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(Advanced article) PHP generated CAPTCHA code program

The following text: Create a new PHP file captcha_code_file.php First open Sessionsession_start ();//define the foreground display verification code length & Width $image_width = +; $image _height = +; $characters _on_image = 6; $font = './monofont.

Atitit. Get the Captcha picture through the web

Atitit. Get Verification code picture by Web1. WebRequest for lower level access ( not recommended ) 12. WebBrowser 13. Clipboard Copy method Clipboard ( recommended ) 14. C # take WebBrowser picture can be used to get verification code 11.

IOS captcha Button Countdown

In order to avoid a short period of time to brush the verification code, it often adds a layer of verification in the app registration or login where verification code is required.After the countdown is over, you can get it again!The code is

Dynamically generate random verification code in JSP, background check verification code at login, and how to avoid repeated submission of blasting password by the same verification code

A dynamic random verification code can be generated in just a few steps, with the final effect such as:650) this.width=650; "src=" Http:// "title=" Cheetah 20151025140145.png "alt="

Yii2 Core Validators basic usage, yii2validators

Yii2 Core Validators basic usage, yii2validators Core Validators) Yii provides a series of common core validators, which are mainly stored in the yii \ validators namespace. To avoid lengthy class names, you can use nicknames to specify the

Comprehensive and standardized software requirements can avoid project risks

Requirements and project risks From customizing a software project to the final implementation is not only a long process, but also a process full of variables, A comprehensive understanding and correct understanding of the nature of user demand

How to avoid comparing verification code errors on the server when logging in

Problem: WebApp Phone Verification Code login often appear captcha error login failed.Analysis Reason: The authentication method of the login is written on the service side through the general processing program, each time through the Ajax access to

PHP Verification Code Ajax Verification implementation Method _php tutorial

In web development in order to provide user experience we mostly use Ajax to do some things, let me introduce an AJAX implementation of the non-refreshed page verification code AJAX verification of the needs of friends can be consulted. Verification

Modified a very good php verification code (supporting Chinese characters) _ PHP Tutorial

Modified a very good php verification code (supporting Chinese ). Php captcha. class. php copy code :? PhpclassCaptcha {private $ width; private $ height; private $ codeNum; private $ code; private $ im; function _ const Php verification codeCaptcha.

Thinkphp method of realizing registration function of SMS Verification

Registration function is a lot of Web site must do features, there is a registration function will have SMS verification code, this article to share the thinkphp implementation of SMS Verification registration function, interested friends to see

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