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Who's better? Adblock or Adblock Plus?

Tags: style http io color ar os using for SPAdblock Plus founder Wladimir Palant is translated into Chinese on a number of occasions. I hope we can solve some questions that have plagued us for a long time. Thank you for all the support Adblock Plus, we will be in accordance with the original intention of a better and more complete and safer Adblock Plus presented to you! Who's better?

Adblock Browser How to use

Using a browser to surf the internet is often a variety of ads to worry about, many people will be installed in the browser Adblock to advertising plug-ins, recently heard that Adbloc will push the browser, Adblock browser How to use? This small series for everyone to provide adbloc to the advertising browser to download the address. Adblock Browser

WIN8 system under IE11 browser how to screen plug-ins Adblock Plus

win8 system under IE11 browser how to screen plug-ins Adblock Plus The specific methods are as follows: 1, first to Adblock Plus website download installation Adblock Plus software, and then double-click to run the installation program Adblockplusie-1.1.exe; 2, click the "Install" button to start the installation. When you visit the Web page after installation

Adblocktester through JS to detect whether the user's browser installed Adblock

Adblocktester IntroductionFirst of all, it is necessary to introduce Adblock, it is a well-known web advertising screen plug-ins, in the major mainstream browsers have Adblock plug-ins.Adblock for the user to bring a piece of blue sky, but the webmaster, especially the bitter force of small webmaster, advertising is blocked, many webmasters to starve the streets.Adblocktester is the webmaster is hard to fin

Adblock Usage Tips and FAQs

Adblock Advertising Filter Master is a solution to users in the use of the computer process by the ads bothered by the software. Installation is simple, start the program can automatically filter ads, truly everyone will use. It can filter all forms of advertising, including web pages, videos, games, software, and more. Download and try it quickly!   Problems   1. What PC systems are currently supported by the

Adblock Plus set the method in IE browser

If you want to use Adblock Plus on the Internet Expolorer10, you need to close the enhanced protection mode first Metro Mode Internet Explorer in WINDOWSRT and WINDOWS8 cannot use Adblock Plus because it does not support plug-ins Installation instructions (for Internet Explorer10) Download the Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer to and install t

Simple Regular Expression matching adapted to Adblock plus rules

Normal 0 7.8 磅 0 2 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 The ad filtering list defined by Adblock plus is very useful. Here we will analyze the ad filtering rules of Adblock plus. ! Start to indicate comments * Wildcard, matching any string @ Indicates the White List starting with this, | Start or end with this statement, which indicates that the start or end position is str

Settings for Adblock Plus

Settings for Adblock PlusSometimes the browser finishes loading the Adblock Plus plugin or has ads. There is a problem with the original setup.Method/Step Errors before setting the page: After installing Adblock Plus, right-click the icon and select option: After entering the page, look in the middle is not only easylist: Yes, this is where the prob

centos6.5 Firefox upgrade Flash Player install Adblock Plus ad Shield plugin installation

, you can refer to Firefox to resolve the OCSP response contains outdated information issuesBased on the content of the above post, we can add relevant entries in the Hosts fileVi/etc/hostsInsert the following entry in the file#mozilla117.18.232.191 addons.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191 mozorg.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191developer.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191 fhr.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191 support.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191marketplace.cdn.mozilla.net117.18.232.191 air.cdn.mozilla.net117.1

Writing Adblock plus Filters

ArticleDirectory Basic Rules Limiting rules to certain domains Attribute selectors Advanced selectors Simplified element hiding syntax [Use Adblock plus to edit filtering rules] See the Chinese version below: (however, the Chinese version is not the latest version, and some rules are incorrect) Http:// Ori

Have you ever been adblock by a hole?

at the plugin, I see it, the one that makes me want to be her. When disabled, the discovery can be displayed normally. Further to follow, exactly what kind of rule triggered a normal function of my entry, as advertised to intercept. Look at the source code discovery, I used a Nav-ad class name, this is the rule that triggered the Adblock. Of course, know what causes the problem, will soon be able to solve the problem normally. But the thing is not f

