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JS implementation of Base64 encryption, MD5 encryption and SHA1 encryption detailed _javascript skills

The example of this paper describes the Base64 encryption, MD5 encryption and SHA1 encryption implemented by JS. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: 1, Base64 encryption The Base64.js file is introduced into the page, and

Details about the example of encoding and conversion in python

During daily penetration, vulnerability mining, and even CTF competitions, various encodings are often accompanied by various conversions between these encodings. The following article mainly introduces the useful information for encoding and

PHP Security Programming recommendations

Brief introduction To provide Internet services, you must always maintain a sense of security when developing your code. Probably most PHP scripts don't care about security, largely because there are a lot of inexperienced programmers using the

PHP Security Programming Recommendations (rpm)

Transfer from http://www.codeceo.com/article/php-safe-programming.html, get more information please visit the originalBrief introductionTo provide Internet services, you must always maintain a sense of security when developing your Code. Probably

Magical Python Encoding Conversion

Turn from I spring and autumnArticle Difficulty degree: ★Knowledge points: Python, encoding conversionObjectiveIn daily infiltration, vulnerability mining, and even CTF competitions, you will encounter various encodings, often accompanied by various

Summary of common password-solving websites in CTF

0x00. SynthesisThe Web site contains most of the encoded decoding. http://web2hack.org/xssee/https://www.sojson.com/http://web.chacuo.net/0x01. Text in reverse orderhttp://www.qqxiuzi.cn/zh/daoxu/0X02.CMD5

Experimental bar web question (26/26) Full writeup! Super Detail:)

#简单的SQL注入http://www.shiyanbar.com/ctf/18751) Try to id=1, no errors.2) Try to id=1 ', error, there is echo, indicating that there are injection points:You have a error in your SQL syntax; Check the manual-corresponds to your MySQL server version for

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