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I2C bus-based electro-mechanical memory fm31256 with watchdog and real-time clock

AbstractFm31256 is a multi-functional storage chip based on I2C bus and powered by the iron and electronics technology. In addition to non-volatile memory, the device also provides real-time clock, low-voltage reset, watchdog counters, non-volatile

How to design a mountain stockade Machine

If you see the above picture, you may know what it is, right. This is the core part of the mobile phone-the main board. In our mobile design industry, we call it stack. What is stack composed? I will give you a brief explanation. The main board is

HLS getting started with hulusi

HLS getting started with hulusiHLS ProblemsEvaluate the exponent function exp (x) Use exp (x) in HLS, that is, the exponential function. You cannot export RTL to EDK, that is, Pcore can only be exported to vivado ip. For more information, see the

Do you see the essence of the tool?

He believes that Iron is harder than copper. This is common sense. In the Spring and Autumn Period and the Warring States, the yanguo's titanium blade has reached the hardness of high carbon steel today. This is already very impressive. In the

A complete mobile phone Structure Design Process

    1. Determine the motherboard Solution Mobile phone design companies are generally divided into the marketing department (MKT), The Shape Design Department (ID), and the Structure Design Department (MD ). A mobile phone project starts with a

Jsonmodel the use of a detailed

Jsonmodel is a data model framework for IOS and OSX. It ' s written in Objective-c and helps you several different ways. You can read more on its key features below: Rapidly write model code Validation of the model ' s input Atomic

Performance parameters for CPU fans

Hot summer is coming, people are thinking about how to cooling at the same time, will certainly be thinking how to let the computer "cool a summer." So how are we going to cooling the computer? Generally speaking, we can use air-cooled, water-cooled,

What is Object?

What is Object?. NET programmers are dealing with object every day.If you ask A. NET programmer what is object, he may swear to tell you "object is not simple, is all types of base class"The answer is right, but it's not enough to say what the

Using PHP to get Web data analytics into a higher realm _php

Count your data analysis, do more things than simple primitive counting Effective and multi-layered analysis of web data is a key factor in the survival of many web-oriented enterprises, and the design (and decision-making) of data analysis and

Use PHP to make WEB data analysis into a higher realm

web| Data Meter Your data analysis, do more things than simple original count Effective and multi-level analysis of web data is a key factor in the survival of many web-enabled enterprises, the design (and decision) of data analysis validation is

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