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Olympus uses Oracle-hosted CRM to eliminate data problems

The leader in precision technology-Olympus America, which specifically created innovative Optical Digital Solutions for medical, life sciences, and consumer electronics, recently announced the deployment of Oracle-hosted CRM, provide comprehensive

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDK released!

Finally, you can download it. I also listed other official Microsoft links for crm4.0. I hope this will help: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 SDKThis package contains the complete software development kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0.Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM features

Features in Microsoft Dynamics CRM The following topics provide an overview of significant features andCapabilities of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. The features described are relatedSecurity, organization and business structure, the entity model, the

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Roadmap

• CRM mobile ExpressMicrosoft will launch the CRM mobile Express version, the online version, to support all HTML 4.0 compatible browsers, not just windowsMobile. Symbian, palm, RIM etc. This express can be used as long as the browser supports html4.

Microsoft CRM Guangzhou Special Customer Salon held successfully

Recently, the Guangzhou customer salon event hosted by techsun (tianzheng Computer Service Co., Ltd.) was successfully held in the SQL conference room of Microsoft China Co., Ltd., CITIC Plaza. In this salon, Director Huang chunbo introduced the

Let me briefly describe the design scheme for this CRM system.

Let me briefly describe the design scheme for this CRM system. I. Selection of development BasicsDevelopment basics include data access, monitoring and tracking, exception handling, logging, and common functions. Every system generally does not

One of the SaaS series: Introduction to the predecessor ASP of SaaS

1. IntroductionThe future will be increasingly unpredictable, which is one of the most challenging aspects of the new economy. Changes in business and technology are changing, either as a threat to be protected or as an opportunity to be welcomed.___

Corosync V2 + Pacemaker High-availability MARIADB service

High-availability clusters have a variety of solutions, such as the Keepalived program, and many more ways to implement a highly available cluster in the AIS family, the earlier Heartbeat,openais only as a reference model, and then the Cman that Red

. NET Framework class library

Class Library The. NET Framework class library is a library composed of classes, interfaces, and value types in the Microsoft. NET Framework SDK. This library provides access to system functions and serves as the basis for creating. NET Framework

C # namespace Daquan detailed tutorial

C # namespace Daquan detailed tutorialThe System namespace contains basic classes that define data types, events, and event handlers;The System.Data namespace contains namespaces and classes that provide data access capabilities;The System.IO

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