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Why is the LLC sublayer not reflected in the packet? What is the specific role of the LLC sublayer? How does Ethernet_II represent the end of a frame?

Introduction: The LLC sublayer read and forget, write in here convenient memory.Mac won't say it. LLC format Baidu.LLC Sub-layerThe LLC sublayer in the IEEE802.3 frame adds some other useful features in addition to defining traditional link-layer services. These features are provided by the DSAP, Ssap, and control fields.For example, the following three types of

Sparse representation of Images--SCSPM and LLC summary

Sparse representation of Images--SCSPM and LLC summarySparse Encoding Series: (i)----Spatial Pyramid Summary (ii) Sparse representation of----images summary of--SCSPM and LLC (iii)----Understanding sparse coding (iv)----sparse model and structural sparse model --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Objective The previous article re

Scspm & LLC

feature description after coding + pooling.Therefore, whether a nonlinear feature + linear SVM can be designed to achieve an equivalent or even better effect than linear feature + nonlinear SVM has become the focus of scspm and LLC research. Scspm SPM uses hard-VQ in coding step, that is, a descriptor can only be projected into one term in the dictionary. This results in a significant reconstruction error (worse reconstruction, large quantization

IEEE 802.2 LLC Protocol

The logical Link Control (LLC) provides a common interface between different protocols (IPX, TCP/IP, etc.) and different network types (Ethernet, Token Ring network, etc.). The LLC provides a way for the upper layer to handle any type of MAC, for example, Ethernet IEEE 802.3 CSMA/CD or Token ring IEEE 802.5 token delivery (token passing). The LLC is developed on

Oracle IMP-00013 When importing DMP files: Only DBAs can import files exported by other DBAs

preceded by Server/bin as follows:d:\oracle\product\10.2.0\client_1\bin;d:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\bin;%systemroot%\system32;%systemroot%;% Systemroot%\system32\wbem;%systemroot%\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\;%java_home%\binAfter modificationd:\oracle\product\10.2.0\db_1\bin;d:\oracle\product\10.2.0\client_1\bin;%systemroot%\system32;%systemroot%;% Systemroot%\system32\wbem;%systemroot%\system32\windowspowershell\v1.0\;%java_home%\binFourth step: Reopen the Command Window (required), and

C + + version of the LLC code __c++

Image Sparse Coding Summary: LLC and SCSPM , the article gives a very detailed explanation of sparse coding. The author of "Locality-constrained Linear coding for Image Classification" provides MATLAB code implementation, see HTTP://WWW.IFP.ILLINOIS.EDU/~JYANG29 /llc.htm. The following is based on the author's code, implemented by OPENCV, the C + + version of the LLC: Matlab

Today you encounter IMP-00013: only DBAs can import files exported by other DBAs, find solutions on the Web, and therefore reprint and annotate another case.

Label:Generally encountered IMP-00013: Only DBAs can import files exported by other DBAsThere are usually two workarounds:1. Grant DBA authority to the user performing the export (grant before derivative, revoke DBA Authority after import)2. Re-export data with non-DBA users (if the DMP file is larger, it takes a long time)If you have DBA authority, you can easily avoid these two problems.3. Use DBA authority with Fromuser, Touser parameters for impo

15 required MySQL management tools for DBAs and 15 required mysql for DBAs

15 required MySQL management tools for DBAs and 15 required mysql for DBAs Original article: Today, the response speed of Web applications is one of the keys to success. It is closely related to user interaction, users' views on websites, and even Google website rankings. Database performance is one of the most important factors in response speed. Once an error oc

IMP-00013: Only DBAs can import files exported by other DBAs

Tags: alt from import port its use metal handles otherImp-00013:only A DBA can import a file exported by another DBAHow to: Give DBA authority to the user in the target environment, or fine-grained, give imp_full_database permission (general)--View User permissionsSql> SELECT * from dba_sys_privs where grantee = ' XXX ';Sql> SELECT * from dba_role_privs where grantee = ' XXX ';Description: Found that the user already has a DBA.Workaround: Look at the other DBA user and find out that the default

Oracle:dump file Import Error: Only DBAs can import files exported by other DBAs

Tags: io file log ad sp on EF CExport a table dump file from Schemaa (DBA authority), Import to schemab (non-DBA authority), error.Use the OB tool to set Schemaa for DBAs (the previous tables and views are gone),On the Internet to check the following two sentences after the implementation of OK;Grant DBA to Schemaa;Alter user Schemaadefault role DBA;Then dump imports OK, using the Ob tool to cancel Schemaa DBA authority,Also error "Ora-01045:user syst

