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Build a docker registry private image to resolve the Docker private warehouse push error

Build a Docker registry private image to resolve the Docker private warehouse push error applies To: Docker 1.8 Environment: Centos7 Each version of the Docker modification configuration content is different, please be optimistic

Build Springboot project with Maven plugin, generate Docker image push to Dockerhub

One for building and pushingDockerof the MirrorMavenPlug - ins.Use the Maven plugin to build the Docker image, Docker mirror push it to the DockerHub top, or the private warehouse, the previous article is handwritten Dockerfile , this article with the open source plug-in docker

Build a docker image to build Tomcat9.0 mirroring (RPM One-click Install Java Environment)

Build a docker image to build Tomcat9.0 mirroring (RPM One-click Install Java Environment)Tomcat is a free, open source, lightweight Web server that is commonly used in small and medium-sized enterprises and where concurrent access is low, and is the first choice for developing and debugging JSP programs. The following

Use Docker Registry to quickly build a private image repository

Use Docker Registry to quickly build a private image repository1. Background In Docker, when we run docker pull xxx, we may be curious. Where will Docker find and download the image? It

How to build a docker image using Dockerfile

Build Docker Image Simple recording of how to build Docker image Build Docker image

Docker build a nginx image to quickly build Google's anti-generation site

Mirror usageSelf-owned certificate usageDocker run-d--name=google \-P 80:80-p 443:443 \Directory for SSL certificates on-V systems:/USR/LOCAL/NGINX/CONF/SSL \-E proxy_google=on \-E proxy_ssl_crt_key=on \-e proxy_crt= your CRT name \-e proxy_key= your KEY name \-e proxy_domain= your domain name \Benyoo/nginx_build:proxy_google System from the Visa book usageDocker run-d--name=google \-P 80:80-p 443:443 \-E proxy_google=on \-e proxy_domain= your domain name \Benyoo/nginx_build:proxy_googleDocker

Manually build a docker local private image repository

. Set the docker ServiceSet docker to start automatically systemctl enable docker 4. Configure the image repositoryFirst, put the tar packages of the two images to be used./rootDirectory. Then manually load the image and LoadregistryAnd then upload the

Spring could windows package build Docker image to Linux

-path=/usr/libexec/docker/docker-proxy-current $ OPTIONS $DOCKER _storage_options $DOCKER _network_options $ADD _registry $BLOCK _registry $INSECURE _registry2. Restart Docker ServiceService

Docker uses the Maven plug-in to build the image, dockermaven

Docker uses the Maven plug-in to build the image, dockermaven You can use the Maven Docker plug-in to build a Docker image. Quick Start Add the Doc

ASP. NET core Webapi uses EF to make a search for MySQL and generate a Docker image build container to run

{public dbset public class Tbuser { [databasegenerated (Databasegeneratedoption.none)] public int ID {get; set;} public string Nickname {get; set;} public string Email {get; set;} } public class Tbuserdatahandle:datacontext {public static int adduser (Tbuser user) {try {using (var context = new DataContext ()) {context. Database.ensurecreated (); Context. ADD (user); Context. SaveChanges ();

Docker build image Centos7 Nginx php

#docker build Image (Dockerfile) CentOS 7.4.1078 Image Maker Nginx image creation (based on front centos7 image) nginx+php Image Production For more walkthrough, s

. NET core Build Docker image

1. Create. NET core Web project 2, add a dockerfile file# 基于microsoft/dotnet:2.1-aspnetcore-runtime构建Docker ImageFROM microsoft/dotnet:2.1-aspnetcore-runtime # 设置工作路径WORKDIR /build # 拷贝文件COPY . . # 向外界暴露80端口EXPOSE 80 # 执行dotnet TestCore.dll命令ENTRYPOINT ["dotnet", "docker-core.dll"]Command-line actions 3, Publish Web project folder, copy to Linux system#命令行生成镜像

Build a custom Docker image using the Apachehttp service's proxy feature

1, modify httpd.confNote characters before the following two lines are removed: #LoadModule proxy_module modules/ proxy_http_module modules/mod_proxy_http.so2, adding proxy rulesAt the end of the httpd.conf file, add a forwarding rule for example: Proxypass/baidu Http:// will/ Baidu start of the request forwarded to the homepage3, after the configuration file is changed, create the dockerfile in the sibling directory.

Try to build your own Alpine-based Docker base image and component mirroring

Installing ubuntu14.04And then#获取root权限sudo su#安装dockerApt-get Install Docker#准备基础镜像Docker Pull AlpineDocker run-a stdin-a stdout-i-T alpine/bin/shExecution enters the container/#Exit launches container interiorDocker Ps-aCONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES573010aaf72d alpine:latest "/bin/sh" 4 minutes ago Exited (1) seconds ago Sad_coriDocker A

Manually build a docker nginx Image

Docker run -- name nginx-man-It centos to create a centosYum install-y wget GCC gcc-C ++ make OpenSSL-devel Build EnvironmentWget get nginx installation packageWget -- no-check-CertificateObtain PCRETar zxf nginx-1.14.0.tar.gzTar zxf pcre2-10.23.tar.gz unzip two packagesCD nginx-1.14.0Useradd-S/sbin/nologin-M WWW.

Build your own Docker base image

Environment Introduction RHEL6.6 Docker1.71, mount the relevant operating system ISO image to/mntmkdir ~/dockerbase CD Dockerbase(Note: Centos7/rhel7 no relevant febootstrap software)Febootstrap-i iputils-i vim-common-i openssh-server-i yum-i passwd-i wget-i git-i telnet rhel redhat file:///mnt/2, CD redhat/3, Package imageTar-c. | Docker Import rhel674. View the generated

Docker Quick Start-create a docker Image

Docker Quick Start-docker image creation I. dockerfile Script 1. Introduction to dockerfile script Dockerfile is a text file that contains an instruction. Each instruction creates a layer. Therefore, the content of each instruction describes how to build the layer.Dockerfile example: # Dockerfile format # This dockerfi

Build a docker environment for the Distributed log platform from the beginning and build a docker

Build a docker environment for the Distributed log platform from the beginning and build a docker In the previous article (spring mvc + ELK build a log platform from the beginning), we will share with you how to build a distribut

Three docker components: Image and docker

index.html 5cbfdbbe064b://usr/share/nginx/htmldocker commit -m "fun" 5cbfdbbe064b wyl-nginx The previous nginx image is the nginx welcome page of the running page. We make a modification to the previous image and then run it. Then a new image will be generated. 1.3.2. Use Dockerfile to generate an image # Create a dl

Problem with sending build context to Docker daemon when resolving Docker build

When using the Dockerfile build image, the advantage is that the content sent to Daemo is too largeBuildimage:q_build/javaweb:20150910174642sendingbuildcontexttodockerdaemon 4.768gbsendingbuildcontexttodockerdaemonstep0: FROM192.168.100.123:5000/q_basic/javaweb:1.0--->0aab72ab2945step1: MAINTAINERtyleryanBut our dokerfile is very simple, so where does this extra content come from?After reviewing the informa

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