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What should I do if my win10 system computer suddenly has no sound ?, Win10 system computer sound

What should I do if my win10 system computer suddenly has no sound ?, Win10 system computer sound After upgrading to Win10 preview version 10130, some users report that the sound driver is faulty and the sound cannot be played no

In ubuntu, the following message is displayed: "waiting for the response from the sound system" (waiting for sound system &

Recently installed xp. It took three hours to get the environment ready. In anger, backtrack5 was used as the computer's main system .. Backtrack5 is adapted from ubuntu 10.5. Therefore, many problems on ubuntu 10.5 may also occur in backtrack5. For example: Waiting for sound system to respond)And so on. This article solves this problem first. 1. add permissi

Example to analyze the application of system sound effects and custom sound effects in IOS development _ios

First, access to sound services Add frame Audiotoolbox and sound files to play, plus import the framework's interface files in the class that implements the sound service:#import Playing system sounds requires two functions that are audioservicescreatesystemsoundid and audioservicesplaysystemsound, and you need to d

There is no sound on the Web page but the system shows a sound.

User questions: Why the web does not sound, in addition to the Thunder HD online cinema video has a sound and this has been downloaded songs or video has a sound, other pages have no sound! is the Web page no sound, everything else is normal! There is no

Win8.1 System install sound card driver Smartaudio no sound after

The Win8.1 system installs the sound card to drive Smartaudio does not have the sound to do? Because the sound card driver process Smartaudio is incompatible with the Win8.1 system, there are times when the system has no

How can I change the sound of a Windows 10 System Computer on/off ?, Change win10 switch host sound

How can I change the sound of a Windows 10 System Computer on/off ?, Change win10 switch host sound Win10 systems are becoming more and more popular. Many people want to replace the computer's boot music and shutdown sound after upgrading to win10. Let's take a look. I cannot understand it at a time. Please read it se

Win8 system sound abnormal how to restore sound initial state

Some users like to customize a variety of system settings, so that the system can become more personalized. But there are WIN8 users have modified the system's sound scheme, there are abnormal phenomena. So how do you restore the initial state of the sound?   Operation Steps The first step, right click on the taskbar

Win7 32-bit system there is no sound Reload sound card driver failure how to do

 The specific steps are as follows: 1. First open the Win7 system you installed the disk into the windows-system32-driverstore-filerepository, and then find the inside Wdmaudio.inf_x86_neutral_ Aed2a4456700dfde folder; 2. Then right click on the folder to select "Admin get Ownership"; 3. Then enter the (WDMAUDIO.INF_X86_NEUTRAL_AED2A4456700DFDE) folder to delete all the contents; 4. Then to download the Windows7

XP system sound card does not support the solution of sound mixing function

Small series first to introduce the concept of stereo mixing. As a simple example: computer generally has three channels, left channel (left horn), right channel (right speaker), stereo channel, audio and video files may sound will be due to a different sound, and stereo channel is about two channels together audible, for example, in the play MP3 file, Play background music on one side and play the voice on

WIN10 system sound Card driver problem causes no sound to do

1, in the taskbar sound icon (small horn) on the right click, select "Play device." 2, select the current playback device, and then click the Properties button. 3, click the "Advanced" tab, select a non-current sampling frequency and bit depth of the sound quality (System general default 24-bit, 48000 Hz) as the default format, click OK. The above is the

Research and development of sound source localization in Artificial intelligence------Chapter II Sound source Positioning System (2)

2.2.2 Microphone array speech processing model structure2.2.2.1 Microphone Uniform line Array ModelFigure 2-2 Microphone Uniform line array(2.1)(2.2)The direction vectors are:(2.3)The Transport matrix is:(2.4) Microphone Uniform circular array ModelFigure 2-3 Microphone Uniform Circular array(2.5)(2.6)(2.7)The Transport matrix is: Microphone arbitrary topological modelFigure 2-4 Microphone arbitrary topology model(2.9)(2.10)(2.11)The Transport matrix is:(2.12) SummaryAbove t

Playback system sound and custom sound effects in iOS development

The demand is roughly divided into three kinds: 1. Vibration 2. System sound effects (no need to provide audio files) 3. Custom sound effects (audio files required) Encapsulation of my tool class: ////WQPLAYSOUND.H//Wqsound////Created by Read Alizarin on 12-7-20. Copyright (c) 2012 __mycompanyname__. All rights reserved. #import See more highlights of

Auditorium sound Reinforcement System speaker placement

The auditorium is "a place for listening". This definition implies that all aspects of space, as long as they are related to communication, should be given priority.InSound Reinforcement systemBefore the invention, a large number of people gathered in the auditorium to listen to the speaker without sound amplification speech. The auditorium uses the geometric structure of the room and the sound treatment to

Computer system Sound Setting method

First, how to select and set the system sound? system sound selection and setting is to set the sound for the events in the system, and when the event is activated, the system automat

For dual system ubuntu16.04 and system no sound solution

Tag: Complete the class Lin method to test your Lib kernel BSP GenLandlord computer system Status: Win10 main system, 128 solid state for Ubuntu systemThe installation is altogether two times.The first time there is no sound after the installation of Ubuntu, the main system win10 have

What if there's no sound after the computer's installed system

What if there's no sound after the computer's installed system Reinstall the computer system appears the computer does not sound, most of the computer is not installed computer sound card driver, we first need to check the sound

The common breakdown of sound card in rain forest wind Win7 system and the solving method

driver execution level is too low to compete with other devices for bandwidth caused by, in general, the sound card manufacturers to achieve the stability of the system. This happens very easily when using a PCI video card because the PCI device is competing for bandwidth. 4, may be a sound card and chipset conflict This failure usually occurs when the new

Computer has a sound card device system shows no audio devices do?

Sometimes there is no sound in our computer, and when you click Start, the audio and Audio device Properties window is turned on from the control Panel, which is not available, and the "No Audio device" error message appears on the screen. The computer appears "no audio device" prompts, is generally due to the sound card is damaged, the sound card is

A single problem with the Linux sound system: Find recording software that not only records microphones but also system sounds

A single problem with the Linux sound system: I beg you to read the Linux general technology-Linux technology and application information, which is not only a microphone but also a recording software. Some time ago, I searched the screen recording software in Linux and found that some of them could only record microphones. If I put a piece of music, the video would not be recorded, later, I wanted to use a

What if there's no sound after the computer reload the system?

Often encounter a sound card can not voice or abnormal sound phenomenon. How to troubleshoot, so that sound card issued a beautiful sound? 1, sound card silent The system default sound

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