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What is the investor's focus on when evaluating an early SaaS startup? (whether there is a chance to develop into a platform, a long moat)

at the outset what kind of problems they have?Does the consumer have a large budget for your solution, can you generate sales and make up for your marketing budget?Can you adopt a viral or word-of-mouth marketing strategy?  5, the long-term "moat"In the early days, it's a good thing that you have a revenue advantage, but investors are more focused on the company being more competitive than its rivals. Companies that can collect proprietary informatio

"Python learning" today look at learning%d,%s,%f and other uses, the following example is said to enter the name, age, job, salary. And give a calculation of how long it will take to retire at the age of 65

Today look at learning%d,%s,%f and other usages. %d is a placeholder integer, and%s is a placeholder, and%f is a floating-point number. The following example of study is said to enter the name, age, job, salary. And give a calcula

A person's career is a long process throughout his life.

A person's career is a long process throughout his life. A person's career is a long process throughout his life. It is important to scientifically divide it into different stages, clarify the characteristics and tasks of each stage, and make good plans to better engage in y

How long is the programmer's contempt chain? Reproduced

engineer who did not write tests,Do not write tests engineers despise and the mother of the need to change the PM.An engineer without a license despised an engineer who had taken a pile of evidence.The engineer who wears a casual dress despises the engineer who wears a suit at work,Engineers who wear suits at work despise the engineers who work in the Department of clothing.Reprinted from:

Hdu 4296 Buildings greedy algorithm today's first a detailed analysis, some data types preferably with a long long

engineer, would as-minimize PDV of the whole building, denoted as the largest PDV of all F Loors.Now, it's up to the calculate this value.Input there ' re several test cases.In the all test case, the first line is a single integer n (1 Please process until EOF (End of File).Output for each test case, your program should output a single integer in a single line-the minimal PDV of the whole BU Ilding.If no floor would are damaged in a optimal configura

The front-end should be awesome: How long should the URL be ?, How long is the url?

The front-end should be awesome: How long should the URL be ?, How long is the url? How long should a URL be? Why should I raise this question? There are many optimization guidelines for optimizing web page requests and loading by minimizing cookies, shortening URLs, and using GET requests as much as possible. However,

Short S = 1; S = S + 1; short S = 1; S + = 1; is there a difference ?? If so, what is the difference? If not, what is the value?

Short S = 1; S = S + 1; CompilationFailedShort S = 1; S + = 1; why can I compilePassSo? Another problem is that implicit type conversion can be automatically converted from small to large, that

A string variable is equal to the new one string object as long as it is assigned a value

making changes on the original object. After executing these lines of code, there are two objects on the heap ... One is "Hello" and one is "world". That is, when you change the contents of a string, it does not rewrite the contents of the original heap memory, but rather a new heap of memory to save the newly assigned string contents. What this mechanism looks

PHP output XML (export Excel) data is truncated when it is too long

When you export Excel by using XML, you can export Excel normally when you find a small number (below 1k), but when you increase the number of exports (several K), you find that the exported Excel data is incomplete. (In my local is good, online server running on the problem ...) )Check the exported XML data and find that the content is truncated and sometimes t

A solution to the problem that prompts specified key was too long max key ' length is 1000 bytes when Mysql is built _mysql

The index field length is too long, 1. Modify the length of the field 2. Modify the MySQL default storage engine Join Default-storage-engine=innodb under [mysqld] of/ETC/MYSQL/MY.CNF But it's clear in the building that you need to use the InnoDB engine. SQL code Copy Code code as follows: CREATE TABLE ' ACS ' ( ... ) Engine=innodb DEFAULT Charset=utf8; Check the current engine

With old Ziko Python's long-winded division _python

example 5/2, get the quotient 2, the remainder 1, the final 5/2=2. Not rounding 2.5. To divide a floating-point number with an integer As reader note, this title is not the same as the title above, the title above is "Integer divided by integer", and if the style consistent, the title of this section should be "floating-point number divided by integer", but no, now it

HBase cannot close issues and handles for long periods of time (waiting on regionserver (s) to go down)

This is a created article in which the information may have evolved or changed. HBase cannot be closed for long periods [waiting on regionserver (s) to go] In order to release the deleted region, restart HBase and execute the./bin/ Waited for a long time has not been closed, check the master log, disp

ios-How to kill Uitextfield's long-press gesture menu and input content restrictions

Today, the project used this to write, convenient for later students can not be used directlyFirst, to rewrite the uitextfiled subclass under the initialization method, copy the following method to disable the long press of the menu that appearskill TextField 's long-press menu to disable copy paste-(BOOL) canperformaction: (SEL) Action Withsender: (ID) Sender{

b/S Road long Summary (ii)

, but the current state and HTTP headers are unknown3 (data transfer) received part of the data, because the response and HTTP header is not complete, then through the responsebody and responsetext to obtain some of the data will be error4 (complete) The data is received, at which time the complete response data can be obtained by responsebody and ResponseText14. The difference between get and post1.get req

HTTP for long connections (TTP1.1 and HTTP1.0 Compare, the biggest difference is the increase of persistent connection support connection:keep-alive)

connect, request, close, the process time is short, the server will not receive a request for a period of time to close the connection.Long connections: Some services need to be connected to the server for a long time, such as CMPP, which usually needs to be maintained online.Recently looking at "Server Push Technology", in the B/s structure, through some magic

A: Why is the PCI interface some long and short?

Recently looking for the PCI interface of the N more strange rare board, incidentally found that the PCI interface there are many kinds, there are long and short, is basically dizzy. So there are so many different shapes that I've found about explaining why the cards are called PCI interfaces. the difference between PCI and Pci-x the difference between PCI and PCI-E Here's what I copied from Baidu: Firs

b/S Road long Summary (a)

Post method is to include the data that the user fills in the form in the body of the form, which is transferred to the handler on the server, which has no character restrictions, it contains the ISO10646 character set, is a mailing method, the address bar of the browser does not display the submitted information, There is

Undistract-me: gets a notification when a long-running Terminal command is completed

default repository of Debian and its derivative versions (such as Ubuntu. All you need to do is run the following command to install it. sudoapt-get install undistract-me Arch Linux users can use any help program to install it from AUR. Use Pacaur: pacaur -S undistract-me-git Use Packer: packer -S undistract-me-git Use Yaourt: yaourt -

Source installation mysql-5.7.13 a week of Long way summary. It's full of tears.

/mariadb/mariadb.pidChange mariadb to MySQL. Then see if there are both paths, and if not, create both directories. Create only directories, not create files.Note that the genus and genera are mainly MySQL.and then restart.If the temporary password is forgotten or the temporary password is not logged in. Change Password:./bin/mysqladmin-u root Password "root" #注意路径问题.If you log in or change the password tim

C + + Programming Practice Guide 1.6 The Order of n number in the super-long series is implemented by rewriting

;data; T->data=s->data; S->data=temp; } }} p=p->Next; Y--; } returnq;}intMainintargcChar*argv[]) {List List; Linknode* head=NewLinknode; Head->next=NULL; Linknode*sort; Linknode*tail; Tail=Head; stringstr; CIN>>str; while(str!="Exit") {Longintegernode*Phead; Phead=list.creat (str); Tail=List.add (Tail,phead); CIN>>str; } Sort=list.sortpart (Head,1,2); List.output (Head); cout"outputs the specified

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