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Ubuntu+django+nginx+uwsgi Ubuntu python django Ubuntu installs Django Ubuntu Django mysq

1. Install Pip sudo apt-get install Python-pip 2. Install Django and create the project Pip Install django==1.9.2django-admin.py Startproject MySite CD MySite 3, Installation Python2.7-dev sudo apt-get install Python2.7-dev 4, Installation Uwsig sudo python2.7-m pip install Uwsgi 5. Then go to the directory to find the created project Create test.py # test.pyDEF application (env, Start_response):Start_response (' K OK ', [(' Content-type ', ' text/html ')])return [B "Hello World"] #

04. Run the kvm command line in ubuntu to install 64-bit ubuntu. & quot; Couldn & #39; t find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree. & quot;, kvmhvm

04. Run the kvm command line in ubuntu to install 64-bit ubuntu and report "Couldn't find hvm kernel for Ubuntu tree.", kvmhvm 1. The configuration of virt-install used for ubuntu installation: virt-install \--name test4 \--ram 1024 \--disk path=/data/01_ubuntu/ubuntu4.img,size=6 \--vcpus 1 \--hvm \--os-type linux \--n

04.ubuntu under KVM command line installs 64-bit Ubuntu newspaper "couldn ' t find HVM kernel for Ubuntu tree." The problem

1. Configuration of the Virt-install used when installing Ubuntu:Virt-install \\1024x768 \path=/data/01_ubuntu/ubuntu4.img,size=6 \1 \ \--os-type linux \--network network=default \\--console Pty, target_type=serial \/data/00_osfile/ubuntu-16.04.1-server-amd64.iso \--extra-args ' Console=TTYS0,115200N8 serial 'The error is as follows:ERROR couldn ' t find HVM kernel for Ubuntu tree. not appear to has been

Ubuntu under the KVM command line install 64-bit Ubuntu newspaper "couldn ' t find HVM kernel for the Ubuntu tree." The problem analysis _linux

1. The Virt-install configuration used when installing Ubuntu: Virt-install \ --name test4 \ --ram 1024 \ --disk path=/data/01_ubuntu/ubuntu4.img,size=6 \ --vcpus 1 \ --HVM \ --os-type linux \ --network network=default \--os-variant ubuntuquantal \ --graphics None \ --console pty,target_type=serial \ --location/data/00_osfile/ubuntu-16.04.1-server-amd64.iso \ --extra-args ' CONSOLE=TTYS0,115200N8 se

[Ubuntu] developed on Ubuntu day----win7 Ubuntu dual system

Boy finally can not endure win7 some egg pain set, see a lot of Daniel recommended Mac, but money tight, had to push and beg second use Ubuntu, but because the company working environment is windows, so also must keep Windows system, once decided dual system.Download Ubuntu image, use EASYBCD boot hard drive installation, these do not say, online tutorials abound.Tell me about the difficulties I encountered

Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu, Ubuntu

Ubuntu 16.04, Ubuntu, Ubuntu When I used Ubuntu 14.04, I downloaded the official deb installation package of youdao dictionary and installed it. Now I can't install Ubuntu 16.04 because of some dependency problems. As a result, Google successfully solved the problem and bec

Install the sogou Input Method on ubuntu (ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu 16.04), 14.04ubuntu16.04

Install the sogou Input Method on ubuntu (ubuntu 14.04, ubuntu 16.04), 14.04ubuntu16.04 This method is applicable to ubuntu 14.04 and ubuntu. 1. Download the deb installation package for sogou Input Method : Http://pinyin.sogou.com/linux? R = pinyin 2. Install sogou inp

Reproduced Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux (i): Pre-installation for Ubuntu Linux

Reprinted from http://terrychen.info/ubuntu-linux-beginners-guide-ubuntu-linux-installation-preparation/With the continuous improvement of Ubuntu Linux, the process of installing Ubuntu Linux now is not only simple but also fast. In my opinion, installing Ubuntu today is no

Ubuntu Mobile system currently supports devices and brushes Ubuntu OS into your device

for friends who want to brush MX4 mobile phones, you can update your software directly at the bottom of the article . The list of mobile phones supported by the Ubuntu mobile platform can be found at the following URLs: http://developer.ubuntu.com/start/ubuntu-for-devices/devices/ From this table, you can see the devices currently supported by the Ubuntu mobile p

