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[Translation] IP subnet division recommended read [translation] IP subnet division

[Translation] IP subnet division Original article title: IP subnetting made easy Address:   IP network engineers need to have a solid understanding of how IP subnet division works.

How to block a large number of malicious IP addresses in Linux

How to block a large number of malicious IP addresses in Linux In many cases, you may need to block IP addresses in Linux. For example, as an end user, you may want to avoid the troubles of spyware or IP tracking. Or when you are running P2P

How to block malicious IP addresses massively under Linux

In many cases, you may need to block IP addresses under Linux. For example, as an end user, you may want to be immune from spyware or IP tracking. Or when you're running the peer software. You may want to filter the Internet links for anti-peer

Use command line IPSec to block a port

In win2003, The netsh IPSec command is used directly, ipseccmd is used for XP systems, and ipsecpol is used for 2000. Common parameters are as follows:-W Reg indicates that the configuration is written to the Registry and remains valid after restart.

Analysis of TCP/IP packet based on Jpcap (I.)

Analysis of TCP/IP packet based on JPCAPOriginal: Zhao HuiDirectoryChapter One structure of Ethernet and TCP/IP1.1 Structure of the Ethernet1.1.1 Ethernet based on network architectureData exchange of 1.1.2 Ethernet1.1.3 Structure of Ethernet frames1

TCP/IP protocol stack detailed

TCP/IP protocol family 1.1 Introduction The TCP/IP protocol family consists of 5 layers: Physical layer, Data link layer, network layer, Transport layer and application layer. The first four layers correspond to the first four layers of the OSI

TCP/IP study Note 1

TCP/IP protocol stack This section briefly introduces the internal structure of TCP/IP and lays the foundation for discussing Internet-related security issues. TCP/IP protocol groups are popular in part because they can be used on a variety of

IP address planning in Enterprises

Basic skills for IP address planning in Enterprises: With the development of networks in enterprises over the years, more and more enterprises have established internal LAN, to achieve efficient and low-cost operations and management such as

Common commands for IP nat

Common IP nat command syntax: ip nat {inside | outside} no ip nat {inside | outside} this command is used to set the Intranet and Internet interfaces of NAT. Use the no option to stop the interface from applying NAT. Parameter: inside: indicates

Cisco router ip nat command

Cisco router ip nat command ip natip nat inside destination ip nat inside source list ip nat inside source static ip nat outside source list ip nat outside source static ip nat pool ip nat translation ip nat Syntax: ip nat {inside | outside} no ip

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