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Linux command Dos2unix-convert DOS format text files to UNIX format usage notes

Tags: windows text files hex Linux fileThe Dos2unix command is used to convert a DOS-formatted text file into Unix (Dos/mac to UNIX text, format Converter). Dos text file is based on \ r \ n As a break mark, expressed as 16 binary is 0D 0 A. The

Sublime Text plugins

Label:Sublime Text plugin, Html+css+javascript+json Quick format: HtmlprettyShortcut key:ctrl+shift+hEssential Sublime Text 2 Plugins and Extensionshttp://code.tutsplus.com/tutorials/essential-sublime-text-2-plugins-and-extensions–net-24173Sublime

The Usb-modeswitch of android--4.2-3g Transplant (II.)

Tags: usb-modeswitch serial-option mk Vold 3gIn the Libusb (a) of the former android--4.2-3g transplant, there is a migration to the LIBUSB dynamic library, which is designed to usb-modeswitch the service.The role of Usb-modeswitch is to convert USB-

MySQL Injection

Label:SQL injection Tutorial by Marezzi (mysql) SQL injection Tutorial by Marezzi (MySQL)In this tutorial I'll describe how the SQL injection works and how to for this tutorial, I'll show you how SQL injection works and howUse the it to get some

Do it yourself and write a json2xml gadget

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Project Address: Json2xml What is ANTLR ANTLR (another tool for Language recognition) is a powerful parser generation tool that can be used to read, process, execute,

Serial Wire Viewer (SWV)

Label:Being able to display values for counters, sensors and other debugging information are an important part of software Develo  Pment for microcontrollers. Writing software for PCs are much easier in this regard as there are already a

Seventh day of Python cultivation

Tagged with: deb MD5 return IGP dump named delattr cultivation SetAttrThe seventh day object-oriented advanced, object-oriented programming understanding is still somewhat difficult, but I think if you figure out, it is much easier to program

transduction Artifact Assistor PS (PS external artifact, pro-license free of charge, the following is the use of the reproduced method)

Label:Basic IntroductionUnlike other graph marking software, Assistor PS is completely independent of the PS itself, said to be a more suitable plug-in, designed to improve the efficiency and speed of the cut graph mark. Although not a plug-in, but

PLC: Learning Note (Siemens) 2

Label:Traditional industrial control systems: relays-CONTACTOR PLC (Programmable logic Controller)PLC Features:1, high reliability of the PLC (software to replace complex lines, anti-jamming CPU, power supply using multistage filtering and

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