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tips/tricks#5: Using URL rewriting to hide complex URLs

Note: This series records the problems encountered in my actual development and collects some tips articles.This tips and tricks record is: Using URL rewrite to hide complex URLs, very simple tricks, I believe we all know.This scene is too common,

How to implement and use URL rewriting in ASP. NET)

Flexible URL rewriting can increase the availability and professionalism of your website. This is also an important factor in helping websites better be indexed by search engines. In this article Article In, I will show you how to easily implement

Using URL rewriting to hide complex URLs

First step: Simulate the Mapping pageWe want to click on the guid.html link on one page to jump to the guid_{492f3e0b-848e-11da-9550-00e08161165f}.html page of the complex URL. That is, define a map that hides the actual URL and maps it to a URL

URL rewriting: Rewritecond instruction and Rewriterule instruction format

Rewirte basic function is to implement the URL of the jump and hide the real address, based on the Perl language of the canonical table specification. Usually help us achieve quasi-static, quasi-folder, domain name jump, prevent hotlinking and so on.

Change the URL of a link

Demand, a link PC is customer service, mobile is the phone number;Idea 1: If a link is a page only one, write two sets. Do the show and hide it.Idea 2: If a link has a lot of pages, is the promotion page, only a set of code to implement the PC and

The "BZOJ1095" "ZJOI2007" Hide hide-and-seek segment tree maintains the compression of the parentheses sequence data structure.

Link:#include int main(){ puts("转载请注明出处[vmurder]谢谢"); puts("网址:blog.csdn.net/vmurder/article/details/44829703");}ExercisesFirst of all because the problem is so divine that I actually do not have this problem, so I might as well introduce the

8 URL shortened web site services

"Transferred from" http://luoyejie.cn/view.php?tid=8&id=349 Usually Twitter and other micro-blog words are limited to 140 words, so we share the longer URL links to the time we need to shorten it, using the URL to shorten the service you can also

PHP development framework YiiFramework tutorial (5) URL management

In the previous concise YiiFramework development tutorial (4) Hangman guessed word game instances skipped several issues. The first was the configuration file main. the URLManager of php, the base class CComponent of Controller, and the CHtml help

Html__post and get Difference "URL"

The difference between get and post:There are 5 differences between get and post methods in form submission.1.get is the data that is fetched from the server, and post is the data sent to the server.2.get is to add the parameter data queue to the

PHP Scan URL dead link

* Search for required packages from packagisthttps://packagist.org/* Download dependent packages via composerComposer require guzzlehttp/guzzlecomposer require league/csv  * Using composer Autoloader, write scan.phprequest (' GET ', $url, $options);

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