how to add logo in wordpress theme

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WordPress Backstage Upload Custom website logo

Requirements: Well knownGeneral website logo are fixed so I do the site is also used static logo file, but recently used WP to a customer to do the site, because the site now logo may need to redesign, socustomer put forward the need in the

Flatbox-Wordpress responsive flat design theme

Flatbox A beautifully flatbox with different colors. you can upload your own logo & favicon, customizable colors and background, 8 nice theme color scheme, 3 different layout options, customize archive posts (hide feature image, hide metadata and

WordPress Learning-themes-001,-themes-001_php Tutorial

WordPress Learning-themes-001,-themes-001 This article is mainly to record the content of WordPress theme. On why to write their own WordPress theme reasons, I believe we all have their own experience. Want to make your blog more prominent? More

Wordpress learning-themes-001

: This article mainly introduces wordpress learning-themes-001. For more information about PHP tutorials, see. This article mainly records the content of wordpress theme. I believe everyone has their own experiences on the reasons for writing

WordPress Learning-themes-001

This article is mainly to record the content of WordPress theme. On why to write their own WordPress theme reasons, I believe we all have their own experience. Want to make your blog more prominent? More personal words? The compilation of WordPress

WordPress Label Advanced usage have you used it right?

Use the WordPress build station friend, to label is again familiar. The use of the label is also different views, mainly concentrated in two points: one is inclined to shield, the other is not shielded. tend to block the reason is that with the

WordPress Blog Dux topic How to turn on the whole station HTTPS?

The words of the WordPress blog last night on the SSL certificate application and transformation, this thought according to the space Domain Name service provider SSL Authentication application above method, the personal blog site can be directly on

Two methods for removing the Admin Bar from the top of WordPress without a plug-in

If the WordPress website administrator is not logged on, the Admin Bar will be displayed at the top of the front-end, which may affect the debugging and maintenance speed. Because many built-in JS or even external calls need to be loaded, it is

[Web site] Excellent class urgent delivery "0 basic rapid Learning Station" video + Courseware "value of 399 Yuan"

"Course Introduction"Do you want to build a website quickly?Do you want to get out of a beautiful station for one or two days without knowing anything?Do you want to finish the task the leader gave you to find someone to build a station?Do you want

Some IT resources seen on the internet

A. Site template +logo+ Server host + invoice generation HTML5 up: responsive HTML5 and CSS3 site templates. Bootswatch: free bootstrap theme. templated: collected 845 free CSS and HTML5 site templates. |

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