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Teapot Tea pot with WebGL (2) Phong shading

Applying Phong shading in the fragment shader makes the teapot more realistic. Even if the teapot is a single color, as long as the position of the light source changes, or the position of the eye changes, see the various parts of the teapot color is not necessarily the same shade. The so-called Phong shading is a method of determining the color of each pixel pho

Documentary about the whole process of teapot opening-rozenan (shunzhu)

A few days ago, a friend spent 2300 yuan to purchase a purple clay pot. Although the author rozenan (Assistant craftsman) is not everyone, he is still quite good at assistant craftsman, there are several famous works (I heard that Sun Tzu's Art of War and the Romance of the Three Kingdoms won the grand prize ). He is said to have made 28 sets of shunzhu (the output is high enough, if there are 8 sets of value to favorites), this is one of them. Now that you have purchased it, you can only use i

Three ways the teapot rotates under the touch mechanism

1, rotating camera, so that the camera around the teapot rotation, to achieve the effect of the teapot rotation!2, rotating ambient light,3, rotate the object itself, directly make the teapot rotation.. h file#ifndef __helloworld_scene_h__#define __helloworld_scene_h__#include "Cocos2d.h" Using_ns_cc;class HELLOWORLD: Public cocos2d::layer{public: static cocos

Codeforces Round #338 (Div. 2) B. Longtail Hedgehog Memory Search/Tree DP

B. Longtail HedgehogThis Christmas Santa gave Masha a magic picture and a pencil. The picture consists of n points connected by m segments (they might cross on any-, that does N ' t matter). No. Segments connect the same pair of points, and no segment connects the point to itself. Masha wants to color some segments in order paint a hedgehog. In Mashas mind every hedgehog consists of a tail and some spines

The universe in the teapot -- Qingxin Mingmu tea

Drinking tea is a kind of enjoyment. It can touch your vision, smell, and taste, and make your nerves feel better. In fact, my understanding of tea has stayed on pure tea for a long time. That is to say, I once thought that only green tea, oolong tea, Tieguanyin, Longjing, Mao Feng, and so on are tea teas ", the teas that are added with various herbs, herbs, fruits, and honey are not "tea" but "drinks", not to mention Western-style black tea with milk and coffee. Drinking tea is of different si

[OpenGL] teapot and light

displayed, and the third parameter is the color of the material under illumination.For the teapot, we set the mirror index to 50, the specular reflection is 0.6f, 0.6f, 0.6f, diffuse reflection for 0.85f, 0.65f, 0.2f.For the desktop and the legs, we set the specular and diffuse colors to the same specified color.Experimental data recording and processing(Data settings are for reference only)At present, the effect of the table leg is not very real, bu

The projection effect of 3dmax making teapot with different materials

First look at the final effect: I. Drawing of Entities 1, Start 3dmax9.0, click the "Create" command panel, tap the "Geometry" button, select the "Standard base" item in the Drop-down list, click the "Teapot" button, and create a new teapot Teapot01 in the top view to resize it, as shown in Figure 1. 2. Hold down SHIFT and drag the other 2 teapot Teapot02, Tea

Play the hedgehog war 0.9.9 in Ubuntu -- open-source treasure

I believe that many people have played (including myself). The hedgehog war is a game that imitates all the worms. Open source is free and follows the GPL protocol. Can run in Windows and Linux! I felt very good when I tried it on Ubuntu. It not only supports standalone mode, but also supports online operations. Of course, the Internet is indispensable. And the operations are superb. Compared with the final 2D work of the hundred battles and worms, th

35 fault in command execution and repair caused by incomplete dangerous filtering of hedgehog website construction system

Brief description: Hedgehog website construction is a new generation of standardized website construction service launched by 35 Interconnected Systems, which greatly reduces site construction and update costs. Hedgehog has complete functions and is easy to use. It is very popular among small and medium-sized enterprises. This vulnerability is caused by incomplete filtering of dangerous code and can be use

Codeforces 338 (Div 2) Longtail Hedgehog Problem Solving report

Title Link: Http://codeforces.com/problemset/problem/615/BThe title means: to draw a hedgehog, composed of tail and spines. We ask for beauty maximum value: tail * spines.The following excerpt from Udon's words, we savor: (not necessarily correct, oh, may want to mislead other elements ...) )1, for all points x, find the degree of x d[x],o (N+M)2, for all points x, to find the longest chain length at the end of Point X l[x], because the tail node requ

HTML5 Canvas realizes the Dream 3D Hedgehog Ball

Today to bring you a HTML5 canvas to achieve the dream of 3D hedgehog ball. The page is fantastic. As follows:Online preview Source DownloadHTML code: Div > width= "1366" height= " width:1366px" style= "height" : 62px; " > Canvas > Div >JS Code: varScreen_width =window.innerwidth, Screen_height=Window.innerheight, R= 200, MouseX= 0, Mousey = 0, Windowhalfx= WINDOW.INNERWIDTH/2, Windowhalfy= WINDOW.INNERHEIGHT/2, camera, scene, rende

