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Wikipedia Wikipedia logo to enhance the 3D effect of the ball

visible way: The user is currently in the state of reading, discussing, or editing the page.Edit function:Compared with the old version, the new Wikipedia content editing page provides a very easy to identify editing toolbar, so it looks more concise and more intuitive. In addition, the Wikimedia Foundation provides a table wizard to facilitate users to create tables and quickly find and replace various types of content.Add Link:The new version of

URL encoding conversion (->english) wiki, wikipedia, Wikipedia, ppt,pdf

Wiki:url transcoding (->english) wiki, wikipedia, Wikipedia,1. Original URL: After copying the resulting encoded URL: Https:// the source code provided by Microsoft, everything is displayed normally: Ppt,pdf1 iframesrc= '

The existence of Wikipedia is a miracle

The existence of Wikipedia is a miracle In the past two years, the meaning of the word "feelings" may have been mutated in the hearts of the Chinese people, which is mostly attributed to some business structure in the marketing process for the once good words of the hostage. But if the words "feelings" and "Wikipedia" are linked together, perhaps people will still be convinced to Chongyong to the right, to

WikiPedia Technical Architecture learning and sharing (Introduction)

Wikipedia ( ranks eighth among the top 10 websites in the world. This is the power of openness. Point direct data: The peak value is 30 thousand "> HTTPRequest 3 GB per secondBitTraffic, almost375 MB 350 PCsServer (Data Source) The architecture is as follows:Copy @ Mark BergsmaGeoDNS In my Blog on these website architectures, what is the first appearance of GeoDNS? "A 40-line patch for BIND to

Encyclopedia Marketing: Don't think it's easy to create Wikipedia

Encyclopedia Marketing is a corporate brand and visibility of the network marketing method, for network marketing, encyclopedia marketing or a relatively new piece, a lot of people engaged in network marketing and business, and did not really regard the encyclopedia as one thing. In fact, using a good encyclopedia, you can make network marketing more efficient, the most significant feature is the simplest and almost no technical content of the way to achieve a high search engine optimization. B

The Triumph of SEO: The Wikipedia homepage can also advertise

   Just think, if you can in the current Alexa traffic ranked sixth Wikipedia on the advertising, it is not to make a big profit? But it is clear that Wikipedia prefers to take the trouble to call on people to raise money for them, and not to allow businesses to advertise on their web pages, so That kind of wishful thinking is not so good to play. So, if you want to advertise on

The existence of Wikipedia is a miracle

The existence of Wikipedia is a miracleThese two years, " Feelings "The meaning of the two words may have been mutated in the hearts of the Chinese people, and this is mostly attributed to the hostage-taking of some business structures in the marketing process for this once good word." But if the words "feelings" and " wikipedia " are linked together, perhaps people will still be convinced to Chongyong to t

The exciting four years at Wikipedia

The exciting four years at WikipediaGuideI think I am a Wikipedia member of Odia. I have contributed Odia knowledge to many Wikipedia projects by writing articles and correcting document errors (this is the main language in Orissa, India), such as Wikipedia and Wikipedia, I also contributed to

Node.js environment to write crawler crawling content of Wikipedia to share the example _node.js

Basic ideasidea One (origin:master): From a Wikipedia category (such as: Aircraft carrier (key)) page, to find the title of the link to include all the goals of the key (aircraft carrier), add to the queue to be crawled. In this way, grab a page of the code and its pictures, but also get this page all the key-related other pages address, take a class breadth first traversal algorithm to complete this task.I

Can Wikipedia become a development platform in the future?

