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How to configure and use the headset microphone on the Apple iphone and the microphone to turn on the noise reduction function on the desktop

, first click "Update Driver" → Click "Browse My Computer to find driver software (R)" → Then click "Let me choose from the list of available drivers on my Computer (L)" → "Select the device driver to install for this hardware". Such as:The final result is the effect of the following two images:① Guarantee Driver is Realtek high Definition Audio. ② Control Panel of the Realtek that Audio manager, disappeared. Proving that the default is to configure t

High-resolution and high-quality Japanese food ingredients Gallery

If you have filmed food, it is not difficult to find that photography is very difficult, especially when the light is insufficient or messy background, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect, usually the food after the shooting does not look very tasty, but also very attractive. Recently found a free library of Japan, with the previous introduction of the gallery site, the collection of pictures mainly in the material and food, anyone without registration can download

C # generates high-quality thumbnail programs-The ultimate algorithm _ Practical skills

First look at the code: Using System; Using System.Drawing; Using System.Drawing.Imaging; Using System.Drawing.Drawing2D; /**/////// * * Generate high-quality thumbnail programs * * /// File:GenerateThumbnail.cs /// Author: Zhou Zhenxing (Zxjay drifting away) /// E-mail:tda7264@163.com /// date:07-04-07 /// public class Generatethumbnail ... { /**////Generating thumbnail static methods Note: The extension m

How to get high-quality scanned images

The scanning process is always simple, but to get high-quality scanned images involves too many variables, because the color desktop system itself is open. Combined with the long-time use of easy-to-beat document camera experience, think to get the perfect scan image, the image quality control is very important, and th

C # generate a high-quality thumbnail Program-Ultimate Algorithm

First look at the Code: Using System; Using System. Drawing; Using System. Drawing. Imaging; Using System. Drawing. Drawing2D; /** // /// /// ** Generate a high-quality thumbnail program ** /// /// File: GenerateThumbnail. cs /// /// Author: Zhou Zhenxing (Zxjay Piao) /// // E-Mail: tda7264@163.com /// /// Date: 07-04-07 /// /// Public class GenerateThumbnail ...{ /** // /// Static method for generating thu

How do I convert a DWG format drawing file into a high-quality PDF file in a CAD converter?

How do I convert a DWG format drawing file into a high-quality PDF file in a CAD converter? When editing CAD drawings in the editor, the edits are basically in DWG format, but this does not take advantage of our view, so sometimes we have to convert the DWG format drawing file into a PDF file. But how to convert a DWG format drawing file into a high-

Using Nero to burn a high quality music CD The Nero Burn CD tutorial

We first download a Nero 9 Chinese version, to install. Before burning a CD we first have to prepare the music that needs to be burned, recommend MP3 format, high quality MP3 is good. You can also select the WAV format, we chose the ape format of the music, ape format for Lossless music format, is the highest quality computer music format, this kind

30 high-quality and free Android icons [Android Icon material]

Sometimes you may not like the Default Application icons, instead of some personalized icons. In fact, it is possible for Android users to change the desktop icon. You only need some applications such as LauncherPro, GO Launcher EX, Apex Launcher, and Nova Launcher to help you replace the icons. There are a lot of icons on the Internet for you to choose and select, but they are too scattered. It may not be easy to find the one you like. In this articl

"AIMP3" recommended a high-quality music player under windows

://vdisk.weibo.com/s/dURvnHzO5Mdm (go to the direct download after you do not control the pop-up ads can not login)Unzip----> Double-click install----> Simplified Chinese----> Next----> Accept----> select only the top 2----> Next----> tick (with 3.6+ option) The folder path is the installation folder for the AIMP3 (the software will be associated with lyrics if the executable file cannot be found)----Install (this installation path is as personal as you wish)A very important step.In the AIMP3 i

Teach you to record high-definition desktop videos and post them on Youku

Teach you to record high-definition desktop videos and post them on YoukuShaofaDate: 2015/3/19This article explains how to record a desktop instructional video and post it to Youku in HD/Hyper-clear mode. The author often publishes the teaching video, has the thorough experience, everybody this article step operation, certainly can succeed. Here's a sample of the

Writing high-quality code: 151 suggestions for improving Java programs (Chapter 1: arrays and collections ___ suggestion 60 ~ 64), java151

Writing high-quality code: 151 suggestions for improving Java programs (Chapter 1: arrays and collections ___ suggestion 60 ~ 64), java151 Oh, it understands that the river is neither as shallow nor as deep as the squirrel said. You can only know it if you have tried it yourself. --- Fable story: crossing the river by pony Data processing is a required function in each language. Java is even worse. data set

Reprint-Write high-quality code: 151 Suggestions for improving Java programs (5th: Arrays and Collections ___ recommendation 60~64)

the set can be automatically sorted, with the following code:1 public static int Getsecond (integer[] data) {2 //Convert to List 3 listRemove the repeating elements and arrange in ascending order, which is implemented by the TreeSet class, and then use the lower method to find the value less than the maximum value, you see, the above program is very simple? What if we were writing our own code? At least two times to calculate the value of the second, code complexity will be grea

Forge high-quality products against Apple

around the world: in the next two years, the task we are facing is to increase the Linux Desktop (User) experience to a new level, it cannot satisfy the stability and robustness of performance, but must be created like an art ). He said: "CanWe not only emulate, but can we blow right pastApple ?" (That is, can we not only imitate, but surpass apple ?) MarkShuttleworth believes that actual innovation comes from people around the core of the project, n

High-quality projects-Bootstrap2 front-end framework and-bootstrap2 front-end framework

High-quality projects-Bootstrap2 front-end framework and-bootstrap2 front-end framework Bootstrap introduction. Do I need to find N reasons for falling in love with Bootstrap? In front of you.Everyone is me, and everyone is me. Created by @ mdo and @ fat when working on Twitter, Bootstrap uses less css and uses Node to compile and host it on GitHub, so that you can use this framework to build better web

Programming Essence-writing high-quality C language code (6): Tracking the program by article

AND operator, so even if the expression left is false, the right will still run (now access to the null pointer will also cause an error, but the author's book says that there is no error in the desktop system at the time). There are two ways to solve this problem: the first is when we track the program one by one, just step into and | | When the conforming operator is used, the debugger command displays the results of each comparison in the condit

Win7 desktop wallpaper exposure too high impact icon what to do? Pro-Test practical solutions

Now with the Win7 system people should still quite a lot of it, although the Windows family has been upgraded to the current win11, I believe most of the computer system is still win7 it, today is to talk about a wallpaper exposure through high resolution, although it is not clear why, But this method can solve the problem. Because there is basically no such problem to see the solution, so share the following!This is going to start early this morning

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