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Git-SVN knowledge Summary

Overview First, let's briefly introduce the differences between git and SVN. I think the important parts are as follows: Git is a distributed version control system. This is very different from SVN's central control system. The most significant

Git introduction, installation, git + git flow use

Features: 1. You can quickly switch between project branches. 2. roll back the version of a branch. 3. You do not need to modify the configuration file (defined for projects) for each branch switch) 4. You do not need to create/switch

A successful git Branch Model

This article translated from (by Vincent Driessen) - In this article, I will show a development model that has been used in all projects (including projects at work and private projects) a year

Introduction of a successful Git branching model Release Branch

English Original: version:In this article, I present a development model. I've introduced this development model to all of my projects (both at work and in private) for more than a year,

IDEA Chapter II----Configure GIT, tomcat (hot Deployment), database, and get your project running.

section one: Download git client, integrate idea  because of the GIT version management used by bloggers, this series is based on GIT version tools, and of course SVN is similar to git configuration. GIt also supports the installation version and

Efficient use of vimdiff to solve git merge conflicts (English version)

If you are already a vim and git master and you are impatient, please jump to thequick start section at the end of this article.1 set up vimdiff The vimdiff as a merge tool will display several buffers to show the yours/theirs/original changes. The

A merge of "about Git" history submissions

if, at present, we are in the demand branch feature-test, made several mentions, git log view commit information as follows: Each commit is independent, but the last three commits are related, adding the contents of the Read.txt file, in this

Cakedc (cakephp Company) Git workflow--for larger teams large project development

Cakedc Git Workflow is a workflow for project development and release, in which the development and release cycles are based on several key phases (key phases): Development: All active development activities are milestones driven, and

[Go] How to use Git to sync code to CodePlex in Visual Studio

This article transferred from: open source community is hot both at home and abroad, and Microsoft has been blamed for not having open source, but with the growing open source of frameworks such as the.

Erlang hot update

Reprinted: Erlang originated from the telecom industry. Joe Armstrong mentioned the design requirements of Erlang.Software maintenance should be performed without stopping the system.

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