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CentOS Add route table

Static route modification command under CentOSMethod One:Add routeRoute add-net GW Add-host Dev routeRoute del-net GW Add routedel Delete route-net setting a

Add route priority for mvc and webapi-practical tips

First, why the need for routing priority We all know that we have no priority in registering routes in the MVC project or Webapi project, when the project is larger, has multiple zones, or multiple Web projects, or is developed with a

The routing module of Laravel learning course, the path of laravel tutorial

The routing module of Laravel learning course, the path of laravel tutorial Preface This article mainly introduces the related content of the Laravel routing module for your reference and learning. I will not talk about it here. Let's take a look at

IPv6 settings for win7

  IPv6 in Windows Vista and Windows 7 has never been properly configured, and XP in virtual machines can only be used. It is a waste of effort to blame the isatap gateway of the school. Yesterday, I accidentally discovered that the isatap of

Add a route table to CentOS

CentOS static route modification command Method 1: Add route routeadd-net192.168.0.0/24gw192. 168.0.1routeadd-host192.168.1.1dev192.168.0.1 delete route routedel-net192.168.0.0/24gw192. 168.0.1add add route del delete route-net CentOS static route

Add static routes to Linux

1. Use the route command to view the native route and enter the route return directly.Route commandParameters: Add Add route del Delete route -net setting a route to a network segment -host setting a route to a host GW

Linux Static route modification

1. Method One: Add Add route del Delete route -net setting a route to a network segment -host setting a route to a host GW Export Gateway IP address Dev Egress Gateway Physical device name Add route

Understand Cisco NAT

Understand Cisco NATA lot of things have happened to configure a NAT.1. Inside and OutsideMany people who have configured NAT in Cisco have a question, that is, the difference between inside and outside! The following describes the NAT execution

Implement Server.Transfer () similar functionality in an ASP. NET MVC Application

In an ASP. NET MVC application, if you use the Server.Transfer () method to forward a request to a different path or an HTTP handler for processing, a "error occurred while performing a child request for XXX" will be thrown The HttpException

Linux Network Command detailed

1 ifconfig commandFormat: ifconfig {inerface} {options}The options parameters are: Up,down,mtu,netmask,broadcastSeparate ifconfig command: View all ports on the network;Example 1:ifconfig eth0 netmask MTU 8000 (IP address of

Comprehensive Experiment DMVPN + EZVPN + VPN & amp; OSPF + route re-release

Comprehensive Experiment DMVPN + EZVPN + VPN & OSPF + route re-releaseBasic interconnection configuration! Internet: conf tint f0/0ip add 255.255.0no shut exit int f1/0ip add 255.255.0no shutexit int f1/1ip add 255.255.2

Android Routing implementation

This article has authorized the public number: Yang (hongyangandroid) in the public platform original debut. Extra! I am participating in the CSDN2016 Year Blog Star Award, please give me a vote.Here is my address:

Routing settings for Intranet and Internet networks on dual NICs

It's actually easy to achieve dual-nic Internet access at the same time !!! Please refer to the following !!! In fact, it's easy to do. You only need to add two routes! Open CMD (you should know what it is, start-run-press CMD.) 1. route delete 0.0.0

After VPN is set, the existing Intranet cannot solve the problem.

In many cases, VPN is not connected to multiple branch networks as a network device in conventional applications. In most personal applications, some problems may occur. For example, some servers in the original Intranet cannot access the VPN, such

Help: symfony uses doctrinePersistingObjectstotheDatabase

New contact symfony: put createAction in DefaultController according to the official website documentation. in php, the following prompt indicates that you need to set a Route to access the localhostsymfonywebapi by adding ** @ Route (& quot; api &

Linux Virtual Machine simulated configuration Network Routing environment-lite version, linux Virtual Machine

Linux Virtual Machine simulated configuration Network Routing environment-lite version, linux Virtual MachineNetwork Routing must be configured at home or in the company, so it is very important. Today, I will give you a small experiment on

Use of Policy Routing (reprint)

First, the principle of explanation1, the Routing table (table) numbering from 0 to 255, each number can correspond to an alias, the corresponding relationship between the number and alias in Linux/etc/iproute2/rt_tables this file, the general 0

Red Hat6.5 Failure analysis on the Internet

The RHD HAT6.5 system was installed this morning, and in the morning, the extranet can be accessed, and after the system has been rebooted, a router is added to the network.The specific configuration is as follows:650) this.width=650;

Route command details and usage examples

1.   Use of the background requires access to two networks, one is the environment of the deployment environment, the environment is not on the outside network, the external network environment is likely to be a wireless network. If both are

Laravel5 framework for user authentication, laravel5 framework certification _ PHP Tutorial

User Authentication for Laravel5 framework learning and laravel5 framework authentication. Laravel5 framework learning-user authentication: laravel5 framework authentication Laravel already comes with a user authentication system. let's take a look

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