World-Class Oracle expert Jonathan Lewis: I'm worried about the future of DBAs (Turing interview)

for pluggable databases to maintain a small number of databases. And most small businesses can just lease Oracle's cloud database. They do not need to buy their own hardware and software, nor do they need to have their own dbas, as long as they lease a running database for their application. If you want to be an Oracle DBA after 5 years, you're either working for a big company, and they're keeping the data on their own to protect the privacy of the d

DBAs and developers guide for MySQL5.6

diagnosis of the optimizer. Better application availability and support for online DDL/Schema Modification Enhances developer flexibility and supports accessing InnoDB through Memcached APIs to implement NoSQL Functions Improved replication to meet high-performance and self-repair distributed deployment requirements Improved Performance Schema to better support various new hardware devices Improve Security And other important improvements As a guide to MySQL 5.6 for

DBAs should know some usage of SQL Server trace tag _ MySQL

DBAs should be aware of the use of for SQL Server trace tags. What is a trace tag? For DBAs, mastering Trace Flag is one of the necessary conditions for them to become masters of SQL Server. In most cases, Trace Flag is just a rare trick, but in many cases, these tags allow you to better control SQL Server behaviors. Below are official Trace flags: A trace tag is a tag used to enable or disable

DBAs should know about RAID cards _ MySQL

DBAs should know the RAID card knowledge For special applications such as databases, IOphotoshop/target = _ blank class = infotextkey> PS often becomes a bottleneck. there are not many effective methods to break through this bottleneck. in terms of software, I mainly focus on read/write splitting and vertical splitting, partition Table technology, cluster. The hardware is mainly raid and SSD. Usually software and hardware are optimized at t

DBAs must have the ability to manage different RDBMS across platforms

1. Introduction Today's IT environment is undergoing drastic changes, and companies that rely on a single relational database management system (RDBMS) to manage data are beginning to diminish. Analysts report that more than 90% of companies today have more than one RDBMS. In the present tense economic situation, the actual demand is challenging the work limit of the IT organization personnel. It is increasingly rare for a company to have different DBAs

Some SQL Server trace flags that DBAs should know

Label:What is a trace flag? For DBAs, mastering trace flag is one of the prerequisites for becoming a SQL Server whiz, and in most cases, trace flag is just a pifo of a sword walk, not necessary, but in many cases, using these tags will give you better control over SQL The behavior of the server. Here is the official tag for trace flag: A trace flag is a token that enables or disables certain behavior of SQL Server. It is not difficult to see from

IMP-00013 only DBA can import files exported by other DBAs

IMP-00013 only DBA can import files exported by other DBAs IMP-00013 only DBA can import files exported by other DBAs -- Instance demo--- System user ExportC: \ Users \ ZML> exp system/zml file = 'd: \ zml. dmp 'Log = 'd: \ zml. log' tables = (zml) Export: Release on Monday April 21 21:39:12 2014 Copyright (c) 1982,200 9, Oracle and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Connect

Some SQLServer trace tags that DBAs should know

What is a trace tag? For DBAs, mastering TraceFlag is one of the necessary conditions for them to become a master of SQLServer. In most cases, TraceFlag is just an odd trick, not necessary, but in many cases, these tags allow you to better control SQLServer behaviors. The following are official TraceFlag tags What is a trace tag? For DBAs, mastering Trace Flag is one of the necessary conditions for them to

In the itpub survey, up to 42% of DBAs were transformed by developers.

[It168 technical analysis comment]Recently, an interesting survey was launched on the itpub website, the largest database and technology community in China. "How did you become a DBA ?" The survey results are intriguing. The data shows that up to 42% of DBAs are transformed from developers, and only 14% of them are engaged in the first job as DBAs. "Because of the special nature of DBA's work, more than 80%

The most common shell scripts used by eight DBAs to monitor Oracle databases

This article describes eight common shell scripts for monitoring data. First, I reviewed some common DBA Unix Commands and explained how to regularly execute DBA scripts through UNIX cron. There are also a lot of similar articles on the Internet, but they basically cannot run normally. After some time, you can simply use them. I. At the same time, the article also introduced eight important scripts to monitor the Oracle database:1. Check instance availability2. Check listener availability3. Che

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