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Do software engineers need a computer science degree?

This article is from my translation on infoq Chinese siteArticle, Original address is: The role of a software engineer does not necessarily require a computer science degree.

Development of the student archive management system for Bachelor's degree in computer science

Bachelor degree in computer science DesignDevelopment of the student archive management system×××(2004July) Preface The computer has become a mantra hanging in the corner of our mouth. It has penetrated into all aspects of daily work and life, such as text processing, information management, aided design, graphic i

Why is computer science?

Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 I just saw a survey initiated by laizhu. According to the statistics, 2/3 of csdn users are from a division, and 1/3 of others are from other industries. It also lists some course majors. This reminds me of a question: why is computer a science

[Switch] computer science is not programming

coder. Spending the most time on learning is the last piece of advice for beginners. It is best to reduce the time spent on SC or CS every week without playing them. At the same time, if your ASP technology has been able to make money, or even some companies invite you to work part-time, this proves that your work in tianfen can guarantee you can achieve better benefits after hard work, you should do more

There is no way ahead: the Way Out for computer science graduates

line, and the lines pass through Rome. Indeed, people have their own strengths. Remember that the East is not bright, the West is bright, and the South has the north. Never be dispelled by the current setbacks. This is just a start for life. China's IT industry has been in its infancy for ten years and is very young.

What is the difference between computer science and software engineering?

Computer Science focuses on the study of hardware and computer theory, studies the science of computer and its surrounding phenomena and laws, studies the structure of computer systems, program systems (i.e. software), artificial

Summary of writing program experience-(this article is for students from the Computer Science Institute of Tianjin University of Technology ~~)

performing some operations. (If you think manual backup is troublesome, write your own tools !)This is also very practical in our lives. A person's mind cannot cover all aspects. Therefore, preparing a notebook may help you take notes about important things and even small things. It seems that it will benefit a lot ~ (I want to remember) 2. Record the running time.After the training, I started the d3d tra

What is closure (computer science?

TheSwiftprogramminglangauge can see closures, but does not quite understand what it is, what features it has, and what Objective-C can do? For beginners of programming, please advise me to see closures in The Swift programming langauge, but I don't quite understand what it is, what features it has, and what Objective-C cannot do? For beginners of programming, please advise: to say Closure, You Have To Say C

What is closure (computer science)?

In the Swift programming langauge see closures, but do not understand what is, what kind of features, can do what objective-c do not? Programming beginners, seeking advice Reply content:To say Closure, you have to say Closed lambda expression, a Closed lambda expression is a lambda expression that has no free variables, such as λx. x , while λx. y x It's not Closed. One of the best properties of Closed LAMB

The computer has been used for a long time, and the operation speed is slow. It teaches you how to clear the garbage in the computer.

The computer has been used for a long time, and the operation speed is slow. It teaches you how to clear the garbage in the computer. 1. Click "start">"Program"Attachment", click "System Tools", click "Clean up disk", select disk C, confirm, select all "ports", and then confirm; click "disk fragmentation program" in

It is slow to open my computer, and the "Search" status is displayed. The disk is displayed for a long time. Right-click "send"

When a CEN is really not easy to manage, the computer is always running steadily, but who knows that it is always a bad temper from time to time, it is a big human.This is not the case. Today, another

The computer is used more and more long, how can I quickly find the file I want?

: In the search results inside the right button, in the pop-up window click Save Search. This time the search will be saved as a virtual folder. Once again, we search this content again, which is equivalent to opening this folder. A lot faster. The above is the computer used more and more long, how to quickly find the

Why is my computer shut down for a long time (Win7 system)

you to shut down the time, the big game, programs, software shut down after the shutdown. This can also effectively prevent what you have just done forget to keep. And you're going to be able to check your seat today. There's no harm in doing it, and if it's slow to shut down, it's a lot of time for your computer to have a problem. 3 Some services that need to be shut down Services in this area you can go through the 360 startup items inside the s

Win7 notebook computer boot time is too long how to do?

Win7 notebook computer boot time is too long how to do? Step one: Need to download and install 360 security guards 1, open 360 security guards, click on the lower left corner of the "Optimization acceleration"; 2, click "Start scanning" (Scan default option: power-on acceleration, system acceleration, network acceleration, hard drive acceleration)

How long is the computer life?

The computer is like a television, as long as the maintenance is good, can use a decade eight years, but the computer is different from the television, because the computer equipment an

How to enable win8 to automatically disable keyboard backlight when the computer is not operating for a long time

In desktop mode, Press [Fn] + [F1] on the keyboard to open the "Settings" software.2. Select General and click keyboard backlight ].3. Under "keyboard backlight", select "disable keyboard backlight when the computer is not used for more than the following time", as shown in the following figure:4. Slide the slider at the bottom of the left and right to set the unused time, as s

Computer prompts "Cannot access this folder path is too long" delete what to do

In addition to the folder when found a problem, a folder is always deleted! Again careful examination found that there is no problem, but it is inexplicably deleted not to drop. Another layer of check, to the last found after double-clicking the folder prompts: Unable to access the folder path is too

An effective way to solve the computer system shutdown time is too long

Today, the number of users using computer win7 systems is growing. Compared to the win7 system download the Open machine is indeed more than the XP system to download the machine will be slower. But recently some users said that the shutdown time is too long, how

How long is the computer time zone? Set the time zone by command

Adjust the time in the computer taskbar, the system before XP can not be adjusted with the command, but in the Win7 system with the command to adjust. This is because Win7 has added a new time zone command: Tzutil.exe. 1 Commands are to be run in a command Prompt window, enter the Tzutil effect graph in the command Prompt window: 2 As we can see from the above figure, the general use of the command T

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