how ping command works in linux

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Little skill --- Ping

I. Ping Introduction Ping is a command in windows, which is also available in UNIX and Linux. Ping also belongs to a communication protocol and is part of the TCP/IP protocol. The ping command can be used to check whether the network is connected,

Ping command usage in linux

The Ping command sends an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) echo request message to verify the IP-level connection with another TCP/IP computer. it is an important command, today, I will explain how to use the ping command in linux. • The

Linux under ping command to use the introduction

The principle and working mechanism of the ping command ping commands are commonly used to detect network communication and impassability, also called time delay, the greater the value, the slower the ping (packetinternetgrope), the Internet Packet

Linux ping command to use the detailed

ping commands are commonly used to detect network communication and impassability, also called time delay, the greater the value, the slower the ping (packetinternetgrope), the Internet Packet Explorer, used to test the amount of network

Linux and Windows under the ping command detailed

Ext.:, the ping parameter under LinuxUseSends a loopback signal request to the network host.Grammarping [-d] [-d] [-n] [-Q] [-r] [-v] [\-R] [-a addr_family] [-C Count] [-w timeout] [-f |-i \ Wait] [-

Detailed explanation of ping commands in CentOS

Ping Function Description: The ping command in Linux is a common network command. It is usually used to test the connectivity with the target host. We often say, "ping a machine, check if it is on. "If you cannot open the webpage, you will say" You

[Network command] Ping details

(I) How ping works The source host (the host that inputs the ping command) sends an ECHO packet in the ICMP protocol to the target host. If the recipient is alive, an ICMP echo-reply packet is returned to the source host. (Ii) TTL What does the

How to ping two computers

How to ping two computers Because Ping is based on the IP protocol, you must first ensure that the two computers are in the same subnet. Here, the concept of VLAN and subnet is involved.   If the two hosts are not in the same subnet, they cannot

Why should there be a uboot? Take you to fully analyze the role of uboot in the boot process of embedded Linux system

1. Why should there be uboot1.1, the main components of the computer system(1) The computer system is the CPU as the core to run systems. Typical computer systems are: PC (desktop + notebook), embedded devices (mobile phones, tablets, game consoles),

Use the C language to implement the PING program function

Most people use the Ping command just as a simple way to see if the network connection to another system is normal. In this article, the author describes how to write a program that simulates the ping function in C language. The ping command is a

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