Content growth in Wikipedia is slowing down, and the number of active editors that are already small is also declining. Jimmy Wales has called on editors to review more and more content, this further hinders content growth. However, the reduction of new content in Wikipedia does not mean that it is dead. Wikipedia has a large structured database, which is an undi

The German version of Wikipedia will be published soon

Random House, a German Publishing House, announced that it would publish the German version of Wikipedia as a book to satisfy readers who prefer to flip books rather than clicking the mouse. Editors will select 50000 of the most popular articles from the German version of Wikipedia and edit them into a 1000-page-thick book, which will be released in September this year. Wikipedia's initial mission was to r

Web 2.0 Summit: spam filtering between Google and Wikipedia

In Hollywood, if you are watched by paparazzi, it means you have succeeded. in Silicon Valley, if you are targeted by spam information, it means you have succeeded. On Wednesday morning, at the Web 2.0 Summit (Web 2.0 Summit), representatives from Google, Reddit, pramana, And Wikipedia talked about how to resist spam information. Matt Cutts, head of Google's anti-spam team, said that if you provide link-related services, you will inevitably encounter

Using the tulinux operating system to create a wikipedia Image

Article Title: UbuntuLinux operating system creates a wikipedia image. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. 1. Install LAMP Sudo aptitude install apache2 Sudo aptitude install mysql-server Sudo aptitude install php5 Sudo aptitude install php5-mysql Sudo aptitude install php5-cli Sudo aptitude install lib

Google Maps's path to Wikipedia

Google now allows users in the United States, Australia, and New Zealand to improve map accuracy by editing Google maps themselves. If a hotel on a nearby map has been closed or relocated, you can correct this error on Google map. You can also add new names by yourself. Google used to allow you to edit maps by yourself, but this time Google will accept the results and benefit others. Google maps will become abnormal details. It is unclear how Google w

Wikipedia Technical Architecture Study Notes

Wikipedia is a global multilingual encyclopedia collaboration program based on Wiki technology. It is also a network encyclopedia presented on the Internet, its purpose and purpose is to provide free encyclopedias for all mankind-a dynamic, free and global body of knowledge written in the language of their choice. Wikipedia's experience in IT architecture is of great reference for us to build websites because the information provided by

Wikipedia FAQ blog Steady Flow source

A site suddenly get Baidu's pro-Lai is not impossible, but we can not just look at the background data a sudden surge, to understand that this is based on every day to adhere to the efforts of the results. And let the site to get the search engine's pro-Lai, must be in-station optimization and external optimization of the combination of both. And the author of this case optimization is the main article to maintain normal daily updates, the rest is mainly to do outside the chain of construction,

Tree-like array (transported from Wikipedia)

tree-like array (Fenwick_tree), originally published by Peter M. Fenwick in 1994 with a New Data Structure for cumulative Frequency tables title in software practice and EX Perience. The original intention is to solve the computational problem of cumulative frequency (cumulative Frequency) in data compression, which is now used to calculate the prefix and the number of series efficiently. It can be obtained by the time and also by adding a constant to an item.Basic Operation:1) New;2) Modificati

Semi-supervised learning (Wikipedia)

The following is excerpted from Wikipedia semi-supervised learning. A conceptual and intuitive experience for semi-supervised learning.Semi-supervised learning is a class of supervised learning tasks and techniques The also make use of the unlabeled data for T Raining-typically a small amount of labeled data with a large amount of unlabeled data. Semi-supervised learning falls between unsupervised learning (without any labeled training data) and super

Wikipedia Financial Crisis

For a variety of free online services, such as Wikipedia, we have always taken it for granted. At the same time, we believe that they are maintained by selfless volunteers. Therefore, they will never be financially embarrassed, but in fact, services like Wikipedia still need to pay for huge servers, storage, power, and repairs. Since the last Wikipedia founder J

typedef summary (from Wikipedia)

*), >2:void (*b[10]) (void (*) ()); >3. Doube (*) (*PA) [9]; the answer and analysis: The method of establishing a type alias for a complex variable is simple, you simply replace the variable name with the type name in the traditional variable declaration expression, and then add the keyword typedef to the beginning of the statement. >1:int * (*a[5]) (int, char*);//pfun is a type alias that we built typedef int * (*PFUN) (int, char*);//Use a new type

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