how to build website with database functionality

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Thinking about website construction from the angle of market

Website construction   Written in front: one of my predecessors told me that technology is never the most important, a designer who does not understand the market will always be a manual worker.In any case, art or technology for art or technology in

How to build a website

First, the preparation of the station material: domain name and spaceA web site is usually composed of a domain name and a bunch of web page files:Domain name is the name of a computer or group of computers on the Internet consisting of a dotted

How to use PHP open source system to build PHP website

Recently with my PHP website development Blog PR value increase, the site traffic in the search engine this part of the volume began to grow, so that many friends want to know how to use PHP to build their own web site. We know that even as a

PHP Source Database Build Table-configuration file-Error log method

This article mainly introduces the PHP database building table-configuration file-error log method, has a certain reference value, now share to everyone, the need for friends can refer to Main: organizing Frames Build a database and build

Build a complete process for your website

I. Site preparation materials: domain name and spaceA web site is usually composed of a domain name and a bunch of web page files:Domain name: The suffix name originally has the meaning, for example COM is company,org is organization and so on, but

Website performance optimization-database and Server architecture Chapter

I have previously written three articles about website systems, ASP. NET performance optimization, from SQL statements, database design, ASP, and IIS 7 suites to explore this performance issue. This post is a series of the fourth, sorting out some

Build a Cross-Industry mobile platform APP with Web technologies

 Fine-selection article-development tips Share to Plurk Share on FaceBook  Build a Cross-Industry mobile platform APP with Web technologies‧ Jun/Gao Yi Zhong 05:38:38 Due to the rapid popularization of Online mobile devices (such as smart phones

Six, nginx build weaving Dream Dedecms website

1, Introduction:Weaving Dreams Content Management System (dedecms) known for its simplicity, utility, and open source, is the most well-known domestic PHP Open source Web site management system, is also the use of the most user PHP class CMS system ,

Android Create and use database Sqlite_android

First, relational database SQLite Every application uses data, and Android apps are no exception, and Android uses Open-source, OS-independent SQL databases-sqlite. SQLite First Alpha version was born in May 2000, it is a lightweight database, its

Portal website O & M Analysis

We are still confused about website O & M. Indeed, this is a new position that has been idle recently. Based on past experiences, I would like to discuss with you what is "portal website O & M "? The following are some of your experiences and

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