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101 Steps to make you a good blogger

Reader Wu Zhiyong recommended an article he translated about blogging skills to Moonlight blog, the article called "101 Steps to make you a good blog", has a certain reference value, the following for the full text. 101 Steps to make you a good bloggerI found that the most successful blogs have similar success steps, after a long period of research and study, I found that blogging although not seemingly so

Blogger Hack:meta Data optimization

Optimization Meta Data, which refers to some of the information in the Web page that describes the characteristics of this page in the middle of . In the blogger system, because the template can be fully customized, so we can do some optimization of meta data, so as to improve the compatibility and readability of the blog, but also make the search engine more convenient to crawl page content. Troubleshoot

Blogger spaces, What blog services do you want to provide?

What is blogger spaces? The following is an explanation from blogger spaces: What is blogger spaces? Blogger is the world's largest blog provider, Google's blog. Compared with the powerful features of MSN spaces, blogger inherits the concise and clear style of Google. Compar

Blogger official explanation of recent frequent failures

Because the Blogspot of Google's blog service has frequently encountered problems in recent days, it has never been opened. I wrote an article earlierArticleBlogspot cannot be accessed, and some solutions have been mentioned in the article: You can still access it indirectly by modifying the hosts file. Later, I learned why Blogspot could not be accessed. First, the official plan was maintained, causing frequent service interruptions and then a series of hardware faults.

Analysis of core technology of network acquisition Software series (1)---How to use C # language to get all the essay links and titles of a blogger in a blog park

a static site builder using the C # language13. How to build a program framework using the C # language (Classic WinForm interface, top menu bar, toolbars, left tree list, right multi-tab interface)14. How to implement the Web page Editor (Winform) using the C # language ...The first section of the main content of the introduction (how to use the C # language to get a blog in the garden of a blogger all the essay link and title)Get a blogger's full b

How to integrate with Google APIs and Google's applications (8)----How to convert the JSON schema of Google Blogger (blog) into XML Schema (XSD)?

In the Google RESTFul API, the Google Blogger API (Google Blog API) should be close to our lives, as nearly a lot of people are reading blogs every day and have heard of blogs. In a series of articles in front of Google's application system for integration (5) and Google's Applications for integration (6). We mentioned how to convert the JSON schema of Google Calendar and Google tasks into an XSD schema for XML. Judging by the amount of blog visits, t

The blogger supports HTTPS.

For Chinese users, Google Blogger support for HTTPS is definitely good news, now we can directly through HTTPS to visit Google Blogger blog, but only to write, to see, is still not directly accessible. To be honest, Google bloggers should have supported HTTPS long ago, even Google image search can support Https,blogger should be supported, because a

WPF Nine Gongge Pictures custom skin (new blogger Speed Reading 2.0)

Always want to make a Sogou input method, QQ input method such as can customize the skin software. Looking for a long time finally found, but found the solution some problems, after modification can be the original size of the picture to show ~In my two nights of research, study several methods, finally found a good way on the internet, but some problems, I modified the next, finally realize the new version of Bo speed read the skin function.Software

Google Blogger New Custom widget

According to blogger Buzz, a new version of the blogger has released a "Add Custom widget to the blogger" API that can be used to simply add some enhancements to the blogger via the form. Here are some examples of custom parts: One, Google reader: Display the reading of the shared entry to the

Analysis of core technology of network acquisition Software series (6)---Download all blog posts from any blogger to the SQLite database and display them through Webbrower (combining the previous content)

any one article9. How to use the C # language to get rid of all the tags in HTML for plain text (html2txt)10. How to compile multiple HTML files into CHM (Html2chm) using the C # language11. How to use the C # language to publish articles remotely to Sina Blog12. How to develop a static site builder using the C # language13. How to build a program framework using the C # language (Classic WinForm interface, top menu bar, toolbars, left tree list, right multi-tab interface)14. How to implement t