Implementation principle of Adblock ad blocker plugin

Tags: regular expression browser chromium ad blocker AdblockHere, I will not explain too much code, there is no need to say that the principle can be.Adblock's ad blocker is actually divided into 2 parts:1, for the URL request interceptionThis is typically a page in which the DIV element embeds a ifrmae/image element and then loads an ad link or gif image or something.This section of the rule base description is more complex. There are about tens of thousands of rules, even for domestic use, the

Introduction, installation and use of Adblock

1.Adblock Adblock is the extension used by Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Application suite and Google Chrome web browser. Adblock allows users to intercept various page elements, including ads, and make them non-downloadable and displayed. Adblock Development stalled in 2004, while branching version

JavaScript-How do I prevent cross-domain requests from being masked by plugins such as Adblock?

when I enable Adblock in my browser, this request from station B is blocked by the browser plugin, and I see the request in the network of the chrome Developer tool, which leads to the failed record not being counted, and if the user also has a blocking plugin like that, Will not be recorded. I wonder if there is any way to solve it? Reply content: I have a project like this, you nee

In Chrome, the failed to load resource problem is caused by Adblock.

The error message of failed to load resource has existed before. I always thought that the original file does not exist, so I didn't care about it.CodeWhen I found that Chrome could not display the advertisement, but I used ie9 to display it normally. I checked the Page code and found that the JS Code of the advertisement was in, but why not display it? Then I searched the internet and found the answer on stackoverflow. I installed the Adblock plug-i

Custom Adblock Filtering rules

Custom Adblock Filtering rules# 屏蔽百度首页的广告流[id="s_wrap"][class="s-isindex-wrap"][id="u_sp"][class="s-isindex-wrap s-sp-menu"][class="s-weather-wrapper"][id="s_icons"][class="s-icons"][id="s_menu_gurd"][class="s-menu-gurd s-down"][class="ftCon-Wrapper"]# 百度经验[class="magzine-list"][id="w-share"][class="w-sh

Adblock Resolve jump to

Today only to see some sites will be jump to, found in the recruit, this is too wretched, the internet to look up a data have these problems ... It's really trouble.Find a solution, can not modify the Hosts file, never visit Facebook in the future1. Open the folder First, enter "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc" in the Address field2, find the host file, right mouse button, choose to open with Notepad, the last side of the file to add two lines, save. wpkg.org127.0.0.1 facebook.

Adblock plus rule implementation

isneedmimetype () {return m_type! = 0 ;} Const string getregularfilter () {returnM_refilter ;} Const string getwholerule () {returnM_rule ;} // Inline const stringvector Constantsforfastsearch () {return constants ;} Void print (); PRIVATE: Bool m_isexception; // start @@//Whitelist Bool m_ismatchprotocol; /* Adblock rule describeIn regular expression */ String m_refilter; // Stringvector constants; String m_rule; /* Typ

It is strongly recommended to remove all kinds of spam ads on the webpage using Adblock

When surfing the Internet, there are always spam ads. Especially those pictures that can be played out, which have a loud voice and can't be used up. Very annoying. Today, I found a plug-in for advertising. The effect is particularly good:Adblock, which can be searched and installed in the chrome online App Store. This plug-in is free of charge. The following is a movie website that I often visit.AdblockIn the past, there were various advertisements, images, and loud sounds. Us

JavaScript implementation checks whether the ads on the page are blocked by Adblock _javascript tips

Everyone hates advertising. Watching TV, watching movies, watching Youku, looking at the Web page, the advertisement is also disgusted with the flying. Advertising is an unattractive thing. However, for a small webmaster/blogger, advertising is almost the only way to support the website/blog normal operation of the source of funds. If a blogger, just the selfless release of manuscripts, can adhere to a few years, very few. Most of them slowly lose their enthusiasm. Firefox and Google browsers h

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