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(Based on Java) Compile the compiler and interpreter-Chapter 1st: introduction (serialization)

This chapter describes the objectives and methods used in this book and provides a full view of the compiler and interpreter.Objectives and methods This book teaches you how to design and develop compilers and interpreters: Compile a major subset

PHP face question five How to invoke PHP and PHP-FPM function and how it works

This article is about the PHP surface question five how nginx call PHP and PHP-FPM function and work principle, have a certain reference value, now share to everyone, have the need of friends can refer to Nginx How to invoke PHP The use of

how PHP Works

Article One: introductionLet's take a look at the following procedure: We have never manually opened the relevant process of PHP, it is running with Apache boot; PHP is

How PHP works at the bottom

 Category: Php nature 2011-11-15 15:55 2840 people read reviews (0) favorite reports PHP work ApacheextensionzendvariablesDirectory (?) [+]Brief introductionLet's take a look at the following procedure: We have never manually opened the

PHP Object-oriented Advanced design pattern: Interpreter Mode Usage instance

What is the interpreter mode? The interpreter design pattern is used to analyze the key elements of an entity and provide its own interpretations or corresponding actions for each element. Interpreter mode problems and solutions The interpreter

how PHP Works

Original link: 1, operating modeThe five most common operating modes for PHP are now:1)CGI(Universal Gateway Interface/Common Gateway Interface)2)FastCGI(resident type cgi/long-live CGI)3)CLI(command

How does php work? Depends on the code?

{Code ...} this is a simple php code. The file is hello. php, I use www. xxx. comhello. when php requests this page, how does php parse the data and return it to the server? What is the process like. My understanding is that when I access this file,

In-depth understanding of PHP operating mode

This article is a detailed analysis of the PHP operating mode introduced, the need for a friend referencePHP operating mode has 4 minutes:1) CGI Universal Gateway Interface (Common Gateway Interface))2) fast-cgi resident (long-live) type CGI3) CLI

Cgi,fastcgi,php-cgi and PHP-FPM (turn)

Http:// CGI name is a "public Gateway Interface" (Common Gateway Interface), a tool that the HTTP server "chats" with programs on your or other machines, and its programs must be run on a network

How to understand the principle of PHP operation, specific look at the code?

PHP 测试 Hello World This is a simple PHP code, the file is hello.php, I request this page through, PHP is how to parse the data back to the server, returned to me, the process is how. My understanding is that when I

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