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Python Crawl Weather Network historical weather data

My first blog, hahaha, record my python's way to the next step!Today, I wrote a simple reptile.Using Python's requests and beautifulsoup modules, Python 2.7.12 can use PIP for module installation directly on the command line. The core of the crawler is to use BeautifulSoup's SELECT statement to obtain the required information.install requestspip install bs4Take Wuhan 2017 5 ~ July history as an example crawl histo

Python Crawl Weather Network historical weather data

Using Python's requests and beautifulsoup modules, Python 2.7.12 can use PIP for module installation directly on the command line. The core of the crawler is to use BeautifulSoup's SELECT statement to obtain the required information.install requestspip install bs4Take Wuhan 2017 5 ~ July history as an example crawl historical weather data of Wuhan in the

Python Read Yahoo weather API get weather conditions in Beijing

The code is as follows: #!/usr/bin/envpython#coding=utf-8importurllib2importxml.dom.minidomtry: url= "http://weather.yahooapis.com/forecastrss?u=cw=2151330" request =urllib2. Request (URL) response=urllib2.urlopen (request) print "Getingdatafromyahooapis ..." data=response.read () #print datadom=xml.dom.minidom.parsestring ( Data) root=dom.documentElementlocation= Root.getelementsbytagname (' yweather:location ') city=location[0]. GetAttribute ("City") weather_conditions=root.getelementsbytagn

Python invokes the public API of China Weather Network to get weather information

There is nothing to do to get the weather API, roughly checked, the domestic relatively good or Chinese weather Network (China Meteorological station), the portal has Sina and Tencent (search), other some small sites worry about instability, so no use. The simplest script. Send a request to get JSON and parse it and simply output it to the screen. This is only

Use Python to call and wind weather API to query current weather information

Wind Weather website: https://www.heweather.com/After registration there will be a personal authentication key in the consoleAPI Help Documentation: HTTPS://WWW.HEWEATHER.COM/DOCUMENTS/API/V5#!/usr/bin/python#-*-coding:utf-8-*-#调用和风天气API查询当前天气信息 #2017/07/12import jsonimport urllib2import oscity= ' Beijing ' # keykey= '

Python's way to get the weather from the Baidu API _python

This example describes Python's approach to getting the weather from the Baidu API. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation methods are as follows: Copy Code code as follows: __author__ = ' Saint ' Import OS Import Urllib.request Import Urllib.parse Import JSON Class Weather (object): # get the URI of the city code Code_uri =

How to obtain weather from Baidu API using Python

This article mainly introduces how to obtain weather information from Baidu API by using Python. The example analyzes the skills of using Python to operate Baidu API, which has some reference value, for more information about how to obtain

1. Historical Weather Enquiry Site-Preparation work

# development program. Although C # can also be used as a crawler tool, if there is time, then the small series will share with you a C # asynchronous programming crawler demo, but now also want to professional alignment.Less gossip, the following is the software I developed.1. Python 3.62. SQL ServerThe software can go to http://www.itellyou.cn/download3, PycharmIv. SummarySoftware tools require these three to be able.Small series of self-study for

China weather forecast Data API Collection

Weather forecast only for the day and the next few days of data interface, if you want to know the historical weather, I have not found OH.There are three weather data API interfaces for the Central Meteorological Bureau:1:http://www.weather.com.cn/data/sk/101010100.html[Mw_

Yahoo Weather API with Oauth1

Yahoo has reopened the weather API, and can only get 2000/IP per day without using OAuth The Python code that uses OAuth to get the weather is as follows, using Requests_oauthlib for authentication Use OAuth to get the weather for 2w times per hour, 10w times a day. Please

How programming language is placed into the weather forecast interface API

Weather forecast interface in the Web page application of many, generally in the Discuz website open backstage can be added, but how to implement the programming language?can apply to SMARTWEATHERAPI weather the use of the interface, began to start my real-time weather forecast system development, the main development of the version using a

Crawler learning-Using the Baidu API---weather

#coding: Utf-8#version: 0.1#note: The API can query the air Quality index of a designated city, but the number of cities is limited, as of March 26, 2015, can only be found in 161 cities nationwide.Import Urllib.requestImport JSONImport CollectionsImport Urllib.parseurl = "Http://apistore.baidu.com/microservice/aqi?city="City = input ("Enter the cities you want to query:")City = Urllib.parse.quote (city)url = url + city #完整的URLresult = Urllib.request.

Use Python to get the current weather conditions in each city

This project, made for several days, mainly in the Tkinter GUI interface has been stuck, in the online material is not much, and finally directly give up a little more complex things, directly to do a simple point of the interface.Program function:1, can query the weather situation and display time of different cities, every 60 seconds to refresh the weather situation,2, you can freely choose the city, choo

The voice weather forecast written by python

Recently I have been lazy, but I feel sorry for the long time. Friends Study Raspberry Pi, help him write a voice weather forecast program a few days ago. Let me use the number.#coding =utf-8Import Urllib2,json,subprocess,time"' Get weather data, interface documentation using cloud-gathered data interfaces:Real-time Weather interface: HTTP://WWW.36WU.COM/SERVICE/

A simple Python weather forecast

, understand the English of all see the Cityid is the city id,temp is the temperature, SD is humidity, we get these three information, other similar4, writing codeVI tianqi.py#!/usr/bin/python #这里是python的目录import requests #引用requests模块r=requests.Get('http://www.weather.com.cn/data/sk/101051301.html') #获取r. Encoding='Utf-8'#编码print"City :"+ R.json () ['Weatherinfo'][' City'],"\nwendu:"+r.json () ['Weatherinf

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