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. NET learning route and various stages of learning books, blog posts, video sharing

This document was written by one of the major Java gods who wanted to learn. NET at level 15. I think, blog Park is the place where I grow and progress, as a Zhuang with the Internet to enjoy bi spirit of literary female youth, I should share it

The Olympic video war makes a face difficult to earn money

The opening of the Beijing Olympics will begin with a visual feast. And the Beijing Olympics also for the domestic booming network video industry brought opportunities, portals, network television sites, video sharing sites are all gearing up. Now,

Tudou and other big three not listed video New deal after the licensing

In the policy control video website finally ushered in the second batch of licences. Shanghai Securities newspaper reporter learned that the second batch of "Information network to disseminate audio-visual program license" (hereinafter referred to

Recommendations for some video tutorial websites

ProgramPersonnel is a hard job, because as a programmer, they always need to pursue and learn the changing typesProgramming LanguageAnd technology, and it is precisely because of this that the programmer's self-learning ability is often better than

Build a customer service system step-by-step (6) Chrome desktop Sharing

This article describes how to use WEBRTC to achieve desktop sharing under chrome. Because it is necessary to use HTTPS to access the line, so in passing also introduced how to use the SSL certificate. 1 Chrome Extensions Download the

Online Programming: Video class, interactive programming website recommendation

Just begin to learn programming, if just take a book desperately knocking code, it is very boring. If not very determined and perseverance may be easy to give up, there is no study of the steep slope of the course? So that we can learn some basic

Design of real-time monitoring, live streaming, streaming media and video website development

first of all, I admire eguid, whether it is technology or sharing, thanks to his series of Bowen on my first learning process help, so clearly indicated the reprint address: one, the local

Open Source Video Conferencing collection

An on-demand live streaming Open source project: P2pcenter (I turned around and found that I couldn't open it ...) )---------------------Using the platform:Client: Windows PlatformServers: Windows & LinuxFrame legend:Project Introduction:The Open

Open-source P2P live video conferencing

An open-source P2P on-demand live broadcast project: P2PCenter recently followed the company's project. I have also studied a lot of things, especially in P2P, and have been extensively involved in various open-source projects, especially for

Latest Han Shunping PHP video tutorial download (including svn version control, YiiFramework)

Although I don't watch the video, I find some good things. Of course I want to share them. the new Korean Shunping PHP video tutorial includes svn version control and YiiFramework. The video list is as follows: 8-111.html introduces how html runs ① 8

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