Data structures and Algorithms (Hedgehog book) reading notes (1)----array

element.Filter (): Takes a function as a parameter, returning all elements that enable the function to return true.4. Two-dimensional and multidimensional arraysThere is no two-dimensional array in JavaScript, but you can implement a two-dimensional array by inserting array elements into the array.var twod = []; var rows = 5; for (var i = 0; i i) {= [];}With regard to how to create a two-dimensional array, a best practice is mentioned in the book, which is a 64-page example of javascript:th

The UserControl of WPF in the WinForm of "the Handsome Hedgehog class"

; } Set{ This. opacity=value;}}protected Override voidOnLoad (EventArgs e) {if(!DesignMode) { varLogin =NewLogin ( This);//Here the parent form is passed to the subform login to Elementhost1.child=login; } Base. OnLoad (e);}Then add the following in the subform code: PublicLogin (frmlogin frm): This()//by using the constructor to fetch Frmlogin, which is the parent form, to { This. Frmlogin =frm; Trepository=Newt_huntersrepository ();}Private voidBtnstart_o

Data structure with Algorithms (Hedgehog book) reading notes----catalogue

Recently in grasping the underlying language foundation, before the data structure and algorithms do not have much feeling, but the more deep learning the more I feel that these foundations are really to hold firmly. A simple array, a lot of learning to dig into. So I'm going to write a series of reading notes and comb the basics of this piece. This book is a JavaScript description of the data structure budgeting method and is based on JavaScript. It provides an overview of arrays, lists, stacks

Analysis of Hedgehog in Hebei Plain text outside the chain effect of mercy pat Bricks

For plain text links in the role of SEO has been a great controversy, today, Hebei hedgehog bold combination of anchor text outside the chain, hyperlinks and plain text outside the chain three forms of pure text outside the chain effect of simple analysis. Anchor text is a hyperlink keyword, click to enter the link to the page; a hyperlink is a Web page and the site directly linked to the element, and the plain text link is not point to the URL, in th

Codeforces 615B. Longtail Hedgehog

Test instructions: The input n,m represents n points, m edges, the maximum value of the product of the number of points of an ascending sequence and the point at which the end point is connected.Analysis: DP run, Time complexity O (m).#include #include#include#include#include#include#include#includeusing namespacestd;Long Longsum[100005];Long Longdp[100005];inthead[100005];structnode{intV,next;} g[200005];intk=1;voidAddintUintv) {G[K].V=v; G[k].next=Head[u]; Head[u]= k++;}intMain () {intN, M; in

Photoshop creates an exquisite glass teapot-PS tutorial

Making glass appliances is relatively difficult to draw. Because the highlights and dark tones of the glass are concentrated on the edge, and the color comparison is strong, sometimes there are more ambient colors. It is best to lay the color in

JS for simple and traditional conversion

sprinkle jia shallow slurry pouring zhen yingde design turbidity test Kuai Liu Chanba muddy hu, Aenon tu flood flood Lai Ripple Weizhou Vortex Yun Huan Polyester run Jian Dian lu liling Guanyintang, Yu-shen infiltration of the sea-water permeability bay wet water splash Xushui loujin Shuofang Decanter Yan postcode the flood of Man luanhe 滪 Browse Ying in the wake of the Wei-yi Lan Seto hao out of the light ling disaster lian furnace Stew yang point smelting blazing candle smoke burning Braised

Simplified Mutual Transfer JS

nim tears frame lu cyrtomium fortunei pour ze jing clean sprinkle jia shallow slurry pouring zhen yingde design turbidity test Kuai Liu Chanba muddy hu, Aenon tu flood flood Lai Ripple Weizhou Vortex Yun Huan Polyester run Jian Dian lu liling Guanyintang, Yu-shen infiltration of the sea-water permeability bay wet water splash Xushui loujin Shuofang Decanter Yan postcode the flood of Man luanhe 滪 Browse Ying in the wake of the Wei-yi Lan Seto hao out of the light ling disaster lian furnace Stew

Point Cloud Registration in MeshLab

The MeshLab is an open-source, portable, and extensible three-dimensional geometric processing system used primarily for interactive processing and unstructured editing of triangular meshes. It supports multiple file formats: Import:PLY, STL, OFF, OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA, PTX, V3d, PTS, APTS, XYZ, GTS, TRI, ASC, X3d, X3DV, VRML, ALN Export:PLY, STL, OFF, OBJ, 3DS, COLLADA, VRML, DXF, GTS, U3d, IDTF, X3d Let's try the point cloud registration function in MeshLab, in order to verify, w

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