how many values can function return

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How to write a C-language function with multiple return values

1 IntroductionI have been engaged in C language teaching for many years, in teaching students often ask how to write a C language function with multiple return values. Writing a function with multiple return values is not a point of reference in any

In Delphi, how does function return multiple values?

In Delphi, how does function return multiple values? Delphi/Windows SDK/API Http:// I wrote a function myself. If I want to return three double values at the same time, how can I

How to correctly transfer function return values in the shell

Debug is more boring, so here first on the conclusions and examples, Debug notes do not look and no confusion.ConclusionUsing the return value in the shell, the only way to be universal is to use a global variable, or use Echo and receive it in the

A pair of one or one pairs of one-to-many, Many-to-many, many-to-many practices about table relationships in Laravel

first about the relationship between tables and tables 1. A One-to-many2. A One-to-many3. Multiple to One4. Multi-pair multi- parent table and child table 1. "One" is the parent table2. One side of "many" is how a child table handles a one-to-many

When recursion in C language can omit the thought of return: interpreting the essence of C function return through inline assembly

This is the way the blogger uses recursion to write a simple business with C, forgetting to write return due to carelessness. The result is that the returned results are still correct. After half an hour of disassembly, I proved my guess and now

The PowerShell function returns a sample of multiple return values at a time _powershell

This article describes how to get a function to return a value when customizing the PowerShell function, how to receive a return value, and how to keep irrelevant content from being placed in an array of return values. Any output in the body of the

Go language core beauty 4.3-Multiple return values

In the Go language. function can have multiple return values, this feature we have seen in the previous sample very much, very many standard library functions will return two values, one is expected to get the result of the function execution, and

Pits that perform order between defer, return, and return values in Golang

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. The Go language delay function defer acts as a cry...catch and is very easy to use, but in practical applications, many gopher do not really understand the order of

python-How to return multiple values

The return statement of a function can return only one value, which could be any type.Therefore, we can " return a tuple type to indirectly reach multiple values ".Example: the remainder of x divided by Y and quotient functiondef F1 (x, y):A = x% yb

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