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Entertainment on 2nd days -- PHP dice game -- Optimization

In the previous article about the PHP version of dice game, see this), the implementation of the for Loop is obviously very low in efficiency under high concurrency. The following are the optimization results. If you have a better method, I hope you will not be enlightened! /** * Description of

Be an attitude programmer-talk about the high and low levels of language and the framework

, will think this sentence is correct?Landlord is really more thinking, very good at thinking, it is worth learning The frame is not good or bad, the key is to fitDo not know how many people see the time, will think this sentence is correct?Landlord is really more thinking, very good at thinking, it is worth learning The main thing is that I often see this "right speech," and the speaker doesn't know it's astray. So I stood up and made some different noises. The frame has

Fast query of low-cost Game Development SDK status

interface can be customized through XML and script with comprehensive functions. Ogre also adopted cegui and abandoned its original GUI system. Like many open-source products, You have to modify the source code in Chinese. [Lua]An open-source scripting language and engine is also the most widely used scripting language in the game industry. Originally designed to describe game data, the data presentation c

Go all the way-from high-level languages to low-level languages

"All the way-from high-level language to low-level language " born in 90 , I am very ordinary, in school is not what genius, has always been a very general academic performance. When I was a kid, I was just passionate about games,from the moment of contact to the FC console, I became a FC game up people, as long as I played the FC level

Introduction to high and low in memory addresses and registers

We can assume thatThe memory table is a piece of paper. When I enter aData at the time,Software will open up a memory for usAddress, where the data is stored in the memory table, as this is where the data is written to this address: 0040339C.Our understanding of the high and low memory tables can be done here is a blank sheet of paper. We take each space as a position, starting from the 0~1000 count, writte

What should I do if the number of computer game frames is low fps?

The solution to the low number of computer frames is as follows:1. First, do not overclock the computer, save the recommended stable operation of the system, and then try to lower the level of adjustable component parameters, including the cpu, memory, and motherboard bus frequency, this topic is generally described in detail in the motherboard manual for purchasing a computer.2. The heat dissipation and temperature of computer components such as cpu,

Horns----The life and death of the trend line after high throw and low suction

is still to be seen, can be high throw down to do T, is not a good time to open a position.4, today's Operation summaryToday took the new game shares to do a t,7000 shares in 10.82 sold, and then in the end of the 10.58 back, reducing the position cost, in the end of the plate, did not pay attention to the 30-minute candlestick chart, the end of the new game sha

Design of a high performance network game server architecture

can lead to negative effects: how to avoid a traffic bottleneck in a high-load situation for a gateway server, and an issue where a single-node failure of a gateway can prevent an entire set of servers from being serviced externally. The above two problems can be solved by "multi-gateway" technology. As the name implies, "multi-gateway" is the existence of multiple gateway servers, such as a group of servers can be configured three gamegate. When the

Price/performance E3 exclusive high-end game installed configuration scheme

the radiator scheme, which is cheaper than the direct purchase of the box province, suitable for the user to focus on cost-effective adoption. Gigabyte GTX1060 G1 Gaming gaming Graphics Graphics, the configuration of small and medium-sized is recommended for everyone is gigabyte GTX1060 G1 gaming game-level independent video card, this year's sweet grade new game graphics card, the main frequ

"Daily Learning" "Interval dp+ high-precision" codevs1166 matrix number Game

; can be omitted { a[1]+=b; int i=1; while (A[i]>=base) { a[i+1]+=a[i]/base; A[i]%=base; i++; } if (a[a[0]+1]) a[0]++; return *this; }And, in fact, it doesn't need to b direct const to transmit numbers (Guangrao ben).Here also to add a small problem, by wyw god Ben Friendship Answer:Finally, why add a const?A: You need to use the STL to add a const. This is only to be compatible with some STL, and the Cons

High-end game host configuration List 5555 won i7 4790+gtx970 machine

Here is the set of high-performance, cost-effective game host configuration list: Accessories Model Price Cpu Intel i7 4790 1800 Radiator Kyushu Ice Intelligent version 79 Motherboard MSI Z97 PC Mate 699 Memory Kingston Hacker God strip 8G 419 Hard disk Granville 128G Solid (or 1T mechanical hard dri

DX12 CPU requirements High CPU on DX12 game performance impact

the WIN10 built in DX12 is good for the gaming experience, but the high version of DX also puts a higher demand on CPUs and graphics cards. Microsoft's DirectX has gone through 12 versions, whether it's hardware or games, and has changed dramatically, and advanced technology has brought us a better gaming experience. Is DX12 CPU demanding? The effect of the old driver's CPU on DX12 game

Electric Game Summary (ii)--AD chip summary of high-speed AD9224

First, the characteristic parameter1, 12-bit high-speed ad 2, high-speed ad chip up to 40MSPS 3. Low noise Second, Chip pin diagram Three, the PIN function description Pin Name Function Class Reference Clock Input Bit12-1 Data output (1 is low, 12 is

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