsulation (supporting axis rotation with three axes X, Y, and Z), android stereo Rotation

Android stereo rotation animation implementation and encapsulation (supporting axis rotation with three axes X, Y, and Z), android stereo Rotation This article mainly introduces Android stereo rotation animation or 3D Rotation, which is a self-implemented interface. Three-

Rotation of a rigid body in three-dimensional space (about rotation matrix, DCM, rotation vector, four-dollar, Euler-angle)

Recently learned some about three-dimensional space rotation related knowledge, to comb the memo.The rotation of the three-dimensional space (3D Rotation) is a very magical thing: if a rigid body in three-dimensional space for any rotation, as long as the center of rotation

Unity3d the setting of the Institute of automatic rotation the default rotation direction of the screen __unity

As shown in the following illustration, you can choose this option when dealing with the default rotation direction of the screen, which is 4 directions up or down. The planning requirement is that the game uses a horizontal screen, but requires support in two directions to automatically rotate, as shown in the following figure, my settings are like this. Default orientation* Auto Roation indicates that the game supports automatic

Unity object Rotation, rotation

1. The object's specific rotation around which axis, corresponding setting value;Transform.Rotate (new Vector3 (1,0,0)); //rotation around x-axis//By default, the object rotates around the XYZ axis of world coordinates, that is, the object rotates around the y-axis of the world center 0,0,0. The statement is equivalent to transform. Rotate (new Vector3 (1,0,0), space.world); If you need to rotate, change th

IOS6 and above automatic rotation, manual forced rotation scheme and layout adaptation

= Uideviceorientationportraitupsidedown, Uiinterfaceorientationlandscapeleft = UideviceorientaTionlandscaperight, uiinterfaceorientationlandscaperight = uideviceorientationlandscapeleft};//iOS6 later introduced combined mode Typede F ns_options (Nsuinteger, uiinterfaceorientationmask) {uiinterfaceorientationmaskportrait = (1 Get device Orientation: [[Uidevice currentdevice] orientation]Get interface direction: [[UIApplication sharedapplication] statusbarorientation]3, IOS6 and above version pag

2D impeller rotation and 2d impeller rotation based on HT for Web vector

2D impeller rotation and 2d impeller rotation based on HT for Web vector Previously, some static elements were used in topology applications. Today, we will design a moving element, impeller rotation, on the topology. Let's first look at what the impeller model looks like. From the model perspective, this impeller model has three blades, each of which is irregu

Httpd log and log rotation tool, httpd log Rotation

Httpd log and log rotation tool, httpd log Rotation Directory:1.1 Error Log ErrorLog1.2 access log CustomLog1.3 log rotation: rotatelogs Tool1.4 log rotation: cronolog Tool1.5 comparison between rotatelogs and cronolog The types of logs to be recorded include Error Log ErrorLog and access log CustomLog. Generally, the

Silverlight & Blend Animation Design Series 12:3 angular function (trigonometry) Animation free rotation (free-form rotation)

When it comes to the rotation of objects, it may be reminiscent of the concept of object angles. The rotation implementation of the object is actually a position transformation using the angle change of the object, in the "Silverlight Blend Animation Design Series II: Rotation animation (RotateTransform)" In the article on the object of the different angle trans

Solving the rotation angle/euler angle of three axes according to the camera rotation matrix

Keywords: rotation matrix Euler angleUses: Camera pose estimation, unmanned attitude estimation, various pose estimationArticle type: concept, Formula Summary ( This article does not take the process of demolition, if you want to know how the formula is introduced, please search the literature ), C + + function display@Author: V_shawn@Date: 2016-11-04@Lab: [Email protected]??ObjectiveCamera calibration After the r

The rotation of an object in MAX (quat 0 0 0 1) and $. Rotation. x_rotation are different in processing.

Oop = $. Transform$. Rotation = (quat 0 0 0 1) Subobjectlevel = 2$. Modifiers [1]. Center = pos_posSubobjectlevel = 0 $. Modifiers [1]. Gizmo = OOP -- I used the following method to do it. In real time? In (quat 0 0 0 1) and $. Rotation. x_rotation = 0-- $. Rotation. y_rotation = 0-- $. Rotation. z_rotation = 0 is i

Rotation formula of a plane point and a plane rotation formula

Rotation formula of a plane point and a plane rotation formula Definition: the rotation of a point O above a plane is to make any pair of corresponding points P and P on the plane equal to the line segments connected to a fixed point O, that is, | OP | = | OP '|, And the directed angle Take the Cartesian coordinate system for the transformation formulaOrigin O

Point rotation and coordinate system rotation

Point rotation transformations in the same coordinate system (1) and point transformations in different coordinate systems (2) have plagued me, they are two different concepts, but the form is very similar to the two-dimensional space as an example to do the next deduction, deepen understanding.The point rotation transformation under the same coordinate system is better understood and is a rotational transf

Eigen, rotation vector, rotation matrix, conversion of four __slam

The rotation of the three-dimensional space can be represented by Euler's angle, rotation vector, rotation matrix, and four-dollar number.The first is the Euler angle notation, which we can use to rotate around an axis.A rotational vector is a rotating axis and a rotational angle to represent rotation.The rotation matr

Android always monitors the Rotation Angle of the mobile phone. determines at which angle the vertical screen layout is loaded Based on the rotation angle.

Android always monitors the Rotation Angle of the mobile phone. determines at which angle the vertical screen layout is loaded Based on the rotation angle. I. Scenario Description: During recent development, we encountered a problem that the operating system was aware of the horizontal and vertical screen layout when performing horizontal and vertical screen switching, as an developer, you cannot determine

Ios 360-degree rotation effect demo ios 360-degree rotation effect demo

Demo function: Use UIimageView to achieve 360-degree rotation. Demo Description: iPhone6.1 is successfully tested. The main code is FVImageSequence. m. In the touchesMoved event, the rotation effect is generated by replacing the image of UIimageView. Demo screenshot: Demo main code: [Html]-(Void) touchesMoved :( NSSet *) touches withEvent :( UIEvent *) event {[Super touchesMoved: touches withEvent: event

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