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16. How does the app backend ensure communication security-url signature, 16. app-url

16. How does the app backend ensure communication security-url signature, 16. app-urlDuring the communication between the app and the backend, api requests may be intercepted or accidentally leaked. So how can we ensure the security of api requests? In this article, we will introduce a common method to ensure the security of api requests-url signature.1. url Sign

About Hybrid App development and hybrid App development

About Hybrid App development and hybrid App development I. Concepts Hybrid App development, as its name implies, is a development model. It refers to the development of an App. Some features are built using native and some functions are built using html5. The English name is Hybrid

What is the difference between pure HTML5 app and native app?

What is the difference between pure HTML5 app and native app?Wrote some pure H5 app, although the development is really very comfortable, but compared with the original pure H5app still have a lot of problems, mainly gathered in the following aspects:1. AnimationThere are many kinds of animations, such as the slide-out of the sidebar menu, the response animation

. NET Language app development platform--smobiler Learning log: Adding Weixin components to your app

Front: Smobiler is a development platform that uses. NET language to develop apps in the VS environment, perhaps more convenient than XamarinControl descriptionWeixin components.Effect Demo1. Share your friends2. Share a circle of friends Figure 1 Figure 2 Method Method Method Description Registerapp App registration (you only need to register once).

H5 page App app Jump Quest

Many do web development must have encountered this requirement: Click a link or button, if installed application, use the application to open; When not installed, IOS jump App Store Download, Android download APK package directly. It took a long time to do the reading of the daily newspaper, but after IOS 9 was released, the scheme failed again, and it took me a couple of hours. First to do a popular science, browsers are not aware of the applicatio

Web App Design: Interactive design of web App

Article Description: Google Web App Development Guide Chapter II: Interactive design. First grasp the basics Borrow a legend from the basketball world, before you do anything, you have to "first master the basics." This is Boston Celtic basketball legend Larry Bird, who is also a web app enthusiast. All great web apps must have a clear point of concentration. Related reading: An excellent examp

App development combat 117-app picture optimization

30.1APP Size Optimization 30.1.1 Picture Optimization 1 try to use the Android and iOS system to bring the picture, the system does not have the picture, only pre-placed in the app. 2 reduce the number of preset pictures, such as Androidapp can only preset a set of xhdpi density pictures, only the individual small icons, such as desktop icon, each density of the preset one. The IOS app only presets 2X an

App launch page (ii)----Four app launch page design

First app launch page design: Flat methodA simple and crude technique. Simple solid color or geometric stereoscopic background + advertising language +icon, but also suitable for the style trend of today's design.The extension of the scheme is to add loading animations or transition animations.The second app launch page design: Combination methodAccording to the industry background to design, select the ind

App Icon Design tips: Get a real-world preview of app icons on iOS

Strictly speaking, this is not an article on front-end development, because the knowledge involved is very shallow. It's just a little experience to share with the design lions, but there are some front-end content.Recently received a reverse telecommuting, learned that a start-up company is a high-priced logo (mainly used for app icon), I have submitted a trial, the results are really selected, I think far beyond the value of the logo of the prize (i

Android 5.0 Default SMS app and carrier licensed SMS app

Aside from: Bo friends have no easy to write blog client recommended Ah, Cnblogs recommended Windows Live writer and word have tried, are not very good, local look can also, but published out of the layout is not so good-looking.Business:The reception of SMS messages in Android is a process like this:The bottom of the first text message to FW,FW processing, the text message will be broadcast through the form of intent broadcast, and registered to receive SMS broadcast

System APP and common APP analysis, systemapp Analysis

System APP and common APP analysis, systemapp Analysis In the Android system, there are two types of apps. One is system-level apps, such as making phone calls, sending text messages, taking photos, etc. The most obvious characteristic of these apps is that normal methods cannot be uninstalled. The other is a common App. Users can download apps that are manuall

Most detailed iOS app release App Store listing process

On-shelf iOS requires a paid developer account, not yet a single application or loan.Application Developer Account IntroductionThe listing process is divided into seven steps, step by step.Look at this process carefully, less go a lot of detours, do not step by step to test the wrong, prompt efficiency.1. Create an App ID (app IDs)2. Application for issuing certificate3. Application Release Profile4. Upload

Prevent tweak attachment, app has a clever idea; hack app protection, tweak final touches

It is believed that most appstore developers will have a lot more understanding of iOS development after they have read iOS app reverse engineering 9. One into the wasted deep like the sea, the appearance of tweak let a variety of naked run the author of the app instantly kneeling, his app was played in the palm between the inside of the cow face: cry:However, th

01_android app development Environment _05_ signed Android app

Background: The Android project is uniquely identified with his package, and if two apps with the same package name are installed on a single device, the post-install app overwrites the previously installed app. Objective: To avoid coverage, Android requires that the app be signed as a finished product. Role: Determine the publisher identity. Ensure

Android app security check platform, love encryption app secure encryption!

Early June 2014, love encryption high-profile launch free automated app security detection platform, which is the first automated app security detection platform, is also love encryption launched a heavy product. As the first free automated app security testing platform, the entire Internet industry, including the mobile internet industry has not such a service p

Android Silent install app create a phone desktop icon and click on the icon to install a new app

When a user installs an app, the app's developers, if they're confident enough or for some other reason, want users to be able to install their own other apps to try, so they can get more users and make the web bigger. So it's easy to understand why many times we have installed a news app, But the mobile desktop has a game market app icon, and then we click on th

The difference between Android Tv app and mobile app interface

one of the company's projects is the Android TV's Xie Pian daily Summary:the difference between Android TV app rendering UI and mobile appThe main differences between Android TV app and mobile app are in performance form1, focus on the movement of the processingIt is clear from the code that there is a focus-fetching process everywhere, which is not needed by mob

WeChat mini-app LOL hero introduction development instance, mini-app lol

Mini-app LOL hero introduces development instances, mini-app lol Recently, the small program is hot, just like the price in Chengdu. I tried it yesterday and made a list of my heroes. Today, I recorded my production process here. 1. Download Developer Tools Official website link: T = 1475052055364. you can install it by default after the down

Ios-app publishing process to app-store

Ios-app publishing process to app-store The first attempt is a complicated process. 1. First, you need an apple developer account to log on to the background. You need to create a publisher certificate. You can see that I have created a developer certificate. below is the newly created publishing certificate. The procedure is as follows: VcD4KPHA + CrTyv6ptYWO1xNS/s9e0rrncwO2jrDwvcD4KPHA + CjxpbWcgc3

How to distribute iOS app to device or app store or testflig

Prepare Provisioning profile: Keychain Access --> Certificate Assistant --> Request a Certificate from a Certificate Authority --> input email address (App ID), saved to disk. sign in --> iOS Provisioning Portal --> Certificates --> Request Certificate --> input the certificate you saved to disk --> Submit. (Administrator will approve it .) from the email you input in keychain access, click the invitation code, and you will

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