Reproduced Introduction to Ubuntu Linux (iii): Familiar with Ubuntu Linux desktop environment

Reprinted from http://terrychen.info/ubuntu-linux-beginners-guide-getting-started-with-ubuntu-desktop/In the Ubuntu Linux Introduction (ii): Install Ubuntu Linux article, we have finished installing Ubuntu Linux, before we start to configure and use

Reproduced Introduction to Ubuntu Linux (iv): Ubuntu initial Setup

Reprinted from http://terrychen.info/ubuntu-linux-beginners-guide-finetuning-ubuntu/Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux (iii): Familiar with the Ubuntu Linux Desktop Environment article, we have a basic understanding of Ubuntu desktop environment, but to start using

Reproduced Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux (ii): Installing Ubuntu Linux

Reprinted from http://terrychen.info/ubuntu-linux-beginners-guide-ubuntu-installation/Getting Started with Ubuntu Linux (i): Before installing Ubuntu Linux, we've made the necessary preparations for installing Ubuntu Linux, and we're ready to start the formal installation pr

Ubuntu 14.04–how to install XRDP in Ubuntu 14.04

http://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=5305Hello World,Ubuntu 14.04 have been released on April 17th and we already released the traditional post about how To perform a fresh install. We didn ' t covered the upgrade process because it ' s quite easy nowadays. Basically, you'll be notified. A new version is available and you'll be asked if you want to upgrade to the latest Version.Some readers and Some of my colleagues has been asking for a post on XRDP functionali

Install Ubuntu Touch Simulator on Ubuntu

Canonical Company has released an Ubuntu touch simulator running Unity8 and Mir . Although there are some bugs, such as a system crash on a 64-bit system, we believe these will be repaired by one by one and this article will teach you how to install Ubuntu Touch Simulator on Ubuntu 14.04, 13.10 and 12.04. Since the installation instructions for the

Reproduced Ubuntu Linux Primer (v): Ubuntu usage Basics

Reprinted from http://terrychen.info/ubuntu-linux-beginners-guide-getting-to-know-and-work-with-ubuntu/In Ubuntu Linux Introduction (iv): Ubuntu Initial setup article, we have completed the basic configuration of Ubuntu, and now we will further learn some of the basic knowle

Ubuntu dual system installation tutorial and troubleshooting, ubuntu Dual System

Ubuntu dual system installation tutorial and troubleshooting, ubuntu Dual SystemPreparations for dual-system installation At least two USB flash drives are required. One is used as the ubuntu boot disk and the other is used as the windows 7 boot disk. The method can be rufus or UltraISO. We recommend the former. All images of the operating system are written into

Set static ip--how to set for Ubuntu in Ubuntu Server 16.04

Tags: find bee ima and alt red IDT share picture GateOriginal: http://www.configserverfirewall.com/ubuntu-linux/ubuntu-set-static-ip-address/-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How to set the static IP address in Ubuntu Server 16.04It is really important to know what to configure static IP address on

Ultra Ubuntu Super Ubuntu 2008.11

Super Ubuntu 2008.11 is based on Ubuntu 8.10, which is called "super" because it integrates a large number of standard Ubuntu 8.10 software, tools and applications, such as Super Ubuntu 2008.11 as Op Enoffice 3, which supports Microsoft 2007 's file format, integrates Mplayer, plays the most popular audio/video formats

Ubuntu tips-what to do after Ubuntu is installed

Many Windows users feel helpless when they start to use Ubuntu. Ubuntu is very different from Windows. It is not easy to manage Ubuntu easily. Ubuntu is used differently from Windows. Many users are unfamiliar with command line, file system layout, and application name. But don't worry. We will help you. If you used to

Install Ubuntu touch simulator on Ubuntu

Canonical has released a UbuntuTouch simulator running Unity8 and Mir. Although there are some bugs, such as 64-bit system crash, we believe these will be fixed one by one. This article will teach you how to execute Ubuntu, install the UbuntuTouch simulator on 13.10 and 12.04. Because the installation instructions of the current UbuntuTouch simulator have some changes compared with the original ones, please follow the instructions below to create Cano

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