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CentOS 7.4--apache Application II, building web Hosting

DirectoryThe first part of the preparatory workSecond part installs Apache serviceThe third part constructs the port-based virtual hostPart IV build a domain-based virtual hostThe first part of the preparatory workOne: server: Linux system-centos 7.4

Registration and common features for IOS and Android test hosting platform as a professional IOS and Android Test Package Publishing site, registration super simple, support input URL direct download and QR code scan download. Features similar to TestFlight, but stronger than it, support for visitor access

The history of Internet advertising in China

Advertising | internet [From the web, Internet advertising originated in the United States in 1994.] October 14, the United States, the famous Wired magazine launched the network version of HotWired (, its homepage began to have

Analysis of the reasons for the decline in Baidu's most recent website rankings

I. The website has been revised on a large scale recently. is a result of a decrease in rankings this month. This change has changed from a narrow screen to a full screen, and the website path has also changed from the original

Build your own personal website quickly! Five Build station program

The development of the Internet to this time, if in order to build a simple website for a person to learn web design and production from scratch, it is really a waste of time, especially a single person.Below, recommend several one key to generate

How to play the role of corporate website, enhance corporate image

If an enterprise can stand out in the peer, it must have a beautifully designed corporate website. Enterprise website Timely Enterprise's second "face". Who would not like a clean, beautiful "face"? So, give full play to the advantages of corporate

From 0 to tens visits site architecture Evolution history

From 0 to tens visits site architecture Evolution historyRead it later.Architecture Evolution First step: Physically separate webserver and databasesAt first, because of some ideas, so on the internet to build a website, this time may even host is

"PHP History" PHP5.2 The new features in PHP5.6

As of Now (2014.2), the latest stable version of PHP is PHP5.5, but almost half of the users are still using PHP5.2, which is already out of maintenance, and half of the remaining users are using PHP5.3.Because PHP that "set hundred of the length"

The most comprehensive front-end questions in history (including answers)-1565783227

The most comprehensive front-end questions (including answers) in history-1565783227 HTML + CSS 1. Understanding and understanding of WEB standards and W3C Tag closure, lower-case tags, non-chaotic nesting, increased search robot search probability,

Git-version management tool (1)

GitLinus Torvalds, a distributed version control tool, introduced Git-the stupid content tracker (silly content tracker)   1. Git background Git was originally written by Linus Torvalds and used as a version control tool for Linux kernel development.

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