how often gmail check for new mail

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NetEase Lightning Mail Efficient version of the use of the method

Lightning Mail is an independent research and development of NetEase excellent e-mail client software, can be managed at the same time, including NetEase six mailboxes, QQ, Sina, Sohu, Gmail and other mainstream e-mail and corporate mailboxes, such

(Good!!!) Imapfilter + offlineimap + msmtp + mutt + abook = Email

Original Article URL: So, I ' ve spent a little over a week setting up my new email consumption/creation system. As you can the "the title of this" blog post, there are a

180 simple test Cases for B/S and C/s architecture

This is a test checklist for web applications and desktop applications. Note: This articlearticleA bit long, my goal is to be able to share one of the comprehensive test lists that have been started but not yet completed. I will continue to update

Essential for Web developers: Web application check list

To create a high-quality Web application, you have to do a lot of work before and after. The foreign developer atasmaz creates and shares a check list for & nbsp; Web developers, including application development, performance, security, analysis,

Important instructions on how to save time for busy people

Your life is always busy, and I'm sure. However, the arrival of the holiday seems to add more crazy and busy schedules for everyone. You want to have a Christmas party with family members, friends, and colleagues, buy gifts, make decorations, watch

Productivity tips, tricks and hacks for academics (edition)

Productivity tips, tricks and hacks for Academics (edition) ContentsJump to: My philosophy:optimize transaction costs. Don ' t work from home. Eliminate temptation to waste time. Salvage dead time with technology. Get rid of

Academic research tips productivity tips, tricks and hacks for Academics (2015 edition) _ Academic research

[Article index] [Email me] [@mattmight] [+mattmight] [RSS] I ' m a pre-tenure professor and the father of a special needs child. My final year in grad school, I juggled writing me dissertation, hunting for academic jobs and working on two start-ups.

Large JavaScript Application Architecture design Pattern _ Basics

PDF version of the PPT download address: Note: In the process of finishing, found that some of the author's thoughts are back to say, so the deletion

Programmers must know about maillist

Programmers must know about maillistThis article was first published by love butterfly. Note: I have been involved in several maillist, and I have written this article because one maillist becomes a "small pond" without any academic atmosphere,

[Shell advanced] The most bull B Linux shell command (iv)

1. View the ASCII code table Man 7 ASCII Many people are beginners to the concept of the ASCII code, and sometimes in order to check the ASCII value of a symbol, you may have to rummage to find the current textbook? Linux Manpage

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