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Types of Windows operating systems

Label: @hcy please visit: publicSince 1983, the company has developed a Windows system that was originally designed to provide a multi-tasking graphical user interface based on MS-DOS. The first

Windows 7 System detailed core graphics architecture

As you now think, Windows7 is actually an improved version of Windows Vista. Windows 7 has done a lot of work on the basis of Windows Vista and has added a lot of new features. Vista offers a great de

You know what? A xp! is hidden in Windows 7.

Remember in the Windows7 release on the Eve, once had a friend particularly excited to ask, "heard that Windows7 hid an XP?" "Tibetan … I believe that this guy must have liked the game of H

Count Windows Phone Seven Deadly Sins (the process is very detailed, the review is very exciting, but mainly because it is too slow, the ecological can't keep up, too greedy, manufacturers do not want to promote)

Tags: email business sharing cheap girls different. NET Life scopeOnce dreamed of similarities walk the world, look at the prosperousYoung Heart is a little frivolous, now you cosmopolitanThe girl who once made you feel bad, now has no traceI

A brief introduction to the Windows 10 deployment

Tags: Windows 10 deployment Brief IntroductionToday to share with you some of the Windows 10 upgrade deployment of the knowledge points, you have any questions to find a time to chat together.As we all know, the client operating system Windows 7

Windows 10 Spotlight Enterprise: More secure, faster to update

Tags: Windows consumer partner phone sizeTerry Myerson officially announced on January 21 that customers running Windows 7, Windows 8.1, and Windows Phone 8.1 devices will get a free upgrade to Windows 10, and that day after lunch, they can actually

Four major impacts of WINDOWS 10 on web design

I think you should have been brushed by Windows 10 in the last few days. Upgrade or not upgrade, this is a problem. But whether you're an XP die-hard or Win7 iron powder, you have to admit that Micros

Go Windows system registry knowledge completely revealed

Label:Source: Windows Registry is a set of data files that help Windows control hardware, software, user environments, and Windows interfaces. The registry is included in the Windows directory for two files

TCP parameter optimization under Windows system

Label:1 .  TCP status of the connectionLet's start by describing the status of the TCP connection during the setup and shutdown process. The TCP connection process is the transformation of the State, and the factors that cause the state to

The top ten features of Windows Server 2008 that are ignored

A fully redesigned network protocol stack in Windows Server 2008 includes a new technology that allows a large number of packets to enter the network. It can also quickly readjust the size of packets on the network, making it more efficient. Windows

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