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Python simulation button, let the software replace people to work, simple!

Analog keysSometimes, some repetitive, cumbersome keyboard operation will always make people tired, the use of software to simulate the computer user's Mouse keyboard action, because this is the computer to replace people to operate, so it can help users save time, energy, help us do things we can not accomplish, can also use such a script hanging machine.Let's look at a Python script that implements the sm

How many people work with one workbook at a time in Office 2010

A colleague of mine asked me, Excel has a feature called Share Workbook, in office 2010 he can not find, let me help him find, this is a shared work thin function, allow more people at the same time to deal with a work thin, personally feel that this is a very good function, Here share to everyone. Open Office 2010, switch to review, and click Share Workbook as

Why are so many people unhappy at work? Go

Indirect Source: original: who are often unhappy with the workA lot of people complain about their work, not only the readers on the internet, but also the friends around them. They puzzled, why I work, most of the time is happy, laughing and joking, and they i

Why software development, more people, less things, but also a lot of work?

This article is to share in the software development process, personally experienced "strange phenomenon." Why say strange, people more powerful, seems to be in line with common sense, but often in the process of software projects will appear more people, less, the workload of the situation, which is different from our previous cognition.First, explain the meaning of the next heading.

Why are so many people unhappy with their work?

Many people complained to me about their work, not only readers on the Internet, but also friends around me. They don't understand why I am doing my work. Most of the time I am happy, after work, most of them are puzzled. Sometimes they even read their grievances at the dinner table. I held my head and listened to them

Work now? Art between people

1. When you are visiting other people's homes, you can say a little more to your host, or even tell you to drink tea or suggest watching TV, you should leave. People always remind others to do irrelevant things when they feel that they have nothing to say. If you wait, you may not be welcome.2. He is reporting his work to his boss. His eyes are not focused on you, or his fingers are accidentally buckled a f

10 years work sentiment of Huawei cattle people

school to the key things, the truth of life, I think for the future will be a great benefit. Over the years, some people leave the company, write something or book, to the company's finger-pointing, Comment, Jiangshan, to the company's senior leaders individually reviewed, I personally feel that in addition to bring some entertainment value, what are the benefits? The company still in the development, the development behind, 60,000

[Turn] Why do some people work for years or the same old way?

This is what I have reproduced in other forums. Of course, there are some of them that I have personally experienced. For example, I met two former colleagues this year (not the same position, is the same company colleagues), found that the warehouse, and now is a warehouse clerk (take 3000 yuan). The quality of the present is still quality staff. I asked. How could it have been so many years? The other answer is: did not meet Bole. I have no words. actually not without bole. Bole is really you.

Why do some people get your three years of work experience for a year?

Some people say: Flash eyes graduation has more than 35 years, look back to see the stumbling, if at that time someone told him some career advice, perhaps he can walk a lot of detours.Whether you are working in the N-year workplace, or just out of the campus of the workplace rookie, should look at this article: three years after work, what are the principles of the workplace?The writer is a LinkedIn Linked

Why are many people unhappy at work?

Office workers who are often unhappy Many people complained to me about their work, not only readers on the Internet, but also friends around them. They don't know why I am happy most of the time when I do my work. They are still confused after work, and sometimes even complain about their grievances at the dinner tabl

Bad habits of putting it people over work

Bad habits of putting it people over work Do you still have to finish your work? Do you often work overtime? Sometimes this is probably caused by bad habits ...... 1. There are many QQ, MSN, and Gtalk. Because of the uncontrollable nature of chat objects and content, using instant messaging software is the culprit in

People are easily destroyed in a comfortable work environment.

ArticleDirectory Yang Lan, PKM, personal brand I like this sentence, so I switched to this article. Yang Lan, PKM, personal brand Village Chief posted on 22:50:01 Today, Yang Lan is undoubtedly a celebrity, female celebrity! In the pop-up message of MSN, you can seeThis article, Very touched. From the perspective of personal knowledge management and personal brand promotion, there are many points worth learning: 1."Most importantly, she began to think a little imagina

Do well in it operation and maintenance management of people, things, things, process standards system, work peace of mind

Failure will always occur, and no one it enterprise operations can rest assured. But we can do preventive measure, punches, trivial. In the daily work, to do pre-prediction prevention, the solution of emergency, after the analysis and summary.In order to improve operation and maintenance level and avoid risk failure, it is necessary to establish a good operation and maintenance system fundamentally. Operation and maintenance system is the foundation a

Project things (14th)-brothers can't keep up with e-connected people in [Team Work]

member of software department a of the former company. In order to support my project team's work, I specially called it. The manager of software a also told me that we sent the best people. I don't believe it. Who will send the best people to another project team. It turns out that I am right. Hawke is still technically competent, but he has two hobbies: 1. kar

People who are passionate about work can never go beyond the heart of a worker.

A worker of the West, is always the earliest to work, the most late to work, sometimes working to sweat 浹 back, the physical force seems to never end, and when it is difficult, it is not to achieve the purpose of never stop; and he seems to be thinking about work all the time ...Or maybe you would say that people like

Many people choose to be programmers because they think they are doing creative work.

Many people choose to be programmers because they think they are doing creative work. Many people choose to be VC programmers, because they want to know everything and feel like they are in the dark. Later, programmers realized that what they did was the most mechanical and repetitive work. Instead of creating the worl

As a network operators should really "low-key people, high-profile work" it?

, after all, now people like to call the outside unit for the experts, their units are identified as brick home!Do not give customers too many choices, more choices, he felt that you do not have the ability to let him to the dilemma, learning Apple Black Technology, violence to solve the general technical problems---a lot of technical problems, in fact, is the problem of human nature, human behavior problems.This article is from "behind the scenes pla

SEO new people talk about SEO work process and novice should pay attention to the problem

Now SEO more and more by the attention of enterprises, many webmaster, promote also slowly join the ranks of SEO, seo training, SEO forum, overwhelming, you can say that SEO is walking into ordinary people's home, more and more use of the Internet in various industries, with the popularity of SEO, more people want to learn SEO, Below I talk about the overall steps of SEO, younger brother beginners, if there are poor please advise. The basic steps in

Why can't people who work all day be rich?

If a person earns 10 times more than you, and spends less time at work than you, then he must have done something different from yours. The greatest thing that people have is freedom. Money can bring freedom. People are too busy to cope with their lives, so they cannot stop and think about how to solve their money problems. Most

[Reprinted] How do people aged 22-29 work?

At that time, the company recruited a large number of new students who graduated from undergraduate and postgraduate courses. The average age is 25 years. The new assistant is a girl I personally recruited after many interviews. Graduated from a prestigious university with a smart and lively personality. In private, I have to admit that one of the important reasons why I recruited her was that she did not only play well in college, but also wrote beautiful words. There aren't many girls who can

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