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How to optimize the data center Cabling System

Data center cabling systems are worth learning. We have been studying how to optimize data center cabling systems rationally, here we will mainly introduce the type and Implementation Guide of the data center cabling system, laying a solid

Case analysis of an IDC data Center Intelligent Cabling System

Objective2014, the global IDC market growth rate slightly increased, the overall market size reached 32.79 billion U.S. dollars, growth of 15.3%. The main driving force of its growth is from the Asia-Pacific region, where IT companies, internet

Data center design: Starting from an early age, continuous innovation

Data center design: Starting from an early age, continuous innovation Relying on the traditional three-tier data center network design, it is no longer possible to meet the needs of enterprises to maintain normal financial operation while

What is the real software-defined data center?

At present, IT infrastructure and its operations are increasingly complex, and people often adopt cloud computing and virtualization technology to meet a variety of business needs. Over the past 10 years, server virtualization has redeployed,

Five steps to build a data center with High Availability: Five data centers

Five steps to build a data center with High Availability: Five data centers High Availability is one of the most frequently used terms by storage professionals today. However, simply investing money and the latest technology in your company's data

Citrix Desktop Virtualization Solutions vs. VMware Desktop Virtualization Solutions

deliver virtual desktops for a variety of scenarios through XenDesktop and Flexcast problems with Enterprise desktops Providing a secure and efficient desktop environment for each user is a basic requirement for

Copper cabling in the data center remains dynamic

Copper cabling in the data center remains dynamic When it comes to data center Cabling Technology, optical fiber may have some advantages in speed and length, but copper cabling and interconnection are still very active. More importantly, copper

Technical solution for layer-2 interconnection between data centers

In traditional Data Center Server area network design, the L2 network is usually limited to the network convergence layer. By configuring VLANs for cross-aggregation switches, the L2 network can be extended to multiple access switches. This solution

Factors affecting data center hosting

Factors affecting data center hosting With the advent of the big data era, a large amount of data to be processed is migrated to cloud computing. Some may say that data center hosting will gradually die out. However, many experts in the technology

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