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Huawei and Bain spent $2.2 billion to buy 3Com Huawei holding a small number of shares

On August 1, September 28, Beijing time, according to foreign media reports, Bain Capital and Huawei will jointly acquire 3Com for about $2.2 billion, and 3Com has agreed to the agreement. According to the agreement, the shares held by 3Com's original stock holders will be acquired in cash at $5.30 per share, it is equivalent to Bain Capital and Huawei, so they paid a September 27 price higher than 3Com's share price of $3.68 per share in 44%. After t

Windows 10 Microsoft account cannot access LAN shares, but local accounts can access

Windows10 sometimes cannot access shared folders on a local area network. Will prompt for no permissions.If the shared folder is already set to everyone, then Windows 10 is typically logged in with a Microsoft account.There are two scenarios that can handle this situation.One is to modify the login to a local account. One is to add Windows credentials.Here's how to add a voucher method.1, open the "Control Panel", Winkey+r, Bring up "run", input "cont

Yahoo search did not imagine so important Microsoft did not buy should steal the music

July 4 News, foreign media reports, according to Internet Research Institute Hitwise recently released data shows that the search business for Yahoo seems not as important as imagined.For Yahoo investors, the issue is important because Yahoo has just rejected Microsoft's request to buy its search business. The reason Yahoo rejects Microsoft is that selling the search business will threaten Yahoo's user expe

Microsoft or 20 billion dollars to buy Yahoo again

With Mr Yang's resignation, Microsoft may restart its takeover of Yahoo. The British Times reported yesterday that Microsoft was ready to buy Yahoo's search business at a price of 20 billion dollars. It is said that at present Microsoft and Yahoo executives have discussed the specific terms of the deal, if the two sid

Microsoft Natalie the way to buy train tickets

If you want to use Microsoft Natalie to help us buy tickets, we just say to it: "Buy train ticket" or "Natalie help me to buy train ticket" can. Then we want to let Microsoft Natalie know we purchased the ticket time and date, such as our choice: "Tomorrow's Suzhou to W

Microsoft finally came to the fore: the operating system does not buy accounts, so it takes the latest version of the extended feature to limit

Microsoft finally came to the fore: the operating system does not buy accounts, so it takes the latest version of the extended feature to limit The following is an Android simulator independent of VS2015, which makes it natural to successfully run an Android Application on a PC! However, the following prompt is a bit uncomfortable. However, if you don't buy win

Why does Microsoft need $2.5 billion to buy mojang, a game Minecraft developer?

presentation of foreign talent, I once again deeply "wow". Later I found that I had to learn some basic circuit tutorials ~ You have to learn a subject by yourself ......Minecraft is a game-based R D process. When you understand some basic operating principles in the game, players can combine these principles and arrange them. Some days they will assemble incredible works.Maybe foreign Geek culture is prevalent, so Minecraft is so red and red. The acquisition by

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