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How can I set the Apache server to hide html source code?

How can I set the Apache server to hide html source code? Http://docs.php.net/manual/zh/intro-whatis.php You can even set the web server to allow PHP to process all HTML files, so that the user cannot know what the server has done. Problem: 1.

HTML uses JSP annotations to hide HTML annotations in source code, extending to ASP and PHP

We all know that the use of annotations in HTML is Although the HTML page has been agreed in advance to write the HTML code is public, the front end is the front end, the front end is not worth the money, but, these HTML comments directly in the

Jquery show () and hide () Let the elements move

In jquery, I can directly use show () and hide () to display and hide elements. This is easier than the operations in js. At the same time, show () and hide () you can also set parameters so that our operation has a cache effect. I will introduce it

The performance test of jquery various show/hide ways

This article is a performance test of jquery's various show/hide methods. The authors tested the phrase from Robert Duffy's jquery conference at San Francisco: ". Hide () and. Show () are slower to execute than direct changes to CSS." But the author

jquery Show () and hide () Let the elements move

Basic usage Show () methodShows the hidden elements. The code is as follows Copy Code $ (". Btn2"). Click (function () {$ ("P"). Show ();}); Hide () hides the visible elements: The code is as

Apache server to set up, you can hide HTML source code content

Apache server How to set up, you can hide HTML source code content? http://docs.php.net/manual/zh/intro-whatis.php You can even set the Web server to allow PHP to handle all the HTML files, so that UserThere is no way to know what the server has

JSP syntax (1)--html Annotation hide Annotation Declaration Expression scriptlet page instruction taglib instruction __html

HTML annotation Displays a comment on the client. JSP syntax ]--> Example 1 Generate the same data as above in the client's HTML source code: Example 2 --> Displayed in the client's HTML source code as: Describe This annotation is similar to HTML

Angularjs HTML Event (ng-click,ng-hide,ng-show)

Ng-click: Click events,Ng-hide: Controls whether a section element is hidden, true hides false displayNg-show: Controls whether an element is displayed, true shows false hiddenRefer to Page:

CSS controls Div display/hide and compares the original code using two methods

Display and visibility in CSS Display and visibility syntaxes In css. They can both hide and display HTML elements. They are similar, so many people may make mistakes.Their attributes are as follows: Display: None | block;Display: none; hide the

Hide PHP version and Apache version method summary _php Tutorial

Today found using webmaster tools or some related tools can directly see the server using the PHP version number and the Apache version number, this is not safe for the site, if there are problems with these versions of some people can directly take

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