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How to prohibit the bottom of the scroll when there is a pop-up layer (to achieve the surface sliding, the bottom is forbidden to slide, the surface is hidden, the bottom can still slide);

To realize the function of the zepto, naturally think of the Swipeup method, but later found that some mobile browser, does not work, some browsers work, but the bottom will follow the slide;So add the code:function (event) { event.preventdefault (); false);Add a later on the surface of the page, the bottom of the page will not follow the scroll, but the surface of the page hidden, the bottom of

Surface Dial and Windows Wheel UWP application development, dialuwp

Surface Dial and Windows Wheel UWP application development, dialuwp With the release of Microsoft Surface Studio, a very eye-catching accessory in the Demo Video is Surface Dial. Dial is a new member of the

New MacBook Pro and Surface Book which is better

connectors, it is compatible with all functions such as Thunderbolt, USB, DisplayPort, HDMI, Vgi, and recharging. However, this means that if you want to use your USB connector accessories on the MacBook Pro, you'll have to buy an extra adapter. System Yes, two products are equipped with the latest version of the system, MacBook Pro is MacOS Sierra, while Surface

Unity3d Deploying the Windows Store program to surface for debugging

Unity3d If you are developing a game in Windows store, you usually need a real machine or simulator to debug, this article explains how to publish the program to surface on the real machine for debugging.The first step must be to build the project in Unity3d:Then we'll rely on visual Studio 2013来 to help us debug the Windows Store program.Visual Studio 2013 integ

Microsoft Surface Book pushes Windows 10 new Firmware update: Enhanced system and battery

Microsoft recently launched a new Windows 10 firmware system and driver update for Surface Book and uploaded it to Microsoft's Download Center in MSI's file format. The update focuses on improving the stability of the Surface Book system and the reliability of the battery, which is the version of Microsoft's

Upgrade Surface Pro to Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition

This is a coincidence. A new Surface Pro, the system has not been activated. If Windows 8.1 RTM has been released, simply upgrade it to Windows 8.1, because the ISO file of Windows 8.1 is on a server, you want to copy it to the

Root question! What is the surface subdivision technology?

on a very long name-tessellation! There have been a lot of battles. In fact, few common users know what this is and what it does. This term is widely accepted. Chinese translation is called "surface subdivision" and is often referred to as "Mosaic" in professional fields. B

Absolute path _ Application tips for each item in the control surface version under Windows

You can run these CPL directly without going into the control plate. Internet Options C:\WINDOWS\System32\inetcpl.cpl Phone and Modem Options C:\WINDOWS\System32\telephon.cpl Power Options C:\WINDOWS\System32\powercfg.cpl Accessibility Options C:\WINDOWS\System32\access.cpl Management tools C:\

Surface Pro3 How do I disable Windows buttons?

When using surface Pro 3 o'clock, users will accidentally touch the Windows button with their palms. For us, the placement of this button is not a huge problem, but presumably some users want to know how to disable this button. However, it seems that it is not difficult to disable/enable

Create a primary display surface (Windows game programming guru P210)

Create a primary display surface (Windows game programming guru p210) 1. Fill in a ddsurfacdesc2 data structure. Describe the display surface you want to create 2. Call idirectdraw7: createsurface () to create a display surface. Hrexult creatsurface ( Lpddsurfacedesc2 lpddsufracedesc2, Lpdirectdrawsurface4 far *

DirectDraw displays the YUV video. When Screen Saver is displayed, YUV cannot be displayed and the surface is lost.

The reason is: The ddrawsurface is lost, and the ddraw surface is lost in many cases (for example, when other full-screen exclusive programs, screen saver, or screen lock programs are started ), surface loss is actually the memo

DirectDraw displays the YUV video. When Screen Saver is displayed, YUV cannot be displayed and the surface is lost.

The reason is: The ddrawsurface is lost, and the ddraw surface is lost in many cases (for example, the ddraw surface is exclusive when other full-screen modes are started ).Program, Screen saver, or screen lock), the

Windows configuration startup surface installation version MySQL

Tags: mysqlOne, download the zip version of the free install version of MySQL, and unzip the installation directory belowSecond, add the MySQL bin directory to the Windows path, making it possible to access commands such as MySQL.* Encountered a strange problem, in Win10 's path added MySQL running record. But the execution of MySQL is still not found. At this point, the bin directory for MySQL

New Surface Book and Lenovo Yoga 910 which is good

new Surface Book and Lenovo Yoga 910 which is good Both Microsoft and Lenovo have recently updated their new two-in-all-in-one hybrid notebook, which also shows that the hybrid device is currently in the market with very high popularity. While Microsoft Surface Book i7 and Lenovo Yoga 9,102 new products are mixed devi

2016 new Surface Book compare Lenovo Yoga 910 which is good

Lenovo Yoga 910 and Microsoft Surface Book i7 who is better? The answer is hard to give directly. Generally speaking, measuring a two-in-one equipment is good or bad, mainly to look at the design and specifications. After all, if you don't like the way they are deformed, then what

Huawei Matebook and Surface Pro 4 which is better

What is the better use of Huawei Matebook and Microsoft Surface Pro 4? Perhaps this is a problem that many business users have to consider when they encounter such products. These two products in the positioning of the difference, matebook more frivolous, the overall price is relatively lower;

Microsoft Surface Book 2016 Okay, is it worth buying?

At Microsoft's new Windows 10 launch, the entire next generation of Surface Book was officially released. Microsoft says the Surface book has the highest user satisfaction in Windows 10 devices, so the upgrade is also very strong. New

How does one display "keyboard separation" after Win10 system Surface Book is connected to the keyboard?

How does one display "keyboard separation" after Win10 system Surface Book is connected to the keyboard? Surface Book is a tablet and notebook integrated computer launched by Microsoft. After the keyboard is installed, the Surface

i7-6700/gtx1070 the computer configuration of the surface screen is recommended

i7-6700/gtx1070 screen Computer Configuration recommendation Accessory Name brand model reference price processor intel core™ i7 6700 (Scatter) ¥1955 heatsink tt riing S300 ¥129 video card > Shadow GTX 1070 GAMER ¥2999 motherboard asus B150 PRO Gaming/aura ¥859 memory Kingston HyperX FURY DDR4 2400 16GB (8gbx2 root) ¥769 hard Drive

Surface Shader in Unity3d is not supported for use in Pass

TitleFor a long time, has been error:Shader error in ' Custom_outline_effect ': Parse error:syntax error, unexpected Tok_pass, expecting tok_settexture or '} ' a T Line 69Just put #pragma surface ... Written in the pass, even if it's wrong1Pass {//Surface rendering mode is not available in Pass, which means that surface

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