hierarchy of mathematical operations

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Mathematical Foundations and auxiliary classes of Unity3d Mathematics

Reprint Annotated smartdot:http://my.oschina.net/u/243648/blog/671931. Mathematics (point multiplication/fork multiplication)/unity3d Mathematics Auxiliary class2. Coordinate system (local/world/screen)3. Unity3d Execution Process4. Calculate the

C # Programmer's Scala path Nineth (Scala's hierarchy)

Class level for 1.ScalaThe top of the class in Scala is any class that inherits any classes, and any includes the following common methods:Final def == =(That:any): Boolean def equals (That:any): Boolean def hashcode:int def tostring:string2

Basic software development knowledge

Basic knowledge of Software Development Han huijian I. Concept of software 1Software:Is a part of computer systems that is mutually dependent on hardware. It includes a complete set of programs, data, and related documents. Where Program-a

Summary of the eighth cycle of the Design foundation of information security system

Chapter1 Key Knowledge Review outline one, WEEK21. Learning Objectives① can install the Linux operating system independently ② can skillfully use the basic commands of the Linux system ③ skilled use of Linux User management commands/system-related

11 principles of object-oriented design

11 principles of object-oriented design Single Duty principle (the Responsibility Principle , abbreviation SRP ) Open-Close principle (the Open-close Principle , abbreviated as OCP ) Liskov Replacement principle (the Liskov Substitution ,

Object-Oriented Analysis

Object-oriented directory I. Problems with traditional development methods Ii. Basic object-oriented concepts 3. Object-oriented features Iv. Object-oriented Elements V. object-oriented model Vi. Object-Oriented Analysis VII. Object-oriented Design 8

Database Principles and Applications

4. What are the categories of computers? What are their characteristics?Traditionally, there are three types: Large hosts, minicomputers, and minicomputers. Large hosts are generally high-performance parallel processing systems with large storage

A detailed description of Python parsing tree and tree traversal

This article is to introduce the Python implementation of the parse tree and the implementation of the two-fork tree three kinds of traversal, the first sequence traversal, the sequence traversal, post-order traversal example, very detailed, the

Some Understandings of Scheme (1)

I recently took the time to read this film, and relived the movie "matrix of the hacker ".ProgramInspired by the design, I want to give a simple explanation of scheme and its position in programming languages before talking about it. lisp is a very

Bjarne stroustrup's advice to C ++ programmers

The C ++ programming language (Special Edition. Chapter 1 to readers[1] When writing a program, you are creating a specific idea for your solution to a problem. . Let the program structure reflect these ideas as directly as possible:[A] If you can

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