Start to create a blogger

CSDN has been providing the blog service for a long time, but it was very busy and has no time to write. Now that my postgraduate entrance exam is over, I have some free time to do some positive things. Blog is a good thing that allows anyone to write anything they want. I am a technology-worships and hope that one day I will become an expert in the computer field. So I will try my best to make my blog technical as an expert. I am preparing for a gr

Blogger of some Google/Yahoo employees

Alma Whitten : Responsible for integrated computer security and availability, and computer security user center Ben Goodger : Firefox Chief Engineer Biz Stone : Blogger Senior Expert (blogger) Bo Cowgill Bret Taylor Chris DiBona : Open source code Program Manager Colin Smith Darin Fisher : Firefox Chief Engineer Dave Barr Devinoch : Adwords representative Doe Mountain Douwe

Blogger-the founder of the Olive Mountain Software-its people

development of a Revit two-time development plugin (Olive Hill quick-mode). The free version of the project's results is available free of charge to anyone, and the plugin is widely used in domestic revit users. is the flagship plug-in of the domestic Revit, the industry has been two times open to follow the plug-in. ( Many others know about the Olive Mountain Quick Model ).From the revenue return, Autodesk can give me better treatment and benefits, should

Use Windows Live writer to update blogger

The latest version of Windows Live writer supports many blog systems, including Google's blogger. However, I encountered a little trouble when setting it. I did not find a solution in the help of Windows Live writer. Then I finally tried it out. Here are the methods for setting blogger and cnblogs: 1. Set blogger First fill in the blog address, user name, p

WordPress Blog Conversion to the Blogger method

Although Google's blogspot in the country can not be accessed, but for the independent domain name in English blog, the use of bloggers or a good choice, do not use the hosting host, here on the independent domain name in English blog, from WordPress switch to the Blogger method. WordPress Permalink can be set to a custom structure:/%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%.html, such a link structure and blogger, for

Recommend a good blogger in the blog park

Contact the blog Park soon, contact front-end development also soon, recommend their own in contact with the process of the blog park a few relatively good blog:Nievidong: tank: 0707: reasons: Adhere to the update blog, the content of detailed, easy to understand, especially some development or management tools introduced, there

"SSM Blogger (blog) Project Combat 12" blog pagination

Here I was in the background paging, using the previously written pagination control to manipulate the data, the foreground is displayed with bootstrap. :Background codemav.addObject("pageCode", PageUtil.genPagination(request.getContextPath()+"/index.html", blogService.getTotal(map), Integer.parseInt10, param.toString()));Front Code nav> ul class="pagination pagination-sm"> ${pageCode } ul> nav> "is looking at my blog o

Srbacks: displays the trial results of major blogger instances

Zheng @ playpoly Sr 20090112 Want to embed srbacks on the webpageTools? After the srbacks tool was released on Saturday, I was delighted to see several big blogger users have tried it all over the weekend. Their page effects are listed here. The most recent discoveries are listed at the beginning: D.1. dupola: The effect placed under the body content. The new version he released this morningArticle: And earlier releases: 2. ittalks: Effect:

CSS Common Tags-hand transcription-thank the original unknown blogger-humbly

*/ border-bottom:1px solid #6699cc; /* Bottom Border */ border-left:1px solid #6699cc; /* Left Border line */ border-right:1px solid #6699cc; /* Right Border line */ This is the way the proposal is written, but it can also be used in the usual way: Border-top-color: #369/* Set upper Border top Color */ BORDER-TOP-WIDTH:1PX/* Set upper Border top Width */ border-top-style:solid/* set upper Border top style */ Other wireframe Styles Solid/* Solid wireframe */

The first biological son created by the blogger throughout the course --- simple Lunar Calendar (free)

First, let's look at the following Wang Tao: App Store Jailbreak version Although Bo started developing iOS in 2013, he only worked for others and wrote apps. The first son is shortenme +. Maybe no one knows about this software. It is a small image processing app created by the blogger. But at that time, too young and too simple! The basic knowledge is too weak, and the image processing effect is not ideal. In addition, TA is launched in the US regio

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