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A file contains 4 billion integers, each of which is 4 bytes and memory is 1 GB. Write an algorithm: Find an integer not included in the file

An integer expressed in four bytes. A total of only 2 ^ 32 is approximately 4G.For the sake of simplicity, we can assume that they are all unsigned integers.Allocate MB memory. Each bit represents an integer, which can represent an integer of 4 bytes. The initial value is 0. The basic idea is to set the corresponding bit location to 1 for each number read. After

PHP file directory size statistic function (automatic calculation BYTES,KB,MB,GB)

recursively, and then calculates their size and that is the entire file directory. Because the file size that is returned directly is in bytes, we generally have to convert to the size we usually get, and here is the function of the unit conversion: The code is as follows Copy Code function Sizeformat ($size){$sizeStr = ';if ($size {return $size. "bytes";}else if ($size {$size

1M equals how many bytes? How do I convert between KB, MB, GB?

BYTE (byte) is B: A byte is made up of 8-bit binary digits (1 byte = 8 bit). Byte is the most common base unit in the information store. An English letter (case-insensitive) occupies a byte of space, a Chinese character occupies two bytes of space.Symbol: English punctuation 2 is a byte, Chinese punctuation is two bytes. A binary numeric sequence, as a digital

Two 30 GB hard disks for RAID 1

In this experiment, we need to add two new 30 GB hard disks. [[Email protected] ~] # Uname- Linux zzsrv1.localdomain 3.10.0-123. el7.x86 _ 64 #1 SMP mon Jun 30 12:09:22 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux We can display the disk without restarting it. [[Email protected] ~] # Echo "---">/sys/class/scsi_host/host0/scan [[Email protected] ~] # Echo "---">/sys/class/scsi_host/host1/scan [[Email protected]

In a 64-bit system, How much memory can a 32-bit program apply for, 4 GB or more? (1)

Preface: CPU bit refers to the amount of data that can be processed at a time, 1 byte = 8 bits, 32-bit processors can process 4 bytes of data at a time, and so on. 32-bit operating system for 32-bit CPU design. The 64-bit OS is designed for 64-bit CPUs. The operating system is only a platform between hardware and application software. Our CPU ranges from 8-bit to 16-bit to 32-bit and 64-bit. Background: The

Linux/UNIX: Use the dd command to create a 1 GB binary

an empty file (also known as "sparse file "). Create a 10 M file and press Enter: $ Dd if =/dev/zero of = test. img bs = 1024 count = 0 seek = $ [1024*10] Create a 100 M file and press Enter: $ Dd if =/dev/zero of = test. img bs = 1024 count = 0 seek = $ [1024*100]$ Ls-lh test. img Create a 1 GB file: $ Dd if =/dev/zero of = 1G. img bs = 1 count = 0 seek = 1GSam

Iso-8859-1, ASCII, GBK, GB 2312 Character Set analysis

standard ISO/IEC10646-1 and national standards gb13000-1 all CJK Chinese characters, and contains BIG5 encoding all Chinese characters.1 Public Static voidGB () {2String str = "Ah AA";3 byte[] ch;4 Try {5ch = str.getbytes ("GB2312");6SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN ("ch Length:" +ch.length+ "bytecode:" +Byte2hex (CH));7ch = str.getbytes ("GBK");8SYSTEM.OUT.PRINTLN (

Why is 1 TB hard drive only 931 GB?

Many of my friends will find that the capacity will decrease when they buy a mobile hard drive and a USB flash drive inserted into the computer. Originally, the 16 gb usb flash drive would be less than 16 GB, and the 1 TB mobile hard drive would be only 931 GB. In fact, it is found that most of the time the capacity is

Use Oracle 10 Gb to create a physical backup database on Windows/Unix servers (1) exclusive Article] Oracle 10 GB Data guard is a powerful tool to ensure high availability of enterprise data, data protection and disaster recovery, I have been using the grid console and SQL commands to work on the data guard/backup database for several years. My recent experience is LIMS, a laboratory information management system, half a year ago) using data guard to manually create a physical backup database, I need to maintain it every

Java IO (1) Basics--Bytes and characters

into byte streams and character streams to understand what bytes and characters contribute to our subsequent IO understanding.BYTE (byte)A unit of data stored in a computer. Smaller than it is a bit (bit, also called bit), which is the smallest unit of measurement of data storage in the computer, 1 bits are stored binary data 0 and 1, as shown below.Of course, l

Free ASP/PHP 1 GB space provided by Anhui it bar

Free ASP/PHP space provided by Anhui it bar Free Space: 1 GBFunction: ftp management + ASP + PHP + VBScript/JScript + net. + FSO component + dynamic and easy components + ACCESS database + MySQL database + MSSQL database ASP Probe: PHP Probe: Number of IIS connections: 500 Network Traffic: Unlimited CPU resources: 2% Security: the virus firewall system supports and real-time onl provides you with 1 GB free all-around space provides you with 1 GB free space, ┝ User type: Free SpaceCapacity: 1000 MOffer domain:┝ ASP permission: √Bytes size of a single file: ≤ 10000 K DetailsMasp space: space support, ASP, FTP, PHP, FSO, and other fully occupied space, supporting international domain name binding. M post office space: the free post office is

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