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Principle of. Net garbage collection mechanism (2)

The previous article introduced. the basic principles of net garbage collection and the internal mechanism of implementing the Finalize method for garbage collection; this article describes weak reference objects, generation, and multi-thread

. Net garbage collection mechanism principle (2)

Weak References: when the root object of a program points to an object, this object is reachable and cannot be recycled by the garbage collector, which is called a strong reference to the object. Strong references are relatively weak references.

How to Understand the garbage collection mechanism in. net

The. NET Framework Garbage Collector manages the memory allocation and release of applications. Every time you use newWhen the operator creates an object, the runtime database allocates memory for the object from the managed heap. As long as the

Principles of. Net garbage Collection mechanism (i)

English Original: Jeffrey RichterCompilation: Zhao Yu OpenLinks: the garbage collection mechanism in the Microsoft.NET CLR, programmers do not need to pay attention to when to

. Net garbage collection mechanism principle and algorithm (I)

  With the garbage collection mechanism in Microsoft. Net clr, programmers do not need to pay attention to when to release the memory. The memory is released completely by GC, which is transparent to programmers. However, as a. Net programmer, it is

Modern garbage collection [translate]

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. I've read a lot of articles about the newest garbage collector (garbage collector) in the Go language recently, but they all make me doubt that many of the official

Working of Garbage Collector

auto;text-align:left;mso-pagination:widow-orphan">auto;text-align:left;mso-pagination:widow-orphan"> From In this article I will give you an introduction of how C #

How the. NET GC garbage collection mechanism works

First look at the managed resources--. NET refers to the host is only for memory this piece, not for all resources; for stream, database connection, COM object, GDI + related objects, etc., these objects are not managed by. NET as unmanaged

Automatic garbage collection in. net

For a long time, garbage collection has a poor reputation in the software industry. Many Program Personnel think that garbage collection is not as direct and efficient as they are. This is sometimes true. A memory reclaim method that is well

Understanding. NET CLR Garbage collection--(learn it well.) NET series)

IntroductionMemory management is a rather complex and interesting area of computer science. In the dozens of years of the birth of computers, the technology of memory management is progressing, which makes the system more efficient to utilize the

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