how to backup iis 6

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Remote Backup of IIS server script commands

We know that script commands for backup and restoration are also provided in IIS Server 6, allowing you to back up and restore local or remote IIS configuration information in the command line state. In this way, when you work in other departments,

Post Backup (IIS Backup tool) method of use

Post backup is a relatively convenient, small IIS backup software, he can automatically create users, application pool and Site Directory permissions, do not need to manually set complex rules, when your IIS crashes or there are irreparable errors,

IIS compression and Performance Optimization

IIS compression is not a new technology, but for Sharepoint sites, IIS compression can play a major role. After the IIS compression function is enabled on the IIS server, before the IIS server sends the page content to the browser, It compresses the

Iis+fastcgi+php5.3+mysql5.1+gzip configuration graphics and text detailed tutorial _win server

Description This post is what I have done all day and night, different from the general online article, in addition to the details of the entire configuration process and test procedures are detailed screenshots, especially in the fastcgi aspects

IIS 5.0 Baseline Security Checklist

Document directory Secure Windows 2000 Run the IIS Lockdown Tool Customize UrlScan Configuration Set appropriate ACLs on virtual directories Set appropriate IIS Log file ACLs Enable logging Disable or remove all sample applications Remove

Security Hardening for WIN2003 IIS SQL Server _ Web surfing

1. Transfer \system32\cmd.exe to other directories or rename them; 2. Minimum system account number, change the default account name (such as Administrator) and description, the password as complex as possible; 3. Deny access to the computer over

IIS + FastCGI + PHP5.3 + MySQL5.1 + Gzip detailed tutorial

Note: This post is completed one day and one night. Different from the general online articles, except for detailed descriptions of the entire configuration process and test process, especially in FastCGI, Microsoft's "web platform installer" is

IIS + FastCGI + php5.3 + mysql5.1 + gzip detailed configuration graphic tutorial

Name of the software used in this article and:Php5.3.2: php-5.3.2-nts-Win32-VC9-x86.zipAddress:   MySQL: mysql-essential-5.1.48-win32.msiAddress:

IIS and WEB site folder permissions configuration

IIS is one of the most vulnerable components of Microsoft's component, an average of two or three months will be a loophole, and Microsoft's IIS default installation is really not flattering. First, create a new Wwwroot folder in the D: root

IIS and web site folder permission Configuration

IIS is one of the most vulnerable components in Microsoft. On average, one vulnerability may occur in two or three months. Microsoft's default IIS installation is not flattering.First, create a wwwroot folder in the D: root directory, which is used

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