how to autofill in excel 2013

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How Office 2013 converts Excel tables to PDF documents

the way Office 2013 converts Excel tables to PDF documents. referring to the conversion of Excel tables to PDF documents, many users know that Jinshan WPs brought this function, so many Microsoft Office users are very dissatisfied, so they found: Microsoft Office 2013 also has this function, but, too few people know. I

Excel 2013 Stitching SQL strings

Tags: operation tor assumes store BSP com Col Massive data httpIn the process of doing development, often need to according to the data in Excel database query, a small amount of data can also be copied and pasted, a large amount of data need to be in Excel data stitching into their own required SQL to improve productivity.Scenario 1: Stitching a column into an in condition in SQLSuppose you now have the fo

How to add a background picture to a data region in Excel 2013

How to add a background picture to a data region in Excel 2013 1, start Excel 2013 and open the worksheet, on the Page Layout tab, in the Header Settings group, click the Background button, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Click the background button 2. Open the Insert Picture window and click the From F

Excel 2013 shortcut

Tags: shortcut key Excel target blank functional area Keyboard shortcuts in Excel 1. Access the functional area through a keyboard If you are not familiar with the functional area, the information in this section can help you understand the shortcut key model of the functional area. The function area comes with a new shortcut called "button prompt ". To display the "button prompt", press Alt. 650) This

New experience in Excel 2013

Excel is widely used in businesses around the world, you may feel that it has a lot of features, but Microsoft added several features in Excel 2013, Flash fill is perhaps the most important one, it makes Excel easy to use. This feature will automatically reformat and rearrange the data based on your use of

Excel 2013 functions know early

The Office 2013 Client preview (Customer Preview) has been officially released and new versions of Office have changed in many ways. With more than 50 new functions added to Excel 2013, starting today, I'll introduce some of these new functions and attach an application example. The name of this series is called "Excel

How to configure Excel Services in SharePoint 2013

This article describes how to enable the SharePoint 2013 version of Excel Services service and configure an Excel Web Access part so that Excel documents can be displayed on a Web page. In a nutshell, SharePoint Excel Services relies on a stand-alone service application, an

Java read Excel file compatible 97-2013 V2.0

Note There are struts in the upload file and springmvc some different. Read and write are the same fix the problem of deleting cache file usagePackage;import Org.apache.poi.hssf.usermodel.*;import;import;import Org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.xssfcell;import Org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.xssfrow;import Org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.xssfsheet;import Org.apache.poi.xssf.usermodel.xssfworkbook;impo

Recommended PivotTable report features in Excel 2013

Excel tables are software that makes many office workers have headaches. However, Excel 2013 is now smart, such as the "Recommended PivotTable" feature, Excel summarizes your data and provides a preview of various PivotTable options, allowing you to choose one of the PivotTable reports that best reflects your point of

We were unable to find the server load workbook data model for SharePoint site when you refresh the PivotTable report in an Excel 2013 workbook error

assume that you use an analysis Services source to create a PivotTable report in Microsoft Excel 2013. Upload an Excel workbook to a Microsoft SharePoint site. when you try to refresh a PivotTable report or filter data in a PivotTable report, you receive the following error message:We were unable to find the data model of the server loading workbook. This issue

What to do if Excel 2013 stops working file errors

Win7 office2010 to 2013, after downloading the Excel file from the Internet or from Foxmail, immediately pops up the "Microsoft Office has stopped working" exception, which is generally the reason for the old version 2010 has not been cleaned up, generally the registry has residue. 1. Open the Registration form 2, positioning to the Hkey_local_machinesoftwaremicrosoftoffice under 3, into th

How to draw a Gantt Chart version--2013 Excel

" on the "duration", and then click OK. Such as: 7. then, we begin to remove the image of our start time, double-click the start time of the horizontal axis, there is the right to set the chart area format, select "No Fill" in the Fill, select "No border" in the border. 8. we can see that the date above the horizontal axis is actually very out of order, so next we right click on the Date column, select "Format Axis", enter the date of our minimum value and the maximum

Excel 2013 split tables and how to cancel them

There are many new features in Excel 2013, and today we share a way to split the same table window and how to remove the split. This makes it easier to compare one piece of the same table with another. There is a need for friends to learn soon. 1. Open the table that you want to split in Excel 2013, and position the m

How to save custom cell formatting in Excel 2013

How to save custom cell formatting in Excel 2013 1. Select the cells in the worksheet that you want to save, click the Cell Styles button in the Styles group under the Start tab, and select the new cell style option in the Open Drop-down list, as shown in Figure 1. Figure 1 Selecting the New cell style option 2, open the Style dialog box, enter the name of the style in the Style name text box, a

How to insert a check box in Excel 2013

Excel 2013 tutorial for inserting a check box: Insert check box Step 1: Open the software and create a new default blank document. Insert check box Step 2: Click on the File Tab command, open the Settings Panel page, click Options, Pop-up dialog box. Insert check box Step 3: In the dialog box that pops up, select click Custom Ribbon and select commands that are not in the Ribbon. In

Excel 2013 histogram How to make

Excel 2013 histogram making tutorial: Histogram making Step 1: As shown in the figure, select the data area--click Insert--Recommended chart--Clustered Column chart. Histogram making Step 2: By adjusting the clustered column chart into a histogram. Histogram making Step 3: As shown, double click (column)--go to set data point format--series options--category spacing (adjust to 0)

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